30 Dec, 2021

#179 The Law of Attraction Explained and How to Apply It


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“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” – Joseph Campbell

The Law of Attraction is the philosophy that you attract whatever you think of, good or bad. This is honestly a dangerous notion because it disregards life’s circumstances. You see, bad things happen. That is just a fact. But the ability to bounce back, the ability to own the narrative of your life, to be in control of your life, to not be afraid to keep going, is what we need to learn.

You are the law. You are the director. Your habits, what you keep, what you cultivate, will be the ultimate indicator of what your life will be. So what do you do every single day? Is it a true representation of who you are and what you want to become?

In this episode, listen as I talk about how you can start pivoting your life in the direction of becoming who you want to be.


  • You are what you are looking for.
  • The power is not and should not be external to you. You are the law.
  • Becoming aware of what you are doing to yourself is the start of being in control of your life.


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Pete Cohen 0:01
Happy, beautiful day. It is the Mi365 podcast. This is Pete Cohen, your host. Today we're talking about the law of attraction explained and how to manifest what you want. I will see you I will manifest you after the theme tune.

Pete Cohen 0:46
Good day to you. I am super excited to be here with you guys. And the sunlight hurts. Something went wrong. You know what? Because I tell you what, I really do think it's gonna be gonna be a lovely day who thinks is going to be a lovely day? Because then I look at you, which is me looking at myself in the mirror, you know, and the world. The world is alright with me. Come on. Just one look at you. Yeah, and you know, I know it's gonna be Come on, you know, at 10 I know it's gonna be

Pete Cohen 1:27
it's gonna be a lovely day isn't it isn't gonna be a lovely day. Have you ever set the intention out? Yeah, it's gonna be a lovely day. And then all of a sudden, bang. Something happens. And I'm not necessarily talking about a major disaster. I'm not talking about a prognosis. I'm talking to something happens where a thought comes from somewhere who knows where those thoughts come from, but they come of the who knows this? So who knows? I don't know, whoever worked this one out. But it's estimated that we have between 50,080 1000 thoughts I always think to myself, how would the hell did someone where that was someone standing next to someone with a pen and paper and the person would have just had another thought, okay, write that down. Another thought I write that down. Wow, that's a lot of thought. Imagine if they got halfway through. And so Oh, hang on, I got miscounted and start again, whatever it is, thinking is something that we do a lot. And thoughts create emotions and emotions create feelings. Now we're talking about the law of attraction. And this is something which seems to get a lot of people really interested, like I believe in the law of attraction. And I find it really fascinating because I'm just thinking, I don't really I don't get what you're saying most of the time, personally, but this is just me, because ultimately, whatever the law of attraction is, what it means to you. I mean, ultimately, just a series of words, isn't it human beings come up with words law of attraction. So I don't know what that means to you. But I suppose we could always we could always go in Google. It couldn't be I mean, that's that's not a bad place to start law of attraction. Here we go. explained. There we go. Should we see what the what Google comes up with? And also, we can probably see how many searches there are. Oh, wow. 63 million searches. The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into person's life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. Now I like that, who likes that I like that one. That's that works. For me. The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person's life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. But what's positive and what's negative? Well, this is where it really starts to get interesting. And I love to dive into the subjects. But the first thing I want to say straight away. For me personally, the biggest challenge with all of this is that a lot of people see this as something external to them. Like it's something else, like I'm looking at this cup, of which I've just drunk, my second cup of coffee, I'm looking at it. And there is I am not the cup. I'm looking at the cup, the law of attraction from my experience that people will see it as something external to them. And I would say straight away, you are the law of attraction. You are attracting what you are being what does that mean to you? Now look, I don't know everybody. I'm still looking to meet as many people as I possibly can on this, this beautiful earth. I love life. I love people and fascinated by the experience of human beings. You know, and I'm as fascinated about that now as I ever been, you know?

Pete Cohen 4:52
Because this is not a Tony Robbins seminar.

Pete Cohen 5:06
I just think that through listening to what I'm about to say your life could never ever be the same. But the likelihood of that is very unlikely.

Pete Cohen 5:27
So when we look at what's going on what's going on, you know, what's on your mind.

Pete Cohen 5:42
So everything that we do, in the work that we do, it's really all about waking people up to the experience of being themselves. What is that experience like, and being able to look at it not to the point where you are judging it, or criticizing it, it's just that awareness. And I would really encourage us we explore the law of attraction to first off to realize you are the law of attraction, it's not external to you, you are the law, you are the power, you have the same power, as most people have in the world. Most of us are fortunate enough who are listening to this, that we know where the next meal is coming from. We're here, we're in the game of life. And what are we attracting? I think we're attracting what we are being and right now what are you being, you know, what are you being? I don't know, I'm not you. But I would imagine what your being is what you were being yesterday, and what you were being the day before, it's your identity, it's what you identify with, and your identity is a broadcasting station. It's a, it's a magnet. You know, the other day I was with my wife, and we were at Alexandra Palace. And for those of you don't know, Alexandra Palace, was where the first BBC broadcast came, I think it was in 1937. And this is massive kind of aerial that's still there that they've kept it is a listed building. And they were broadcasting to the world. What are you broadcasting to the world? What are you putting out there does energy follow thought? Again, different people have different ideas about this. And, you know, I love to say to people, if you don't believe how you feel, affects everything, look, come on, I'll take you to London, COVID is gone. I take you to Waterloo station, the tube station at eight o'clock on a Monday morning. And you'll see what happens immediately after get into a queue to get on into a tube. And you're getting squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. And then the doors closed, and you're literally in someone's face, and then someone farts and it really starts to smell but you can't move until you get to Canary Wharf and then you realize that everyone's getting off at Canary Wharf apart from you, because you don't do that. You're doing something else, which is truly fun and amazing, which is what you love to do, which is happening at the next stop. Why am I telling you this? Because that happened to me many times. And you think the way that I felt? Can you imagine the relief I felt when people got off the tube? Because what is the most valuable thing that you own? Is it your space? I would say it's definitely one of those things. Some people say their health. And then you look at how they live their life and you go saying one thing and doing another it's it's not where it's at the law of attraction for me is about applying the law. The law of you get what you focus on, you are your thoughts, you manifest through what you're thinking you bring into your life. And you know what I see so many people do, they don't apply the law, but they work hard. I work really hard. But they're not applying the law of the land. You know, the cosmic law. And the way I look at it is the way I look at it, I am not here to tell you that you should be looking at it in the way that I do. Because that's none of my business. The way I look at it is everything I see in nature. You know, my wife and I were looking at new houses at the moment and she's been asking me you know, where do you want to live? I said I want to live around a lot of trees. Basically. I love trees. They're very grounding to me. You know there's something in Japan that is known as forest bathing where these well it's what trees emit a pheromone which is extremely healing to the human body. I mean, this has actually been found, you know, this has been discovered just like it's been discovered that when you move your body, that your body, your muscles secrete what is known as hope molecules.

Pete Cohen 9:35
That we as who I want to be around nature, I am nature I am a part of nature. So it is you this cosmic energy of the land of wood, the Chinese, the five elements, the earth, the wind, the fire, the air, the metal, the water, we are those elements. Without any one of those elements. Life does not exist. I am a part of that you are a part of that I have a power within me, you have a power within. That's how I look at you. It's what are we doing with that power. And it's really, you know, when if you if you've, if you like, I mean, some people know this, because it's so obvious, they haven't had to read personal development books, they haven't had to read, Think and Grow Rich 20 times, which I've probably read it 50 times, some people will take that knowledge and information is there. You know, we did a podcast with Rob Barber, which was awesome. He has he lives in Botswana, and he has literally spent time with what is believed to be one of the oldest tribes in the world, they haven't read this. It's just that knowing that what you're connected to, it's just, unfortunately, you and I live in a world which is pretty crazy. That really does everything in its power to almost stop ourselves from really tapping into the law of attraction. Most of us are attracting what we have been through. So most of us have been through institutions, whether it's school, whether it's religion, in many cases, I think, I'm not saying all aspects of religion, but in many cases, it's I think one of the challenges people live in fear is if they are not the power, the power is external to them. I don't know how deep to go with this, I mean, some people, again, it's just my opinion, and I'm entitled to my opinion, just like you're entitled to your opinion. So you know, people say, Jesus is the Son of God, do you believe that he's the son of God? And if you do, that's your belief. What was he trying to say maybe that we're all sons of God, we're all sons of the energy and the universal life force, which exists, we're all a part of the same thing. No one is better than anybody else. We all have the same potentiality. It's just some of us are a little bit more fortunate than others. Because of maybe the circumstances that we're in, I don't know about you, I'm making the most of the circumstances. So when when we comes to the law of attraction, if you want to deliberately and consciously create your own world, if you want to fulfill your potential, if you want to control your life experience, then understanding the law of law of attraction, I think, is really important. And in what we've kind of already just said here, that you are the law of attraction, that's the first thing I'm asking you to think about. It's not something external, you are that law. And what you're what you're getting right now, what you're attracting into your life is who you were being and who you are being, how much of that do you think is down to choice? I think a lot of people are living a mediocre life, the word mediocre comes from Latin words, which means being caught in the middle of a rugged mountain. And I know a lot of people work hard, work very hard. But they're not applying the law of putting the thoughts out there into the world. You know, you get what you focus on. And all I'm asking you to do that I'm asking you, I'm challenging you is to really think about what you're connected to. So that that just comes back to the whole nature thing. How do you ground yourself every single day? How do you connect yourself to what some people would would call? source? You know, what is it that you do every single day? That it just puts you into a place of power? What is it? Is it meditating? Is it exercise? Is it gratitude? Is it listening to clubhouse? Is it listening to my podcast? Because you don't you know what? I got a feeling of you've got a feeling. And you see the feelings of the broadcast. You know, we think the thoughts are the thoughts on the broadcast. I don't think they are the thing they are the thoughts create emotions, the emotions create feelings. Where do we feel the feelings that night? Or today, tonight? Good. Night. Good, good. yourself right now I feel fantastic. Tell yourself out. There you say I love life go and I say I love life. Say I really love life. Notice where you feel that feel? nice cozy in your head. Where's your stomach? What if we could turn up that feeling double the feeling triple the feeling? What if we could put that feeling down into our toes?

Pete Cohen 14:38
up into our nose into our hands. We could start to push that feeling outside of our body and send it out to the world. Not now but right now.

Pete Cohen 14:52
Yes. So how much of that is a choice to smash it? Oh my god. sometimes difficult.

Pete Cohen 15:07
At what point will you stop that feeling? Well, it's when the thoughts come back in of you telling yourself the story of who you think you are is the narrative. Just take it. It's just the narrative. In so many cases, the narrative of the story that you're telling yourself about who you think you are, and who you think you are, is something he will probably repeat tomorrow, unless you decide to apply the law of attraction by deciding not just what you want, but who you actually want to become, you know, That tonight's gonna be, you know, you need to what we all need to watch our thoughts, because our thoughts turn into actions, our actions turn into our behaviors, our behaviors, perform our habits, our habits, perform our identity, who are you becoming? And really, what is it that you want to attract? So in terms of giving you some practical things to do look, just be more mindful than ever, and really start to think to yourself, if you want, who do you want to become, and what would give you the greatest joy. I personally believe that the purpose of life is to be joyful, is to seek joy. And to follow what Joseph Campbell, who many people know who is responsible for many of the themes in the films that we see where someone is called to an adventure, and adventure where they often don't want to go. But ultimately, every film has a director, and your life is a film, isn't it, that's what your life is right now. And you are the director of that film with every thought that you have, it's directing you to a particular place. And what I would love you to do with a curious mind like never before is to become curious about the thoughts that you're having, where they directing you to, because in most cases, I would imagine, a lot of those thoughts are directing you to a place that you don't want to go. Because what's fascinating about human beings, when we think about somebody want to attract something that we want, most of us can also go down this slippery slope of thinking about the opposite of that happening. What if it didn't happen, I think a lot of people are genuinely scared to put something out there. You know, in the 30 day program that we created, one of those things, one of the the assignments, one of the tasks is to go through Patty doba valskis, draw your future process, that you draw your future out in such a way that you can see it, you can see who you are becoming, you can see and the bold steps that need to be taken every single day. So it's absolutely imperative that you see yourself as the director of your life, what's directing your life is the decision, the decision on who you want to become, and being committed to being that person and communicating with that person. actually having a communication process look, we're not for when we're coming close to winter here, right. And what's going to happen is that it's going to snow probably at some point, not not probably it will snow at some point. And many children or many people will go out in the morning, and there's no there's no tracks in the snow, and they'll get a sledge. And they'll go to the top of the hill, and they'll go down, and you'll see these tracks form and then they'll go up and they'll go down it again, and their tracks will be quite similar to the tracks that were before and then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again. Then they'll do it again, then they'll do it again. And then they'll do it again. Right, and guess what they're gonna create, you know what they're gonna create. You know what they're gonna create. They're gonna create, they're going to create,

Pete Cohen 19:02
they're going to create some groups. And that's life. That's what we do. So many times, we create groups, we create the habit, we create the habit of being ourselves, you know, I wrote a best selling book in 2003, called habit busting. And that book was really it was fascinating ride for me because I was fascinated by my own habits. And understanding that all habits are things that we learn so that we can put them to another place in our brain, that we don't have to think about them. And that first step of just becoming aware of what you're doing to yourself how you're moving through this world and and realizing you are who you are being and that's why Socrates who is still quoted to this day the most important thing in life is to get to know thyself. So here's the magic, right guys, this is what I'd love you to do. And maybe you already know this, but let's start to pivot and pivot What pivoting means is just becoming aware of what your thoughts are doing? Where are those thoughts taking you. And to be so curious about this. And just to realize who's in control here, who's in control, the law of attraction is not something that is external to you. It's how I look at it, you are the law of attraction. Look, if someone had come down to you, before you were just when you were born and whispered in your ear in a way that you would have remembered and said to you, listen, this is what you're going to do. This is your ideal life, your ideal life is finding joy in what you're doing. Your ideal life is following what is known as following your bliss. For those of you that are interested in philosophy, you know, Joseph Campbell, who basically he was the guy who mapped out the hero's journey, someone is called to an adventure, guess what they don't want to go, they get a coach, they get a mentor, something happens, you know, along the way. And we all know that story, right? We all know that story. Everyone knows that story. In Joseph Campbell's work, he talks about in SAM script in Hinduism, there's three words Sat Chit Ananda. Right, and they say the Key of Life is Sat Chit Ananda. So the key the SAT is the being the being the being of you, the chip is living consciously. And the inanda is to follow your bliss. follow your bliss, right. So if you're going to follow your bliss, what is your bliss, when you decide what it is that you want to do who you want to become, it's not necessarily going to be easy, just like Rocky's films. If it was easy, who would watch the film, Rocky wakes up, he trains, he has a fight, he wins array. So you are the director, you are the writer, you are the producer of everything, and is the time like never before to rise up and show the world who you are truly capable of becoming. But the fact is, unfortunately, you live in a bit of a crazy world. See, we're not designed to live in this world. No, this world is killing more people before their time than it needs to. Without care, yeah. So maybe if you were to wake up and to pivot like never before, decide, and this is so important to work this through with someone who can help you. You know, someone human beings aren't very good at doing this on their own.

Pete Cohen 22:58
I think everyone's a little crazy. You know, we get lost in our thoughts our thoughts often take over. But ultimately, who is in control? The real skill is directing your thoughts and deciding to pivot that when thoughts come take ownership of those thoughts? And where are those thoughts directing you? And this is something I really want you just to take a moment to consider. What are you committed to? What in your life right now? Are you committed to? That's the first question. And the second question is, who are you committed to becoming?

Pete Cohen 23:43
Because I really think now guys, it's time to format connection to your inner guidance system, that you have that inner guidance system that just knows.

Pete Cohen 24:01
Come on, through the sky like a tiger loves so much of what we think so much of what we feel it's down to us, right? And if you're ready to take this to a whole new level, then I'm ready to help you. So in summary of what we've been talking about here in terms of the law of attraction, this is based on my opinion, the law of attraction. Basically, if you want to live deliberately and consciously if you want to create your own reality, as Einstein said, reality doesn't exist in the outside world. It exists in your head, and it's recognizing that you have the power to me, the law of attraction is not something external to you, you are the power. It's not something it's not something that's how I look at it. A lot of people would just I know people that would disagree with that. But that's their opinion. I don't we don't have to listen to them. We can listen to ourselves and when we listen to ourselves, we become aware of the narrative of what we're saying to ourselves, and how much of that narrative is affecting how we think feel, and how we who we become, can you change the narrative? Yes, of course you can. It's based on the decision of who you need to be. But if there's trauma, there's something unresolved in your life, maybe that's something you need to deal with first. If you want to be live consciously Do you want to control your life experience than understanding what some people would say the law of attraction is pivotal. You are the law, the law, you are attracting who you are being, who do you want to be. And that's where the work is. And I do still find it fascinating. why so few people want to go down that road, I'm still fascinated by it. And I've maybe I'll always be fascinated by it. And of course, I'm going to blow my own trumpet, you know, because my trumpet is, you know, I like blowing my trumpet. I like talking. I like sharing. But you know what, I love listening, when I listen to what a lot of people have a got from working with me. You know, a lot of you know, I have a 30 day program, it's absolutely free. 6000 people signed up 3.5% of people finished it, they get to the end. Yeah, you know, I could play you let me just play this, as we were working on this. I was working on this this morning.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
It's available, it's a free program, I think it's absolutely something to grab hold of is the best the best opportunity that I found to really kind of focus on my development over quite a short period of time, in quite a structured way. And obviously, with the ideas and support that Pete gives as well, it's, it's something that's that, you know, why wouldn't you do it, I think if you want to change you want to develop, then this is a great way to start. And I've certainly found it very useful. I feel now that I'm much more connected to where I want to go, before I started the program, I I, I knew I wanted to change, I knew that there were things that I wasn't happy with. But I wasn't sure how that was going to happen or where it was I wanted to get to and through doing the 30 days I listen to this

Pete Cohen 26:57
so much more

Unknown Speaker 26:58
focused. And I'm more focused on where the business is going, how I am more disciplined, because I am definitely acting on what I need to do rather than how I'm feeling so less, so much more is getting done. But I'm more clear about where I want to go and where I want to take the business. It's helped me connect to who I am and who I want to become. It's made me feel so much more powerful and and believe in myself for is an investment in you that you will you will take forward into the rest of your life with you. It's absolutely one of the most valuable things I've done for myself, and it was absolutely free.

Pete Cohen 27:46
And anyone can do that program. Anyone? Let's go to EMI 365 dot me is free. And or you can DM me the word kickstart. You know I say this a lot. And I'm not going to stop saying it. Why would I ever stop saying it. I've got 22 and a half minutes of testimonials right in front of me here. I can play all of them to you. Some of you are actually in this room, believe it or not. David Baker's in this room, David Baker is like, you know, he's like the first person that comes into this room. Listen to this. Since

Unknown Speaker 28:18
starting the kickstart a course I have discovered a new drive and determination that was inside me it was like a car just sitting there idling. And now my foot is on the accelerator, I'm on the gas, I am going after my goals I am achieving my daily targets. I am completely focused on my future. In my opinion, the

Unknown Speaker 28:47
number one vehicle that I've seen to get you from where you are to where you want to be with all the assistance you need, with the inspiration with motivation and structure, everything is in place for you to go ahead and achieve it as long as you're willing, which is obviously one of the most important parts you have to be willing. You have to

Pete Cohen 29:02
be willing, right? You have to be willing, anyone can do this. It's not the answer that you're looking for. It's not the answer. It's like the law of attraction. It's not the answer. I say you're the answer. You are what you are looking for. And maybe now more than ever is for you to recognize that you have this power within you to do incredible things. But it all starts with wanting to build starts with being willing to it all starts with that awareness of what is going on the experience of being you. I'd love to help and support you. If you want the 30 day program you can DM me the word kickstart you can message me on Instagram or just go to MI365 dot me like I say it's there it's free. I'm I'm not going to stop in in my relentless my magnificent obsession to help people just like you go from where you are to where you want to be. I want to thank you for listening to the podcast. times it seems I feel there is a higher place guys by the door when you think you can take no more, you want to lay down and just here's what you got to lift your head up, lift your head up high and move your body to the rhythms of blue sky. Put this over who's ready? on everybody. Close your eyes. Come with me. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. I'm moving on up. You want to move up with me? Yeah, come on. Let's do this. We will see you next time for another Mi365 podcast. Take care.


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