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Change Your Life in 13 Simple Steps

Have you ever felt like your existence has become too mundane and have lost hope that things will get better? Are you aware that you can change your life no matter what circumstances you are in right now? You can make slight changes every single day and lead a fantastic life.

Everyone wants a better life and to be part of something meaningful. You can make that happen if you choose to. You have choices. You can repeatedly do what you have done each day and continue to get what you have always got, or you can be better and even impact the lives of others.

All you need to do is to take the first step and keep moving toward the life you want, but what do you really want in life? Do you know who you want to be? Imagine yourself three or five or even ten years from now, who would that person be? Is he living the life you want?

Is he someone happier, wealthier and with better health? Is he enjoying the fruits of all his endeavors? Has he impacted the lives of others? Is he living a more meaningful life than your present self?

If you have decided on the person you want to be then continue the path that will bring you closer to meeting your future self. Turn your vision into reality by taking these thirteen simple steps.

1. Begin with the end in mind.

Begin with the end in mind simply means to always remember your vision of your future self and the impact you want to make. Life’s struggles can be overwhelming at times that you forget who you want to be. Your future self takes a backseat as you get distracted with what the world wants you to be.

You lose sight of who you truly are. Often, you do not have the courage to express your uniqueness because you are afraid of being rejected. If this happens the better version of your future self slowly fades away.

You will still meet your future self even if this happens, but who will that person be? He will not be the person you wanted to be. He will be the same person as your present self only older and perhaps physically and mentally weaker and even full of regrets so always think of the person you want to be.

2. Be aware.

Be aware of where you are and what you have done. How is your current self? What kind of life are you living? Take ownership for what you have done to yourself but do not blame yourself.

Realising where you currently are will help you determine the next course of action and likewise avoid committing mistakes that you have previously done. An unbiased assessment of your life prevents you from ruminating and keeps you aligned with your vision of the future.

3. Love your future self.

Love and care for your future self. Treat him as another person because if you do not, you will never be the person you want to be. Research has shown that when you have empathy and a connection to your future self you can improve both your present and future life.

Being connected to your future self means you are guided by him. You consider him in every action you make. You will not do things, nor make decisions that can harm you or your future.

You will strive to be the person you want to become. You will not be distracted by the small pleasures, rather you will be daring enough to express your true self and go for the big rewards which come later on.

Spend a few minutes each day and think about what your future self wants you to do.

4. Be committed.

Be committed to becoming the person you want to be. Having the commitment to your future self means you know what your priorities are and you stick to them, no matter how hard it may be.

When you prioritize bringing your future self into fruition then you get in the game. You take every step that is required and make the necessary sacrifices. You overcome resistance and persevere to accomplish your goals.

Goals will remain to be goals if you do not act to achieve them.

5. Change habits.

Changing habits is crucial to having a better life. Habits are what you do every day, and you do them quite automatically or without thinking. There are habits that are beneficial and there are those that limit you from having the life you want.

What you do today greatly affects your future. What kind of life would you have if you kept smoking, procrastinating, and spending limitless hours scrolling through your phone?

 How about when you give yourself time to exercise or read a book, avoid sweets, or get eight hours of sleep? What would these habits result in? What will happen over time if you keep doing these habits every day?

Everything you do no matter how small or minute of a task it is will have compounding effects when you do them every day so make sure that your habits are those that benefit both your present and future self.

Changing habits can be difficult to do but it is made simpler with the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app. You can download it whether you have an android phone or an iPhone.

Thousands of lives have been transformed through this app as it equips you with the knowledge you need to be better. It lets you track your progress and provides you with a supportive community.

6. Have a doable timetable or a to do list each day.

Big goals can be overwhelming at times. The trick is to break them down to mini goals. Set tasks that you can do each day. Make sure they are achievable within the day otherwise you will end up with a load of unaccomplished ones that leave feeling frustrated and unmotivated.

Write them down. Create a timetable or a list and post it where you can easily see it. Do each task on the list and cross them out once they are done. Give yourself short breaks after accomplishing each task.

This re-energizes your body and refocuses your mind on the other tasks that need to be done. Once everything on the list is done celebrate to further motivate you to accomplish more. Celebration can simply be treating yourself to a good rest or a few minutes of leisure time.

7. Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Gratefulness is being thankful for the things that we have or have received. It allows us to celebrate the goodness in life. Being grateful makes you see things in a more positive light.

It gives you hope as you change your perspective from thinking why terrible things happen to you to looking at them as opportunities to grow and learn. You look at the glass as half full and not half empty.

Gratitude uplifts your spirit and gives you hope. It helps you show how much you appreciate people around you and thus form better relationships with them.

8. Meditate

Practice meditation each day to help you relax and focus. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress. It also improves your ability to think. It can help you have better mental and physical health.

Studies have shown that meditation positively affects your mind and body so set a time and place to regularly mediate and reap its benefits. Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable and safe location when you meditate.

It gives you hope as you change your perspective from thinking why terrible things happen to you to looking at them as opportunities to grow and learn. You look at the glass as half full and not half empty.

Gratitude uplifts your spirit and gives you hope. It helps you show how much you appreciate people around you and thus form better relationships with them.

9. Keep a journal

Write in a journal. It is a way for you to reflect on what happened during the day. You become more aware of what you have accomplished, the mistakes you have done, and the lessons you have learned.

Writing down what you have experienced during the day allows you to process and acknowledge your feelings and thoughts better. It helps you overcome your negative emotions. As with meditation, journaling has been found to have multiple health benefits.

It has been found to decrease blood pressure and increase immunity.

10. Smile

Smiling is a simple yet very contagious act. It can uplift a person’s mood and creates a chain reaction of positivity. When you smile at another person, he or she typically smiles back at you. Happiness spreads through a mere smile.

Smiling releases endorphins or the happy hormones in your brain. This in turn reduces blood pressure, stress, and pain. It strengthens the immune system.

Start making the world a happy place. Make it a point to smile several times a day. You can smile at yourself in the mirror or at every person you come across, even if they are strangers.  

11. Do random acts of kindness every day.

Doing random acts of kindness likewise is another way to spread positivity and happiness around. Just like smiling, a single act of kindness can result in multiple acts of goodness.

People often return the favor or do acts of kindness to other persons when someone has shown them kindness. Showing kindness to others can be as simple as completing a person, giving someone a seat at the bus, sending a message of thanks.

There are numerous ways to show kindness. Start doing them now and who knows perhaps that simple act of kindness that you do can greatly impact someone else’s life.

12. Upskill

Upskilling or learning new skills can change your life for the better. Gaining new knowledge can land you the dream job that you have been wanting.

It is a way of investing in yourself. The greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself, so look for ways to increase what you already know. Take short term courses, talk to reliable people. Never stop learning and improving on yourself.

13. Reinvent yourself.

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world therefore to adapt to changing times we must always reinvent ourselves. You should never stop at one goal.

Once you have reached your initial goal, develop new ones that you can pursue. As humans we were meant to grow and improve and not remain stagnant.

You can be anyone you want to be so long as you keep growing and envisioning a better future for yourself.

You do not have to keep living the life you do not want. You can change your life if you reinvent yourself and work towards the person you want to become.

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