The Wounded Leader

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ztd6HYNaZg Leading a successful business can often feel like a battle. You are at war with the competition; you are fighting to provide the best service for ever-more demanding customers; your people – who are supposed to be your foot soldiers – seem to be dragging their feet instead of battling along side you. No wonder leaders feel wounded! In so many of the organisations I’ve been asked to work with, [...]

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The Ultimate Brand Loyalty

Are you an Apple person, or an Android person? Lotus or Ferrari? Boots or Superdrug? Sainsbury’s or Waitrose? Ask anybody questions like this and you’ll usually get an emphatic answer in one direction or another. For decades, marketing research has been seeking out the answer to ‘why people buy what they buy;‘ why they attach themselves to particular [...]

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