051- The Attitude Of Gratitude – Gratitude 10x – 3 – 4

1 May, 2020

051- The Attitude Of Gratitude – Gratitude 10x – 3 – 4

When we look at the range of human emotions, gratitude has to be in the top few. Feeling grateful, appreciating someone or something, is a great feeling.

The more you feel it, the more you want to feel it.

In todays’ podcast I’ll share with you how gratitude can improve your sleep, your sense of connection with others, your relationships and your mental health.

The more you feel gratitude, the less space there is for fear, worry and doubt – all those feelings that hold us back and keep us where we are in life.

Gratitude takes training and, just like fitness, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

So, to give your gratitude a boost, let’s go to work on practicing it every day.


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  1. Diana M Wild

    We need to activate the habit of being grateful every day and live in appreciation of all that has already happened for us and is happening now and for what we wish for in the future. Be grateful to the people who have supported us and been there to help us in a myriad of ways with their gifts of love, kindness and support and importing their wisdom to us. Be grateful for our existence in nature and not waste a moment to live our lives full of gratitude for it – in fact be grateful or everything that surrounds us, including people where we live and even ourselves with our unique talents and skills and to pay it on to others too!

    Gratitude has an emotional signature and make sure to activate your reticular activation system every day to be on the look out for opportunities to be grateful and use your emotion to drive motion to take you towards your desired vision to be thankful about what you want to have happen in your life already – it is very powerful!!!


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