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Why your people are not engaged!

“In most organisations, a maximum of 20-30% of people are engaged.” That’s the ball park figure and its not what any leader wants to hear. At least 70% of your teams come to work, do what they need to do to meet performance standards and go home knowing they haven’t done their best work.

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Adding 10% to your bottom line

Every business is looking for the edge on how to be more profitable. The amazing thing is that there is one thing which has been shown again and again to improve the financial performance of businesses by at least 10%. Yet the vast majority of organisations don’t do it.

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Motivation doesn’t work!

How do you get the best out of people? Take 20 minutes to read this post and watch the two videos to transform the way you see and understand motivation and how to get the best out of yourself and your people.

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The New Dawn Of Leadership

There is a strange myth that has developed around the concept of leadership. It seems to be viewed as a magical power that is granted to a select few at birth so that, at the right time, they can appear and influence history.

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Doing what I do best

For many years I have had the pleasure of representing organisations as a keynote speaker and a coach. Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of a brand new initiative that the awesome company Willmott Dixon are launching.

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Your Company’s Future NOW

If you are a leader in business, you will be only too familiar with the challenges to have a clear and tangible view of where you are going.

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Getting Better In Business

It has been a busy month in Sport. The World Cup, Wimbledon, The British Grand Prix, The Tour de France and, next week, The Open. I made some predictions in this week’s Coffee Cup Coaching session and I was wrong but I still believe “it’s coming home”.

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Who is Pete Cohen?

I am a world-renowned speaker who loves to inspire people to see things from new perspectives and dedicate themselves to their own development, both personally and professionally.

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An Introduction To Coffee Cup Coaching With Pete Cohen

Take ten minutes to grab a cup of coffee and invest in your own development. Each week I’ll be bringing you coffee-cup’s worth of coaching. I’ll give you new perspectives and bring you the combined wisdom of the brightest and the best business leaders in the world.

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Are you stuck?

“It was all going so well! We have our vision, our mission and our strategy. We’ve got the organisational values, up on the wall. We’ve spent several months on the business plan and now its been published.

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