5 Jan, 2021

088 Interview with Ashley Hromyak – Strength, Power and Energy

“I think it’s just important for people to just not sit at home on their couch. .. They have to just find what works for them and they can do it at any age in life” – Ashley Hromyak

A fitness fanatic, a fitness goddess whom I’ve been following for quite some time.  Ashley Hromyak is super inspiring in helping and coaching people to revolutionize their bodies and minds. 

Key points:

  •   Gratification
  •   Movements / Mobility

My biggest takeaway from this conversation is really about, there are many highs in life but there’s no better high than being fit, being healthy, and looking after yourself it’s not always the easiest road to take. But it’s the greatest road.

What is your biggest take away?

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Pete Cohen 0:05
Happy beautiful day. It's Pete Cohen it's the Mi365 podcast. Now I know something that you want. I can read your mind. You want strength, power energy vitality, you want to be happy. Well if those are things that you want, check out my guest today Ashley Hromyak coming all the way from the United States of America. She is super inspiring in helping and coaching people to revolutionize their bodies and minds. It's going to be awesome. Let's do this. I'll see you after the theme tune.

Happy beautiful day. Yep super excited! Got an awesome guest someone who I've been following for quite some time. it's always weird when you start saying, I've been following someone you know, actually, let me pronounce your surname correctly because we were just talking about that actually Ashley Hromyak.

Ashley Hromyak 1:20

Pete Cohen 1:23
Ashley, thank you so much for joining me today. How are you,

Ashley Hromyak 1:26
good thank you for having me and reaching out this is especially exciting opportunity like, it's so excited to speak with you all.

Pete Cohen 1:33
Yeah, well, like I said, I've been, I've been watching you, and you're a pretty unique individual, I think on so many levels. I know you've got dogs, you've got horses. You love being outside, and you're a fitness fanatic, you're a fitness goddess. I think a lot of people look up to you massively I know you train a lot of fitness people in fitness modeling and fitness performance. Tell us a little bit about yourself, tell us where you're from, I know it's pretty early in the morning where you are right now. Just tell us a little bit about you.

Ashley Hromyak 2:07
I am originally born and raised in Ohio, but right now I live in Virginia right outside of DC. I'm excited to say that next week I graduate from George Mason University with my bachelor's in Kinesiology and a minor in coaching. Just last week I got my CSCS certification which is your Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which is really amazing certification I have here. And I also in 2020 got my 200 hour yoga teacher certification so I have slain 2020.

Pete Cohen 2:43
Yeah, I mean, it's one of those people right is really taken advantage of the whole craziness that we found ourselves in. I love that mindset, but there's so many things I want to talk to you about, and we will come back to this thing someone is into strength and conditioning and yoga, you know because I've seen you do some of these moves I've seen you do strong things and I've seen you get yourselves into positions where, how is she doing that. And that's one of the things I want to talk to you about. About why it's so important to be well and be healthy. But tell us a little bit about your backstory because I know that you used to be in the army as well, right, is that right?

Ashley Hromyak 3:17
Yeah, I was an army for nine years was army airborne my job, my MLS there was communications so I was Signal Corps. I deployed all over, working on all kinds of different things, satellites radios, infrastructure, you name it programming, I did that for nine years.

Pete Cohen 3:41
How do I take my hat off I'm getting to hot. Tell me how did you how did you get into fitness I mean, you know, how did that come about?

Ashley Hromyak 3:49
It was born, my parents are very healthy individuals. My dad always had a home gym. Maybe he grew up, go his own little home gym, and then growing up I watch him have a big gym in the basement and watch him train. And my mom, not too much weight training but she always made sure she got her activity in each day. And she's a nurse practitioner so she always was very adamant about eating healthy some kind of a product of the environment.

Pete Cohen 4:20
Yeah, no, that that's really interesting you know, a friend of mines a guy called Billy Beck the third, and he's Anthony or Tony Robbins his personal trainer, and he told me this story that when he was little boys that oh in the bench, you know for working out and he loved it so much that he used to sleep on the bench, right, and he got so into fitness

Ashley Hromyak 4:41

Pete Cohen 4:42
And I'm really curious because I'm a bit like you in terms of I got into fitness at a very early age, I mean, do you think that that's makes it that much easier, you know, for people that may be because I think a lot of people that maybe get to a certain age, they think that they're finished, you know that they can't work on their bodies and yeah I wonder what your opinion is about that.

Ashley Hromyak 5:03
So I will say no because we like weightlifting, and, you know, yoga and strength training hasn't always been my thing. I mean, I grew up my mom had my twin sister so my mom always has been, some kind of activity. I've done gymnastics, tap dance, swimming lessons, Taekwondo, cross country soccer, and I don't do any of that stuff anymore, but I was exposed to things. I think the important thing was, just my mom just kept exposing my sister and I to new ways of just being, just doing movements, being active, and I always made that a part of my life, but not not each part do I keep you know I can't play soccer I'm not very good at it. But I think it's just important for people to just not sit at home on their couch I don't think they do they have to just find what works for them and they can do it at any age in life. I have plenty of friends and clients who decided one day I want to try weightlifting or competing and now it's their life for the rest of the life. I think it's just people find what works for them.

Pete Cohen 6:08
It's so fascinating that because doing some work on that this morning around what we call like peak experiences. Where you do something that is not normal, you do something that is uncomfortable, and there is an anxiety often about doing it. But then you do it, and you feel better for having done it and you are obviously not maybe pushed or encouraged however you want to do that. That's giving you that mindset where now you're not afraid to try anything and I, I do think that a lot of people are challenged by the idea of well I like the way you look but I couldn't do that.

And I, and I really want to understand why you think it's so important, and then let's talk about what drives you because a lot of people follow you and I see whenever you're doing your stuff on Instagram you're trying to inquire, you're trying to you do encourage so many people to live a better lifestyle. Why is it important no that's the question I wanted to ask you why.

Why do you do what you do?

Ashley Hromyak 7:10
I worked really hard to get to where I am and to have this. I've always been a very happy, hard working person but I do what I do because I want other people to feel how I feel. I want other people to go through like wake up every day and be as excited, and energetic for each day as I am. I figure if I can teach them what I've done. It might or it might not work for them, but if I can just tell people what I do, and maybe they can also live a better life. I just want everybody to be happy. Just a simple.

Pete Cohen 7:49
Yeah, no, I think that it's it's much better but there's there's always seems to be a trade off right. If you want to live that type of lifestyle, you're going to have to work at it you know Amazon can't bring you that. And, you know, in America. Well I mean I love America, you know, when I was a kid it was what I was interested in you know it was Knight Rider the 18. Disney Land and the land of the free the land of opportunity the land of excess. I've been, I've been to Vegas, so many times and it's just crazy to see the extremes. Right. Which is exactly the same in this country the extremes of people that would don't ever would never exercise. And then the people, extreme who I think we got to go into that category of what they call the bell curve, you know like, the top 2% of people who train every single day. But why, why do you think is so worth it. Why do you think it's so worth training and getting stronger and healthier and flexible. That's a stupid question really but I just would wonder, you know why, why is it worth it, why not just stay in bed.

Ashley Hromyak 8:52
It makes me, able to experience life.

Yeah. If I wasn't a fit I could. There's nothing that I don't have any limits if my friends were I want to go hiking or want to go see this place where I want to get, you know, heavy product on the bottom shelf I can bend down ease and pick it up like there's, there's no limits, and I want to experience life and want to live my life to the fullest. So, by me doing all these different movements and, and various activities like if it's important to just experience life, you don't experience life. Yeah.

Pete Cohen 9:27
I think you make such a good point, it's like life can be great. By giving in to all the temptations that we can have right you know, giving into everything that we can do from watching things on Netflix to eating an excess food, drinking drugs, and that may be gives you a high. But I think the greatest high is when you do something that is difficult.

And you maybe you didn't even feel like doing it but you did it, and that feeling afterwards is like, I think it's one of the best feelings in the world personally. And I think that's what you're kind of almost selling to people is like you want it you want life to be good. Well, you want it to be great. You want it to be excellent. And I would really encourage people to look at you actually look at you look at your Physiology I know you're studying Kinesiology. I'll ask you about what Kinesiology is.

But I would encourage anyone who follows me, who watches me on Instagram, go and watch Ashley and see, not just the the inspiration that she gives out and the words that she gets out, but look at her body. Look at the movements that she get ourselves in because whether people would want to look exactly like you. I think most people would like elements of how you look and the energy that you write and the vibrancy you have and it's like, well how do you get that you've got to work in it right. It's got to work this there's no substitute, there's no, you know, what do you think,

Ashley Hromyak 10:56
Like you said earlier. Yeah, you can give it to extremes, to live even access and see like go Vegas. That's all instant gratification. You get the you know Netflix you get an instant feedback like wow that was amazing, but then the gratification is just as instant is just as simple as the work you put in it's very miniscule. It's not lasting, you have to keep getting your instant gratification fix. When you don't get it, you kind of people just mellow out and kind of get depressed whereas if you work for something, the gratification and the feeling you have for that is just as long and equal to the work you put in. Once you get out so it's that simple you know easy gratification is just that you have to work at it, to get out of it. But it is 100% worth it to have that lasting positive experience and emotions.

Pete Cohen 11:53
I think you would love to song that we were talking about before we started recording the podcast Joe dishonors are my best friends is the founder of Spartan races and he has this thing about learning couches you know he just wants everyone to burn the couch and stop moving and one of the things I love about him is he talks a lot about delaying gratification, and the fact that we need to get really good like flexing your muscle. We need to get really good at, turning down temptation because obviously there's temptation everywhere right we're not kind of designed to live in this, this world that we live in right now. But God Tell us.

Tell us what is Kinesiology

Ashley Hromyak 12:30
It iss the study of human movement.

Pete Cohen 12:34

Ashley Hromyak 12:37
You know, from an exercise standpoint of how the body moves and why and what how and why Yeah, they just are anywhere from like the down to central level to how we build our bodies that our muscles to biomechanics so you know sprinting and weightlifting and baseball. I just study all aspects of just a human movement how it's possible.

Pete Cohen 12:59
So I.

This week I was giving a talk about innovation. Innovation from the inside out and you know we look we all look at innovation through innovation of being able to talk to you this way it's reserved for a camera for a microphone. but the greatest innovation right is the how we can innovate this machine. I don't know how old you are, how he always told you should never ask a lady how, how old they are, but it looks to me right that you are getting younger right and you're in the business of getting younger I'm definitely in that business I want to get younger I believe I can right. Is that something you believe, do you think you're

Ashley Hromyak 13:33
Gonna say yes, I do I will say I am 36 and I feel at 36, I move better and feel better than I did at 26. I mean I still feel 26.

Unknown Speaker 13:50

Pete Cohen 13:53
I've been watching you. When you've been going to shows because you actually work with athletes you go and compete you, is it predominantly females that you work with, who are competing.

Ashley Hromyak 14:06
I got equal, males and females.

Pete Cohen 14:09
And what is it about that because i well i i think that it's, it's such a great thing, you know, but I think sometimes people look at women doing that and think that's just not whatever, you know, which is ridiculous right because we've all got a human body and we can do something with our body, but what is it about that that you think is attractive to people that do it that they want to kind of, is it the competing. Is it the training.

Ashley Hromyak 14:34
I think it's the structure and the discipline.

Yeah, like I mentioned earlier, it's the ability to have disciplining yourself and saying no to, you know, temptations and that structure of a shelf I have so for myself every day and competing is a lot, just as much mental as it is physical so I like to structure up but I

Pete Cohen 14:57
Do still compete as well?

Ashley Hromyak 15:01
Last show was a year ago, I didn't compete. This year because of COVID and finishing school but I have plans to compete next year.

Pete Cohen 15:10
Yeah, I was at Musclemania with friendly with Ulysses juniata way, have you ever come across Ulysses, he's got like eight mit 7.9 million followers. And I've spent time with him in Vegas. And I saw all of these people doing some strange things I must admit you know getting themselves ready to go on the stage. But what was really interesting to see some of the behavior of people afterwards. It was almost like one extreme to another. And what I see from you is you don't seem like an extremist you seem like someone. Well if I'm not competing. I'm not going to go to the other end of the spectrum because this isn't just about that event. This is about my life right is that kind of how

Ashley Hromyak 15:56
Yeah, 100%. Yes.

Pete Cohen 15:57
Yeah, I really like that because I think it's quite dangerous isn't it to go to an extreme where you might just need access all the time, and then go to a place where you're not stripping your body fat down and. But, yeah, so tell me, this might seem like a random question but I know you're into massively into personal development I hear you talk about obviously the books that you're reading and stuff.

In the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Dr. Stephen Covey says that the second habit, you're definitely proactive that's the first habit right. The second habit is to begin with the end in mind. If this was coming, if you passed away right it came to the end of your life, let's say you're 100. Because you're going to break the 100, there's no question about that.

What what what do you want the legacy to be what do you want to leave behind.

Ashley Hromyak 16:55
Just want people to be aware that they can control their thoughts and feelings and they, they have 100% control over who really are who they are and what they do.

It sounds like a simple concept and I'm sure you know it's it's not a lot of people are going through life in this kind of drone asleep, and they're not aware of their body they're not aware of their power their mind, you know, mental and physical abilities and I just would love to leave behind that like hey, Ashley helped me realize, I have unlimited potential mentally and physically.

Pete Cohen 17:34
You know that there's a real danger with all of this stuff to overcomplicate right isn't it I mean to just kind of find make all of this far more complicated than it needs to be and I know obviously you're someone who studied Kinesiology, Physiology, which is great

But what I love about you is that it's that kind of. Let's just simplify the message that life is complicated enough as it is anyway. And I think what you're really good at doing is getting people into a habit, until it becomes a habit, right, until they are just fit and healthy and it becomes an absolute non negotiable. So let's talk about yoga because I'm really surprised I often see people that have that balance between being physically very very strong which you are lift a lot more weight than I could. Right. And you also practice yoga so when, where did the love of yoga come from?

Ashley Hromyak 18:23
The love of yoga come from below yoga came from March of 2019, I wouldn't cross it all of last year I hired a CrossFit coach. I really compete in CrossFit open, and I was having a lot of problems getting into some of the positions and movements lacked the mobility and flexibility and I was very mentally just always amped up and I, and a friend of mine just crossed her name is Monica she reached out, she said. She challenged me to do yoga, two days a week for 30 days she sent me a YouTube link yoga, Adrian and she said, if you don't find any benefit, within 30 days I'm never gonna bring it up to you again. I said okay I can do that like 15 minutes twice a week that month, my physical and mental being progress positively so much that I joined a yoga studio. And then within less than a year of being in the yoga studio they had teacher training and I got presented with an opportunity to become a yoga instructor. So this is great because I can teach people, you know mobility, stability, strength, conditioning and just all those aspects of the move and be better.

Pete Cohen 19:39
Again, so amazing because again it's kind of out of the normal it's like no, I'm a crossfitter. I know I'm in this, I'm in that no, I can do whatever I want and I can try these different disciplines and find out what works. And let's be honest, right. It's great to be strong, but if you if you're strong without mobility it's like you're going to struggle when you get older, because as we get older, it's really more about mobility right around, around the joys.

Ashley Hromyak 20:03
And then as you know as a guru yourself in the fitness aspect I mean, most people who are very strong and shrink training are limited in getting in. In certain positions because they don't have the functionality and mobility. And then they lack, you know muscle development or they have imbalances because they're not able to get in proper positions and then injuries happen and just have to be well rounded.

Pete Cohen 20:27
Yeah, well I'm super excited that the people who follow me are going to have the opportunity to listen to you and I'd love to know anyone that's taken any inspiration away from what Ashley has said, feel free to follow her on Instagram and to reach out to her. Is that the best way for people to connect with you?

Ashley Hromyak 20:46
Yeah, yeah, Instagram, I don't, I mean I have an opposite of you I don't have a big Facebook following but I have a pretty good sized Instagram and I try my best to stay on top of communicating with people.

Pete Cohen 21:02
You lead, you know, when I was a kid I thought, a leader with someone who's had to follow you didn't have a choice but as I've gotten older, I realized, leader of someone who you want to follow because they are someone who wants to follow themselves I, you know, and I think, you know, before this, we've had communication, but we've never spoken. And I've really enjoyed this interaction because I'm inspired by your happy disposition, you know, of just living life to the full and I think my biggest takeaway from this conversation is really about, there are many highs in life, many many highs. But there's no better high than then being fit being healthy and looking after yourself it's not always the easiest road to take.

But it's the greatest road because it means you can stick around and I think I said the thing I really love about you is that you're thinking about, let's be fit. Now, so that we can be hit tomorrow. And then the next day and the next day the next day. So the best way for people to, we'll we'll put the link in everything that we send out we'll send out an email to our big list, people and go and follow Ashley and don't be inspired by her do you do remote coaching as well with people.

Ashley Hromyak 22:14
Yes, I do, actually that's pretty much what we mean source of work is online coaching.

Pete Cohen 22:22
Yeah, so I would definitely recommend anyone that wants to do any online coaching, especially if they want to be fast and stronger. To check. Ashley out thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate it. What are you going to go and do now?

Ashley Hromyak 22:37
I got work I got work. Today's my rest days. I have lots of clients in person and online programming to do so, I will always I will move I'll do like a light yoga on a rest day or, you know, take a long walk but today's a busy work day for me.

Pete Cohen 22:52
Thank you so much, and I'm sure our paths will cross again in the future. Take care Ashley.

Ashley Hromyak 23:01
Thank you.


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