20 May, 2018

Are your people in a cult?

More and more, these days, I am being asked to present on building powerful and positive cultures in organisations in my role as a keynote speaker and coach.

The key to this is always inspiring people and helping them become aware of the existing culture and the impact that has on everyone in the business.

I invite people to consider the difference between having a great strategy and an inspiring culture. From my experience with working with some of the most dynamic organisations in the world, culture always comes first.


The word ‘culture’ comes from the word ‘cult’ and ‘cult’ means to be devoted to a person or a thing. In this case, that thing is your organisation.

So how do we get people to be devoted to an organisation? Your organisation? 

What’s needed isn’t complicated, but it isn’t easy to do. 

It’s all about giving people a different perspective. You see, when people have a different perspective they are able to see, think and feel differently.

People don’t change when you tell them what to do or if they are forced. This failure to recognise the difference – which I see all the time in organisations – is what I call institutional blindness. Any change via this route is always superficial and never followed through.

But, where organisations go to work on the culture, morale increases, people are inspired and everything changes for the better.

As a keynote speaker, I can easily and effectively break down the culture you are looking to manifest and then bring it to life in a presentation. It then becomes easy for everyone to see the importance of the culture you want to create and their individual part in manifesting this throughout the organisation. I can also help you recognise and identify what you are already good at, so you don’t “throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

Great cultures are not built by chance they are built by design. 


It’s imperative for organisations to understand that, fundamentally, people want to be a part of something positive and powerful.The institutional blindness that I see so often, massively damages this and can become an incredibly destructive force within your business. If people don’t feel that they are a part of something, if they feel unsupported, undervalued and under-appreciated, they have no reason to help you achieve your goals.

How do I know this? Well after spending 25 years of my life working with organisations the impact of culture is where I see the most direct correlation with organisational success.

Culture can be changed for the better and will have massive impact on people’s productivity and well-being.


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