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Becoming a SPARTAN!

In the 4th century BC they were the most feared and revered men on Earth, their reputation went before them and their legend has lived on long after them. They are of course the Spartans, men with untold mental and physical strength. Whose power and prowess has been attributed to 4 core values every man lived by: Temperance – having restraint and delaying gratification; Prudence – the ability to make good judgements; Courage – [...]

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Adopting the Magnificent Seven!

“In order to have health, you must first earn health” – Dr Robert Rakowski Too many of us take our health for granted, or seek a silver bullet solution. In reality good health is far more complex than simply the absence of disease. Health impacts almost every aspect of our lives – how we work, play, think and our relationships. Thus improving ones health requires a lifestyle change takes into account all aspects [...]

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NEVER Planning to Retire?

In our 20s and 30s thoughts of retirement are few and fleeting, by our 40s and 50s we start to worry about how we are going to plan and pay for our “golden years”, by our 60s we are wishing the days away until those magical years are upon us. Yet in a decade or two retirement could be a thing of the past, as people carry on working for longer as we simply [...]

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