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Boost Your Greatness in 3 Simple Steps

The desire for greatness is innate in people but not everyone achieves it because there are those who think they are incapable of being eminent. However, we can all be notable as Zig Ziglar once said, “You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

Greatness is a state of being above the ordinary and with it comes a distinction that people look up to. This quality of being distinguished can be synonymous to the impact one has made on the lives of others. It can give meaning to one’s life and a sense of fulfillment.

Furthermore, it gives you a sense of importance. It adds value to your self-worth since you have accomplished something others were not able to do. These are some of the reasons why people aspire to be great.

Although people dream of greatness not everyone achieves it primarily because they think that who they are is who they are going to be. They feel they were not born to be great and lack the capacity for greatness. They are unaware of the choices they have.

We all have the potential to be great. The key is to choose and decide to be one. Read on and tap into the greatness within you.

How to boost your greatness

Step 1. Know your goal, your future self

If you want your greatness to shine through, then you must first have a vision of your future self. Who do you want to be a year or even two or three years from now? What kind of life would you be living in five years?

Learn to prospect about your future. Do not limit yourself to who you are now or who others want you to be. Think of all the possibilities. Reflect on yourself, know your talents and passion. Create a picture of your future self. Do you like what you see? Does it make you excited?

This vision now becomes your goal. It gives you direction and motivation to take the right path towards accomplishing your dreams. It helps you endure life’s challenges. Goals channel your commitment and energy positively.

Identifying your future self also means you need to be aware of the choices you have. You can choose whatever future you want to have for yourself. You also have the choice whether to act and take control of your life or remain a victim of circumstances.

Greatness needs diligence, sacrifice and determination. The road to greatness is not easy and you need to be willing to do all that is required. You must overcome the desire for immediate pleasure and remember that the greatest rewards come later.

Learn to master your mind and body. Control your thoughts and your feelings and have the discipline to follow through. If you allow your body to control your mind, chances are you will easily give in to instant gratification and lose your way. Developing a different mindset, a champion’s mindset is a path to greatness.

Look at the great leaders, the best athletes or artists, and the most successful people in business. They all accomplished their goals because they were willing to put in the effort. They practiced and worked for hours on end even when they felt tired. They were fully committed to who they wanted to be.

Step 2. Invest one percent of your day

The second simple step to boost your greatness is to invest one percent of your day to improve yourself. This means you need to devote fourteen minutes and 20 seconds every single day to things that would help you become a better person.

The given one percent is only a minimum you can still increase the time you allocate to self-improvement. What is important is to make sure you give yourself at least fourteen minutes a day to enhance yourself as this is the best investment you can ever make.

You can learn new skills or develop those you already have. Enroll in courses, attend seminars, or simply talk to persons who can help you make your craft better. A new skill set can lead to more opportunities for greatness.

Never stop learning nor reinventing yourself. If you have achieved your goal, then develop an even better target. Sometimes life throws us off balance and we struggle. This is not the moment to give up. It is another opportunity for us to be better. Gain the knowledge you need to achieve the new goals.

In addition, good health is critical for your greatness to emanate. Exercising, meditating, or writing in a journal are activities that may seem insignificant, but these can have tremendous effects on your well-being. Good mental and physical health is important in achieving your goals.

A sound mind allows you to think clearly and decide better while physical health gives you the strength to do the needed tasks and endure adversities. Additionally good health gives you the ability to witness the results of all your endeavors.

Habits affect our overall health. It is therefore crucial for you to stop habits that adversely lead to poor health and start the ones that lead you to greatness. The Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app makes changing habits simpler.

You can download this app on you APPLE or ANDRIOD phones. Thousands have already used the app and have been successful with their intentions. They have changed their lives for the better through this app.

Good habits like drinking enough water, avoiding sugar, sleeping at the right time, having time to unwind all contribute to better health. You must always take care of your body to have the energy to do great work.

Investing in people who support you is also necessary. Having good relationships with people who can help you fulfill your goal is important. They can further motivate you and inspire you to do better most particularly during challenging times. They help you reach your full potential by allowing you to focus on your strengths and giving you different perspectives.

Step 3. Give back to others

Giving back to others gives you more fulfillment and happiness. Making a difference in their lives can be your true greatness. Support individuals and help them achieve their greatest aim.

There are always people in worse conditions than you. These people need help. Share what you can with them. Inspire them to be the best they can be no matter how challenging their situations are. Teach them what you know. Share your perspective. Do whatever you can to uplift their lives.


Make an impact and leave a legacy that people will value forever because that is greatness.

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