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The New Dawn Of Leadership

There is a strange myth that has developed around the concept of leadership. It seems to be viewed as a magical power that is granted to a select few at birth so that, at the right time, they can appear and influence history. It certainly seems that way when you consider the great leaders of the 20th Century. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther [...]

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Doing what I do best

For many years I have had the pleasure of representing organisations as a keynote speaker and a coach. Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of a brand new initiative that the awesome company Willmott Dixon are launching. It’s always a great pleasure to be a part of something like this, as it has the potential to have a massive impact on [...]

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Your Company’s Future NOW

If you are a leader in business, you will be only too familiar with the challenges to have a clear and tangible view of where you are going. Sure, you will have made sure you have a mission and a vision and a strategy – values too, if you are a good organisation – but how do you turn those posters on the wall into something [...]

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