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Feel Good Factor
A Must For Today’s Businesses

Feel good factor has been defined as a quality in something that makes people happy and positive about their lives. It is when people are feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future. The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Great Resignation has made companies realise the importance of the feel-good factor.

The pandemic has changed the way people work. Lockdowns have forced people to work from home and have minimal social interactions. Working from home gave people the flexibility to work anywhere and anytime but also minimised physical social interactions.

The Great Resignation started in the US in 2021. Many people resigned from their jobs for several reasons like limited career advancement opportunities, negative working environments, no work-life balance, job dissatisfaction.

These two conditions made people rethink their future and career goals. People wanted more than just a salary. Companies realized that to keep the manpower they need and make them perform at high levels, they needed to focus on their employees’ wants and needs as well.

What people want

What do people want to be more productive? Is money the only consideration for one to work more?

Money is not the ultimate thing that motivates people to work better but it is a factor. There are three key factors that drive human beings to perform at high levels. These three domains are better health, better relationships with families and colleagues and have improvements in their work.

People at work want autonomy and to feel that they can be themselves. People want to feel that there is a purpose in what they do, and to be better at it.  People want to do more and be part of something greater. We as human beings are goal driven and want a sense of growth, without growth life can be meaningless.

People also want to feel valued and connected. People need to be recognised to further motivate them to act better and love the work they do. Likewise, each person is a social being and as such everyone needs to interact and collaborate with others. This gives us a better sense of our purpose and makes us thrive better.

Why is it good for business

When people feel good or are happy in their work they perform better and become more productive. The higher the productivity of employees the greater revenue the business will have and the more it will thrive in challenging times.

People who are more satisfied with their jobs have fewer absences and are less unlikely to resign. Minimal manpower turnover results in lesser costs in training new hires or looking for new employees. Fewer absences mean lower sickness compensation cost. Both these two factors alone lead to a more stable and continuous production.

How to achieve the feel-good factor

First and foremost, companies must lead with a vision of where the business and the people in it are going to be. Companies have vision statements, but people often do not see or associate themselves with the statements. If people do not connect themselves to the vision, then there is only discretionary effort. They have no empathy for the person the organization wants them to be.

People need to see a future in the business that they are in because they want to be part of something, a legacy. People want to be effective in the company and leave it in a better place than when they came in. If people see a clearer goal for them within the business then they will be more engaged and act toward that goal.

Companies must likewise prioritise employees emotional, mental, and physical well-being. People have higher job satisfaction when they are valued and appreciated. Appreciating and valuing employees gives them a sense of fulfillment and motivation to do more. It lessens the occurrence of mental health issues like depression and anxiety because they see the value in what they do.

Emotional, mental, and physical well-being can be achieved through change in mindset and habits, but this must start from the leaders down to the rest of the employees. People must change the way they see things, from a negative standpoint to one of positivity. We need to look at challenges as things happening for us rather than to us.

Positivity helps us control our negative emotions. It helps us deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Positivity gives us hope and a better view of the future. We are more motivated to work if we know that something better awaits us.

Practicing the habit of gratitude is another way by which people can have a more positive outlook in life. Gratitude allows one to focus on what he has and what he can do and not on what he does not have or cannot do. Gratitude increases the feeling of happiness. The happier the person is the better he will perform.

Supportive programmes like having a venue where people can air their grievances and negative emotions helps them cope better with stress. Business leaders must not only listen to what employees say but they must also act on those concerns. Acting on people’s concern makes them feel valued and increasing one’s capacity to deal with stress helps one to be more productive.

Physical well-being also affects performance. Poor health leads to absences from work and underperformance. Physical fitness can be achieved simply by stopping and starting habits. Having a place where people can spend their breaktime or after office hours for exercise or yoga helps people develop the habit of exercising.

Exercise benefits the mind and body. Increased exercise results in a happier and more positive mindset. Exercise also increases one’s energy level and if one has more energy, productivity will likewise be higher.

Starting healthy habits can improve one’s health and productivity. Having a supportive group can make it easier for people to start and develop new habits. It inspires people to commit to their goals and be better.

Strategies like the Stop One Start One challenge makes habit forming easier. If you want to know more about Start One stop One, then click on the link.

People need personal and professional development. People want to grow and learn more. Companies can provide seminars and symposiums where they can learn more and improve on their craft. This further gives them the motivation to do more and aspire for greater things.

They can hire a coach to guide people. Most people do not know how to nor cannot deal with challenges. Having a guide helps employees find the right path to where they want to be. The right coach can inspire people to act and be better.

These added activities can improve a person’s productivity because they know they have something to look forward to, and that they have a community that supports and values them.

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