12 Jan, 2021

089 The New Game of Life 2021 – Knowing The Game You Are Playing – Part 1 of 4

What game are you playing?

Now is the time to re-evaluate re-position and, re-design for the new year. The events of last year and I firmly believe that we will not return to the old ways of acting and being. The world that was being predicted for ten years ahead is here today.

So, it’s time for a new game?

Life is a game – and the purpose of a game is to have fun. That means life should be fun.

You have a choice – the choice to have a life full of fun and fulfillment or a life of negativity and frustration.

In this podcast, we’ll look at the ancient wisdom of Aristotle and the modern science of positive psychology, and the virtues that underpin a life of meaning and joy.

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Pete Cohen 0:01
Happy beautiful day. It's Pete Cohen, it's the Mi365 podcast.

Welcome to a new series, four parts on the New Game of Life 2021. Today's episode is called Knowing The Game That You're Playing. I'll see you after the theme tune.

Happy beautiful day thank you so much for joining me. I'm very excited to deliver a new series of podcasts. Over the next few weeks, we're really going to dive deep into the new game of life. I don't know about you but I think it's a pretty important time for all of us to stop and think and re-evaluate, re-position and re-design. I'm not sure when you'll be listening to this podcast, but they're going out in 2020 towards the end. And I think as we move into 2021, we should really be thinking when we have the opportunity to draw on the wisdom of what has just happened, and decide to do things in a different way.

I don't know about you but last year I was all fired up I was like, Yeah, 2020. My big thing was about let's have 2020 vision on our 2020 goals. And you know what the world changed so much. I could not have predicted. What has happened. I couldn't. And now it's happened. I think our world has kind of been turned upside down. You know those snow globes that you kind of shake and you turn them up and down and then you turn it back down again and all the fake snow comes back down to earth, kind of thing that our world has been turned upside down. There are many people that are just hoping that things return to normal, but I don't think they will.

I think what's happened is our world has changed. In fact I was talking to a futurist not long ago, a futurist is someone who kind of looks at what's going on and starts to predict the future I'm not looking at the crystal ball. We're just looking at all of the signs and signals and look what's happened in history and he was just basically saying look, the world that we predicted in 10 years time is now going to start happening right now. So things will change so so much, and the point of making these podcasts is this I want all of us to think about what is the ultimate purpose of life knowing the game that we're playing and being equipped to play the game that we want to play. I think you're probably equipped to play the game that most people are playing right now. And I don't know about you but how do you feel about where you are right now. How do you feel about the world that you're in right now because I don't think it's, it's no measure of health. And I'm talking about mental and physical health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

So how sick is the world? Well you might not want to hear this, you might want to be hands over your ears but you might want to hear it. The fact that we are now faced with a generation who won't live as long as their parents. We now have more depression, we now have more suicide, math for obesity. We have more people on prescription medication. We have more people losing their jobs. I mean, this world is in trouble. And what is the solution. Well, I think the solution has always been humanity. I've always thought it's human beings that really have the chance to shape the world to change the world, to make this world a better place, and I think it's always been like that in terms of the challenge that we face. So what are we talking about, we're talking about knowing the game that you're playing. So what is the game.


Well, I don't know, it's up to you what is the word mean game first off the game of life, game means fun and joy. So, what is the purpose of life should we be having fun and enjoying ourselves. Yeah. The Where do you get that fun and joy from the question, and what is life. Well, life is an account of what you did, between being born and dead. And right now I don't know where you are in that point I think I'm just maybe maybe I'm halfway I'm planning to live to 100. So I'm halfway. And now I've got a choice. Doesn't really matter where you are in your life, you still have a choice.


And please think about that word. Write that word down CHOICE.

Because the thing that separates us from everything else is choice. You have a choice right now you can stop listening to this go do something else. You can do anything you want your life could profoundly change by the choices that you make and we're the only creatures. As far as we know, that have that ability everything else relies on nature and instinct. We rely on those things, but we also have the choice the choice to destroy the world in which we live in or the choice to create a world, but I think most of us are spray painting or in science, we are destroying ourselves by the way that we think by playing the game that we're playing.

And I want to look at the ultimate purpose of life, what do you think that is. Now we can look at modern science and we can look at ancient wisdom. Why don't we do that. I don't know about you but I love wisdom I love the philosophy of the Greeks and the Romans and many of the philosophies and ideas that exist in in religions because there's some really cool stuff there that people have talked about for thousands of years.

So what about Aristotle, I love Aristotle I remember first really getting involved in his work when I was writing my best selling book habit busting all those years ago. And, you know, when he said the ultimate purpose while that's we're going to look at in a moment when he when he talked about the ultimate purpose of life but I never forget what he said with habits, which was excellent is not an act excellence is a habit we are what we repeatedly do. And by the way, just a slight aside. If you want to do a deeper dive into anything or what I'm saying right now we've just launched a brand new training, it is called How to get ahead, build lasting confidence and stay productive in four steps, if you want to really do a deeper dive into all of this, then go to coaching dot mi 365.me. coaching dot mi365 dot me forward slash workshop. Once more coaching.mi365/workshop. You'll see it in the show notes, and let's carry on with what I'm talking about. Aristotle so what did he say well he said the summon bonus, which means the ultimate purpose of life is, you die Monier via our attai. Now I know what you're thinking, Pete, what does that mean what significance is that got to do with my life that just sounds like nonsense to me. Does it really well. Fair enough, but you're not you don't own your means you, that's your domain is salt, being a good soul via architect which is excellence or a deeper translation of that is excellence through living with virtue. Now what is virtue mean well when you look at all of the ancient philosophies and religions, one of the things they are all in agreement on is about virtue, and there are four that really come to mind.


And even modern science agrees with these they've just added two more to them and we'll look at do a deeper dive into this in the next podcast because if you want to play the game of life in a way where there is a deeper sense of fulfillment a deeper sense of happiness a deeper sense of joy. It's basically living with these four, which are courage, wisdom, justice, and temperance. Now what do they mean what courage is having the heart to do what you need to do. Courage is really living with wisdom, the wisdom that we know of what we can do as Maslow said he was a humanistic psychologist what man can be we must be. I think justice is doing the right thing, and being a good human being and loving other people helping other people and temperance wow that's all about self control right, your ability to get yourself to do what you need to do, regardless of how you feel that's one of the oldest stories of man Adam and Eve. What were they told don't eat fruit from that tree, even though it's just a story. Maybe it really happened I don't know I wasn't there at the time, to me, I don't mind whether it happened or not I just like the story of every single day we're being tempted tempted to move down a path that perhaps isn't the right path for us to go down, and in every single moment that we have we have the opportunity to live with our tastes and live with excellence to apply wisdom to be courageous to, to, to do what we need to do, but ultimately what is it that you need to do.


I think you probably need to leave this world, in a better place than you came here and that's one of the reasons why I think life is a team game right. That's why we like sports in many cases. That's why the New Zealand rugby team, best team in sporting history, most successful highest win ratio, why. Well, the whole idea of that is when you finish playing for the team you lead the team in a better place and when you start playing for them. Whether you play one game or 100 games. What's the ultimate purpose of life. That's up to you. But when you look at wisdom, and you look at really what happiness might look like. Maybe you'll start to look at things differently after listening to this podcast or listen to the other three that come in this series because my goal is Hey. What game are you playing, how's that working out for you. How do you feel about where you are right now. How are you performing with your health and energy how's that doing for you. It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. As you know, as I've already said this generation won't outlive its parents, depression, obesity suicide anxiety never been higher. So you as Gandhi said we should be the change that we want to see in this world. We got stopped being passive and stop being heroes. So that was two and a half thousand years ago that this wisdom existed. I don't think there's ever been more opportunities for us to change our life but there's never been more distraction. There's never been more temptation, or do you think.

So when we look at modern science and we think well what is modern science have to say about all of this, living a happy life. Well, the founder of the positive psychology movement Martin Seligman. I think he realized after many years that perhaps they were also looking in the wrong place because they thought happiness was being satisfied with life. And then realized that the data showed that people were becoming profoundly more unhappy, when there's more opportunity for people to be satisfied with the life they have and doing a deeper dive into this he realized that happiness is really flourishing flourishing is when you're blossoming is when you're being the best version of yourself when you're growing when you're getting better, the ultimate purpose of life is to get better is to grow is to evolve. That's what human beings are seeing the reason you're here today that someone found a way to extend life to survive. But you know what we don't have to survive like we used to we can actually thrive. But many people think that thriving is playing a different game.


Look, there's an ancient story the story of Hercules. And I don't know when to further this story but apparently when Hercules was a young man I said apparently like it was true but let's imagine it was Hercules just walking down a path and there are two goddesses, and one of them runs in front of the other one that goes hey Hercules Follow me, follow me and your life will be amazing. You don't have to do anything in all of the pleasures that you want you can just take it easy and just follow me. You know what her name was, but I'll tell you that in a minute. The other goddess. Just watches.

And then when the other Goddess has finished goddess finished talk, talking. She goes up to him and says Hercules I'm not gonna promise you that I'm gonna promise you a life of challenge, I'm gonna promise you a life of struggle, but I'm going to promise you if you go down this path. The gods will look favorably upon you and you'll have the greatest satisfaction of who you became. By the way, the first goddess was called vice. And the second goddess was called our attack. Excellent, living with virtue. Now, which goddess, which path, do you think Hercules took. Well, it's pretty obvious otherwise there would be no stories of Hercules and all of the demons and dragons that he faced in his life. It was the same challenge two and a half thousand years ago, as it is for us today is the path that we choose to take in our life, and many of us have chosen the path of fame, fortune recognition.


And what research shows is that people that chase that are seriously, psychologically unstable because they feel like something. In many cases, is missing. I remember when I was a personal trainer back in the early 90s in training some seriously wealthy people who had everything you could possibly think that most people would want mainly money that allowed them to buy the things they wanted to buy. And so many of these people were so depressed. Because what happens for many people is they have all of this, and then they ask the question. Is this all there is.


There must be more to life in this society is selling us on the wrong thing. Most of us are seeking pleasure and things that are vice, sex, drugs, alcohol, food. What do you think, I'm not saying there's anything necessarily wrong with all of these things. But I think we substitute these things. For real growth. It's the quick pleasure, that leads over time, to profound sickness. What do you think,

Because I'm here saying to everyone that listens to the podcast. Okay, we're moving into a new year. What have we learned in 2020, what was great about this year. What was really difficult. And who is it that we really want to become.

See, I think the ultimate purpose of life is to express the best version of ourselves. Now we can look back and regret and think, I could have done this and that should have happened and I'm unlucky. Or we could look at this point in our life, right now, and make a decision. Make a decision of who we want to become. What we want to learn. Applying the ancient wisdom of the Greek philosophers, and the wisdom of modern science to live with virtue.


To be courageous,

To be wise to be loving

To get better, to learn, to evolve.

I've spent the last 30 years of my life being absolutely committed to helping people break habits conquer their fears. Be happy. Be healthy. And you know what, feel like I've only just got started, because I'm still learning and I actually realized that a lot of what I'm saying is different to what I was saying, years ago, that I actually disagree with some of what I said.

Why, because I've been doing this work on myself

and my life is more important than how I feel sometimes. My life is about leaving a mark, my life is about making a difference and maybe saying something right now that resonates with you where you go, you know what, I agree with you. You see this is the challenge, you've got to choose the path and stick to the path member in the film American Werewolf in London for those of you that. Remember that film you don't need to watch it, but it's to American travelers are in a pub in the Yorkshire moss. And one of the parks about a sign on the wall, it's just a way to way werewolf. And they're basically asked to leave the pub and but they're told to stick to the path. And they walk out the pub and they're walking away and having fun talking laughing. And then before they know it, they realize they're way off the path. And, of course, well, you can imagine what happens. But we can always get back on it. We can always get back on the path of becoming a good soul, becoming a good human being a better human being I know that you're doing the best that you can. But can you do better, is Dr. Phil said, who became famous on The Oprah show people do what they do until they know better. And sometimes, when they know better they do better. Are you ready to do better. Are you now ready to move your life forward in a different way because there is a way of doing this and that is what I'm here to do. And that is why if you want to do a deeper dive into this listen to some of the podcasts, but go to coaching.mr 365 dot me forward slash workshop and go and watch that brand new training four steps to getting ahead. Building lasting confidence what is confidence confidence. Confidence is trust trusting yourself. And staying productive, with all of the distraction. What is the ultimate purpose of life to live with virtue is to choose the path, which is more challenging the other the other one. A path where you get tested.


As we round this up I really want you to take a moment to think about why we love stories right, we all in this story making business, aren't we, that's why we love watching films, and maybe some of you will listen to this while you're watching Christmas films. And you realize that every film has a hero every film has villains every film has this journey where people are being confronted by challenging situations. And in many cases they overcome the challenge, but they get stronger because of it. Now if they didn't take on the challenge and they will back and they didn't go anywhere. You wouldn't watch the film if if Harry Potter hadn't have left the cupboard under the stairs or Frodo hadn't left the Shire. You wouldn't have watched the film. but this is your life and your life matters and it's not over yet. Are you ready to live with virtue, are you ready to play a new game of life in 2021. When you work on refining his skills and giving your gifts to the world because you do have things that are unique about you and we will look at this over the next few podcasts.

I want to thank you for listening. I want to know what is your biggest takeaway from what I've just said? Your biggest takeaway? What could you do? What could you write down? What could you say? What could you do? Now one of the things you could do is go and check out our free training and see what you can take away from that to take action. Not now, but right now it's time for a new game. It's time to know the game that you're playing and take a different path. If you're ready.

If you're ready, I'm here to help you. I want to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to listen. We'll see you soon. You guys are awesome. Happy, happy, beautiful day.

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    To be courageous,
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    – every single day


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