15 Jul, 2018

Getting Better In Business

It has been a busy month in Sport. The World Cup, Wimbledon, The British Grand Prix, The Tour de France and, next week, The Open.

I made some predictions in this week’s Coffee Cup Coaching session and I was wrong but I still believe “it’s coming home”.

As sports psychologist I have worked to get the best out of top athletes and teams on numerous occasions. What I have discovered is that getting the best out of people in business requires just the same as getting the best out of a sporting team.

So what is it that makes people operate at their best and do the hard work it takes to be a top performer?

Actually, it is easier than you might think.

People want to get better. It is an innate desire in us all. Nobel prize-winner Szent-Gyorgyi defined syntropy as a force which causes living things to reach “higher and higher levels of organization, order and dynamic harmony.”

Everyone is looking for ways to improve, things to learn and ways to get better.

And the first step is to choose to get better – and then to take action.

Here are 4 steps for you to take to take you forward:

1. Watch this Roger Federer video some time ago and make notes. What can you learn from this?

2. What one thing do you want to work on and get better at in yourself

3. What one thing could you do every day that will help you get better at this.

4. At the end of each day, review what went well and what needs work.

I’d love to know how it goes for you, so please post below with your experience.


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