Can You Be So Excited That Nothing Will Stop You?

5 Dec, 2019

Can You Be So Excited That Nothing Will Stop You?

Creating a vision of 2020 that makes you feel like a kid at Christmas.

Do you remember looking forward to Christmas when you were a small?

From around this time onwards, you’d be looking forward to all the exciting things that were going to happen. You’d be hoping to get a part in the nativity play and, when you did, spent hours practicing the words to all the carols and wandering round the house with a tea-towel tied to your head. You loved looking at all the lights in the shops and on Christmas Eve you simply couldn’t bear the suspense of  it all. It was the one night of the year when you might go to bed early – just to make the day come quicker.

The idea of Christmas was with you the whole time, you firmly believed it would be the best day ever and you just loved it all.

All grown up!

When you think of goals now, how do you feel? Do you have that same sense of excitement? Is your mind full of what it will be like? Do you endlessly prepare yourself for it – practising and learning and dedicating yourself to what needs to be done?


Most people don’t. We have lost that ability to feel so excited by our future that we don’t mind doing the work it takes to get there. We have lost the ability to believe and to imagine what it will feel like when the big day comes.

What happened? Why, as we grew up, did we stop seeing a future full of promise?

Rekindle your inner child.

Having the vision of your future that is so compelling that you just can’t wait is the key to success. If you can imagine what your life will be like when you achieve your goals, if you can see it and feel it and get excited, the steps you need to take to get there won’t seem so daunting.

If you can feel like a child at Christmas, the journey will be fun – not just a chore.

I’m not suggesting that you tie a tea-towel round your head (unless that works for you – in which case, go ahead) but if you can spend five minutes every day creating that same sense of excitement for the goals you have set for yourself, then you are going to love every moment of getting them.

Go on – I dare you. In fact, I double-dare you!!

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