Month: January 2022

#186 Why Shelf Development Can Ruin Your Life

Everybody has stumbled upon at least a snippet of self-help books. Millions of resources telling you how you can start improving yourself and listening to peoples’ testimonials about how great they all turned out to be that you start trying out these tips and end up…failing.
In this episode, listen as I dive into self-development and how it can potentially ruin your life if consumed without acknowledging who you truly are.

#185 How to Build Supreme Confidence in 2022

Confidence. Being bold. It requires courage. Hyping yourself up to take on challenges, opportunities. But are you ready to rebel against yourself? Are you ready to embrace oppositions and work on how to overcome them?

In this episode, listen to how you can build supreme confidence and how important knowing who you are can make all the difference in your journey towards who you want to become.

#184 5 Proven Ways to Develop A Growth Mindset

We all want to change something in our lives. Maybe it’s about your health, about your relationships, or wealth but the bottom line is everyone constantly thinks about improving their lives but not everyone commits to it.
In this episode, listen as I talk about how you can develop a growth mindset and how you can fight through and go beyond the honeymoon period of change.