4 Nov, 2020

077 Inspiration Into Action – The Power of Focus – Part 4 of 4

Current wisdom says that a Black Hole is the most powerful force in the universe. Anything that gets too close to a black hole is drawn into it and transformed.

This desire to transform is within all of us but it will only come to pass if we have the focus of a black hole – to do one thing and to do it to the exclusion of all else. This idea – the ability to transform and being ‘in the zone’ shows up in all sorts of places.

From Bagpuss – who with his friends uses imagination and creativity to discover the purpose in the strange objects Emily brings home – to the concept of ‘Flow’ as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, we all recognise this ability to enter a space where we are totally focused on what we are doing.

In this podcast, I explore how we are wired to change – either to grow or to die – and the tools and techniques you can use to train yourself to have focus, even in this world which is full of distraction.

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Hi, it's Pete Cohen and welcome to the Mi365 podcast with me your host. Delighted to be here. This is Episode Two of a series of Four podcasts on inspiration into action. And today's podcast is called your Magnificent Obsession. I see you after the theme tune.

HBD to all of you out there

Happy beautiful day. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm not sure why I'm talking like this. But one of the things I really do love is accents. And I can pretty much do most accents from countries that speak English. So if you want me to do a South African accent, I can do det rod. If you want me to do an Australian accent, I can do that. My astronics is a little bit like navon tone in New Zealand. And why am I telling you all because I am obsessed with languages. I'm obsessed with human beings. I'm obsessed with possibilities. I'm obsessed with just how wonderful and amazing life can be. I'm obsessed by human potential and what people are capable of. And that's why I do these podcasts. That's why we recorded this today. And I thought it was a fantastic podcast, I went to edit it and realize there was no sound. So we had to go again. But that's because I'm obsessed with serving the people that follow me. And if it's the first thing you've ever heard of me, then I hope you enjoy it. And I'm going to give it my best shot.

This is Episode Two, we're talking about inspiration. We're talking about action. quick recap from the first podcast. Look, there's never been a more important time for the likes of you and me to be inspired.

What does it mean to be inspired? It means that you are you fill up with something, you fill up with excitement, enthusiasm, you're so full up that your heart and your mind just can't wait to do something to go create. And action really what that means is it's it's this the case for something, something that is grounded in something that is important to you.

So if we want to take inspirational action, we need to really think about what's important, because this is where the Magnificent Obsession really can take off. And obsession might seem like a strong word. And if you do have an obsession, it's something you've got to in many cases manage and many people are obsessed about things that they're addicted to, they can't stop thinking about them.

But what if you had an obsession around your health and your energy just to see how much healthier you could be? Or your relationships? How much more meaningful and impactful your relationships could be? And what about your wealth, and your work to be obsessed about something when he means I think that you're aiming high. And I would encourage everyone to aim high.

Very few people do most people are aiming just a little bit above what they're currently doing or just aiming at exactly what they have been aiming at and wondering why they keep repeating what they've been repeating all their lives, they have an identity of who they are. And most people, probably 99% of people. And Tim Ferriss talks about this, you might have heard of Tim Ferriss from the Four Hour Working Week, Jobs would be a fine thing. I wouldn't want to work for four hours, I want to work all the time. I love what I do. I love inspiring people to have the drive to move forward regardless of the obstacles.

And what I'd love to do today is to convince you that you need a Magnificent Obsession. Something that you want to go and do and create that isn't just going to impact your life, but it's going to impact the lives of people around you. I believe that if we, that's what a purpose is. Our purposes, when you're doing something that is more important than just you.

You'll want to serve you want to grow, you want to contribute, most of us do. But we know there is a price to pay. And in most cases, that price is giving up something that you're currently doing, making excuses getting out of your own way.

Because in the first podcast I talked about sheep, you know, one day I went into my garden and there was like 100 sheep in there and then before I knew it, this sheep dog came in and the sheep were gone. And sheep have a herd like mentality and human beings have a thought or thinking herd like mentality most people think very similar things to the people they are most friendly with. And most people think that they can't most people think that things are difficult.

Most people come up with a whole load of excuses and the herd mentality all around The world right now is full of people basically, who don't feel like doing certain things. And because they don't feel like doing certain things, they won't do them. Most people have a magnificent obsession about things they want to do, versus things they need to do.

But what do you really need to do?

Really, apart from pay your taxes and clean your teeth and whatever else that you need to do. I personally believe you need to grow, you need to expand, you need to get better.

Again, I might be wrong. But the happiest, the most fulfilled people that I have come across in my life, are the ones who have magnificent obsessions, and they know that it's not going to be easy.

And what I encourage you to do is to make the case today. Today of all days, why not today? To make the case of developing a magnificent obsession with your health and your energy.

Because we all want more health and energy, I've got the magic wand in my hand right here. And I can wave this magic wand if if all I had to do was wait it for you to have an abundance of energy, most people would wave it.

But the driven amongst us who perhaps aren't as healthy as they would like to be would go and I don't want you to give it to me, I want to create it myself. I want the sense of achievement of who I became.

Because one day, your life will be coming to a close and they say whoever they are that when you come to the final moments of your life, your life flashes before you what happened. And we know when I do that, I want to be able to even if it happened tomorrow to be able to look back and look at all the wonderful things that I've done in helping other people and leaving a mark and leaving a legacy. And I think deep down that's what you want to do.

But what we all need to become aware of is that we all know this, we all we we all want better relationships, we all want to do work that we enjoy doing. We all like to earn more money. But we all know that the challenge with all of this is what's going on inside our brain. This is the thing I'm most fascinated about about what is the experience like of being you.

I remember when I was lecturing, I was a director of a Golf School. And we had a whole load of kids there between 16 and 19 are very talented golfers, or had aspirations to to be the best that they could be. And one day I just said, Look, guys, I want you to go out and play. But I want you to imagine as a journalist, he's got access to everything you think and you feel, and he's going to write it all down, he's going to write down the ray of emotions that you go through. I didn't really know what to expect.

But I was absolutely stunned when later that day, they all gave me some of them wouldn't actually a couple of just refused to give it to me because they didn't want me to read what they were thinking. But when I looked at what they were thinking, I was shocked because a lot of them were going through torture, they were really destroying themselves from the inside out. And just a little bit of temporary relief.

From time to time, there was only one golfer, actually who it was a really good read. It's just fascinating to realize how we all many of us think in the same way and many of us are hard on ourselves.

And the reason I'm telling you this story is I wonder what it's like to be you? I wonder if I had access to what you were thinking what I would observe. But what we need to become aware of if we want a magnificent obsession is to realize where the opposition comes in.

The opposition can be people that you know, that often don't like the idea of you changing and going out there and doing something that you don't normally do and maybe becoming a master of certain things.

But really, the nature of the mind is what they call in Buddhism Duka. In Hinduism, they call it, Maya. In Christianity, there's this phrase called the original sin, which I think is where we're kind of missing the mark of what we're really here to do.

And knowing that our mind plays tricks on us, people have been talking about this for centuries, you know, the, the tyranny of being a human being. And I don't know when human beings started to work without. Maybe when we started to settle when we realize we didn't have to hunt and gather that we could sit on our own and just be there. You know, right now, as long as you're not driving or operating machinery, if you close your eyes. I wonder how long it would be until you felt uncomfortable that certain thoughts would come that would produce a feeling in your body. And the feeling would be in many cases that I want to get up move away from here, that we find it hard just to be on our own.

We find it hard to look at ourselves and realize just the greatness that we have. But if we don't do that, then what do you think is going to continue to happen?

Now in order to create peace in yourself in order to have that magnificent obsession, from what I've observed for the years that I've been working with people, thousands of people is it's all about developing disciplines.

Now again, that's a word I don't like very much why it conjures up memories of being at school and being disciplined. I remember multiple times being called into the headmaster's office and remember one time headmaster said you can have the cane, the slipper or the belt. And I was a bit flippant back then I said, I'll tell you what are all of them. So that type of punishment was, was done back then believe it or not in the early 1980s.

And discipline for me was like being told to sit down and sit still, which I hated. Because I always wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted, how I wanted to do it, who I wanted to do it with. And I think that's ultimately what most of us want. But most of us have sacrificed that in many ways. Many of us have jobs, where, let's be honest, I don't know whether you if you do have a job, whether you genuinely enjoy it. And most of us are just doing what we think we should do. And in fact, many people now probably feel they don't even have a choice. Because of the economy. Maybe maybe people haven't got a job. But you know what?

Imagine if you had a magnificent obsession about possibilities, how many possibilities are there right now? Right now you have the possibility of turn this off right now.

Just stop it, stop it. Now. Stop listening, turn the volume up, turn it down, listen to something else. Go away, come back. You've caused so many possibilities of what you could do. You could learn a language. I was just doing a Facebook Live for psychologies magazine. And there was someone who was French and said, Could you say this in French "combien de poissons y a-t-il dans votre famille", I could learn a language. I can't actually speak French. I just said how many fish are there in your family?

You know, if we can see the funny side of our of life, and we see the possibilities that exist, it's just that the reason we struggle is because of the nature of the mind. If we want to create a better mind, we've got to go to work on it. We've got to be disciplined. We've got to create, I believe certain rituals and processes, doing things which definitely bring out the best in human beings. And what brings out the best in human beings probably won't surprise you. It's definitely getting a good night's sleep. It's definitely meditating, practicing mindfulness. It's definitely exercising and moving.

But you know, we live in a world that's pretty gone mad, and most people are just getting unhealthy or getting more unhappy. Rather than looking at themselves in the mirror and go, I've arrived. I'm here, I'm here.

What are you here to do? I dare you to stop aiming for something. You know, by the time you're hearing this, a couple of podcasts back. I did the third podcast that I've done with six times snooker World Champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan. First podcast I did with him, I think was in 2000 to 2003 and six times world champion. And I never forget, they actually took him to the golf college that I was talking to you about before. And at the end, someone put up their hand and said, Ronnie, you're just really lucky, because you're just really talented. And Ronnie got real really riled by that. And said to me, after this, I felt so annoyed when that kid said that to me, because he has no idea of the length that I have gone. To practice and master my craft. What is your craft?

You know, me, my craft is definitely coaching, speaking, and also making people laugh. I have a Magnificent Obsession with making people feel good. It's what I want. I want people to laugh. I'm so lucky. My wife finds me funny. After all these years, she's still I still amuse her. Which is good, right? Because I want to make people feel better.

What about you, I want you to go away and think about this. And kinda let me know if you want because I want to help as many people find their purpose and find the disciplines, the rituals, the processes that they need to have in place in order for them to be exceptional.

See with Ronnie, he's very driven. His father definitely disciplined him right in the early days and made him work at what he was doing, and so on and so forth. It's so strange, because just on my screen right now, I literally on my screen right now, thing just flashed up because I posted something on Instagram about Ronnie O'Sullivan. And he's just literally liked what I, what I put out there. So it's very strange.

The universe really can reward us in in so many ways, when we open up to possibility when we when we change the way we think because the nature of the mind yes is Duka. It's Maya. It's, it's to look at what's wrong and what's missing. It's it's to be on guard because once upon a time, we were small and very big things that wanted to eat us. So it's very easy for us to have survival type thinking. It's very easy for us to be frightened and stressed and worried and anxious.

But we don't always need to be. We can be optimistic. We can have a magnificent obsession with being the most optimistic person on the planet. Wdrivee could be manage our drive, as I was just about to talk to about Ronnie again.

Ronnie has that drive that is so powerful. It's like a Formula One racing car, if you put that Formula One racing car on a downtown Street, the street is going to be in struggle and trouble and so is the car. But rather, if you put the car where it's supposed to be on a proper track, is going to perform really well. Right?

And it's the same with us. There are actually two driven genes which have been identified in people that are driven and whether you have that gene or not, it's not. It's not that important. I think what's more important is how you express yourself. People say, oh, I've got that gene.

Well, you those genes aren't as important as how your genes will express themselves, which is called epigenetics, which is based on how you think I really want you to take some time to as we work on inspiration into action, that's what these four podcasts are all about. And what would your life be like if you had a magnificent obsession? What could you be obsessed about?

Because if you don't, I promise you, you'll just settle you keep settling, you'll take action for a little bit, but you just go back because the obsession was never an obsession in the first place. It didn't pull on your heart, it didn't pull on your head. It didn't. He didn't have dynamic tension that was making you move towards something no matter what.

Take some time to think about what I've just said, I really encourage all of you to get a copy of the operators, this is what you can get it for free, literally just go to book, dot Pete cowen.com, don't put it off, you can download it for free for six pounds, we'll send you a copy of it, including postage. And this is a book that I wrote, really, for people that want to take the lead in their life, people who want to see themselves as the writer, the director, the producer, choosing your supporting cast and the actor in your own life, your own life movie, and seeing you in the position of this world having a part to play where the history doesn't have to repeat itself.

You know, as Mike Tyson said, you know, history is finished. Tomorrow is a mystery. Let's go out and create history. I want to create history. I'd love to create history with you. What's your biggest takeaway? Go and get this book, you know, immerse yourself in seeing your life as a movie because that's what this book is all about. And the first chapter, we talk about Mary Poppins. I don't know whether you've ever seen that film. But Mary Poppins is a disrupter. The second film we talked about second chapter, we talked about the matrix, which pill Do you want, you want to stay where you are, you want to step into some adventure, the adventure of the magnificent obsession.

I want to thank you so much for watching this, if you think about this, and you, you're a bit clearer about it, we can really look in the next podcast about getting better, how to stick at something when it's difficult, and we can really help you close that gap between who you are and who you're capable of being.

Ladies and gentlemen, a great life. It doesn't happen by chance it happens by design. I love you. I appreciate you. And we will see you next time. Go and get a copy of the book, book.petecohen.com. I'll even sign it for you. Take care. See you soon. Much love.


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