15 Nov, 2022

How to Become Supernatural


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“Whatever man can conceive and believe, man can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Are you supernatural? Would you answer this question the same as most people would respond and say, “No, I’m just me, there is nothing special about me.”

What if I told you that you can be supernatural and that you can do great things? We can all be supernatural.

 Supernatural is attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. It is when we do something super incredible, but we often do not realize some of the incredible things we have done. We tend to dismiss things we cannot explain.

If you want to be supernatural, then listen as I reveal the insights to harness your powers. Be driven by the joy and inspiration of the possibilities that exist for you to transform and live the extraordinary life you desire.


⚡️ Having a big why does not necessarily produce the supernatural ability for human beings to do incredible things.

⚡️ The brain is supernatural in that it can record the past as well as predict the future.

⚡️ To become supernatural, you must decide who you want to be and do what it takes to be that person and have what he has.

🔥 Our supernatural abilities:

  • to breathe and transcend
  • to transform oneself
  • to change the way we think
  • to prospect and see something which does not actually exist
  • to think greater than we feel
  • to change our environment

Important stories:

🎯  5:19  My wife is supernatural and defies the odds.

🎯 14:03 Someone opened his mind to possibilities

🎯 19:32 A story about Buddha

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Happy, beautiful, amazing day. It is the Future Self Podcast. Today's podcast is called How To Become Supernatural. I'll see you after the theme tune.


the great things that are expecting from my Hey, hello, good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon happy beautiful, amazing day. Thank you so much for joining me for the podcast. This is episode something very large 400 and below it's awesome. Thank you. We love putting this content out there into the world. The Future Self Podcast is dedicated to really help people give a different perspective of the future, but more importantly, who they could be. Who was it that said what man can be he must be. It was Abraham Maslow I'd love to have been in the room when he said that for the first time. Because of all the things that anyone has ever said. I think that's got to be right up there in terms of the things that I love the most I always I will also love. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. I've actually been quoted in a book and I've been quoted as saying that I have said it but I don't know if I was the first person to say it. I also love What Got You Here Won't Get You There. I also love a great life doesn't happen by chance it happens by design. I also love you don't get what you want. You get what you feel you deserve or you get what you believe you deserve. I also love whatever man can conceive and believe man can achieve. Now, apparently that was a think it might have been Henry Ford or Napoleon Hill. Someone said it. I'm saying it right now. Now with that quote, it doesn't say what man can what man can conceive he can achieve? No. Everybody can conceive something, right? Everybody can. And when we look at what being super natural actually is, well, one of the places I often like to start with, you know words is Well where does that word come from? It has a few different definitions. It has a biblical definition, but it's attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding, or the laws of nature. super natural when we do something super incredible. Now, our world is amazing. I don't know when the last time you actually stopped and thought wow, the world is a pretty amazing place. Like for example, we've just had the most incredible heat here in the UK. It's the hottest I can ever remember the UK being and the much of the land was burnt, pretty much water drying up. And then literally I'm looking outside right now and there's been quite a lot of rain and the greenery has come back. It's amazing. And that's just what we can see. But there's parts of nature that we can't see. Or at least we can't see with the naked eye. That this wonderful world that we live in that works in the way that it works. You know it was working for us, right? That we have this thing called life and actually let's just look at that definition of life. What is life? Well, life is the space between being born and dying. And my friend used to say, there's the two most important days of your life. The day you were born and the day you work out why? Maybe I think there's a third day.


I think the third day is when you work out what you're going to do when you work out who because you might have a you know, great congratulations on being born and congratulations to getting to this point in your life. And that's amazing. That was supernatural just being born right? I mean, you just think of the chances of that. It's incredible that you're here. Congratulations. Welcome to planet earth. And maybe now your you know, your big why like Simon Sinek talks about you know, it's all about your why. Personally I think that's massively overrated. I've had so many people talk to me about their wise. Yeah, they don't do very much different to what they did before. They've got a massive why but it doesn't necessarily produce the supernatural ability for human beings to do incredible things. What's the most incredible thing you've ever done? Well, one of them is being born. One of them is still being here to this day, and I'm sure many other things that you've done that maybe you don't realize was supernatural, that maybe you can't really explain it and what people tend to do when we can't explain something, is they dismiss it. Like my wife right now. It will be dismissed by so many people in the medical community. She is an anonyme she is a freak of nature. Maybe she wouldn't like it if I said that. But she, I mean, literally she was cast off to die 12 years ago, right. She was given 18 months to live. They didn't tell her that they told me that. We found a treatment in America. We went to America many of you have listened to this podcast. You know, you've you've heard this story before. But just because you've heard the story before it doesn't mean hearing it again will give you a different perspective of it. But you know, we looked outside the box we we my wife started massively consuming a mushroom which I believe this mushroom is super natural. I think if you look at nature, and you look at what mushrooms do, and if you don't believe me, just go and watch one of the documentaries fantastic fungi, or the six ways which mushrooms will change the world and you realize, wow, these things are really supernatural. They can kill, they can heal. They can make you hallucinate that. There's something supernatural going on. And that was one of the things that she consumed it which obviously had an effect on her. But it was what my coach said, Mike, when my coach said to me, ask her what she's going to do when she gets better. I didn't ask her that question for three years. But I think one of the most supernatural things that she ever did was start seeing a future beyond where she was because I didn't ask her the question. For three years. She made a miraculous recovery. I then asked her what you're going to Raphael asked me to ask you what you're going to do when you get better. And she started crying and at that point, because I was a bit ignorant to how we all view the future. I thought she didn't see a future. That's why she cried. But that's nonsense. Of course. She said a future may what would the hell was I thinking when I look back at myself and think, wow, how could you think such a silly thing that she wasn't she was cool. She was thinking about a future, but she was seeing a future that didn't go very far and probably scared the living daylights out of her. But together, we decided to invest in a future that we didn't even know. Together. We decided to draw our future. And then I Googled how to draw your future. And if you ever Google that, you'll see Patti Dobrowolski who's become one of my best friends millions of people have seen her TED talks, the supernatural ability that human beings have to connect. I mean, even when I talk about this, it's hard to prove it or anything. People have their own understanding of this. Some people aren't aware of it. Some people are but what are the supernatural capabilities that we all have? Are we all connected? Of course we are. We're all made of the same stuff, right? And when you dream of a future that you don't even know that's happened yet. How do you create that this is part of what I want to talk to you about today? Are you supernatural? Most people would say well, what do you mean by that? No, I'm just me. There's nothing special about me. It's fascinating when we look at ourselves and we look at we are a part of this thing called Planet Earth. And we have the ability to do great things, was the greatest thing you've ever done. I don't know. It'd be great to have that conversation with you. But let's dive into this. Let's really look at what are the most supernatural things you could do? Well, you could breathe. I think breathing is a supernatural thing. It's incredible how we breathe, and then all of a sudden, our body is energized by that and if you just took a slightly deeper breath


then you looked inside at all your organs and your blood and your nervous system. And all of the space in between everything. You see one thing you see possibility and I asked you with the Future Self Podcast and everything that we do. Do you want to become more supernatural? Do you want to be driven by pain, desperation, disaster crisis? Or do you want to be driven by joy and inspiration of the possibilities that exist for you to transform to transform oneself? What does that mean? Let's just take a look at the moment. Take a look at yourself. Look in the mirror and see just look at you. Look at you look at different you are I mean you might have aged I mean we're all aging. But look how different you are to the person that you've that you once were. You are not the person that you were. It's incredible when we actually just take a moment to think about it. Don't know whether you can hear that clock ticking in the background. At clock. My great grandfather bought that in the late 1890s. And it's ticking away. That's what's happening to time for us. It's it's taken away. I'm really just curious. So curious. If we want to look at ourselves make a change. And as I hear this song, it reminds me of a friend of mine who who died way before his time. He died of a brain tumor. Just like my wife. He became one of my best friends in the whole world. And I spoke at his funeral. I couldn't believe that they asked me to speak at his funeral. And of course this was the song and we all know the lyrics right? It was to eat see that? A sphere guy and the one they follow each other. They got nowhere to go and the why no one standing asking him to change his ways to change your ways. I suppose that's the biggest challenge that we have. And when we look at what is being supernatural, I would say it's our ability to change the way that we think it's to change the way that we feel it's to reinvent ourselves is to become a different person. I mean right now your body is becoming a different person. Your body is breaking down. Every two, three years you have a whole new system. Your system is incredible. It is supernatural. In my mind. That's why we're still here here on this earth. Because humans found a way we found a way to survive. And I want to dive into this becoming supernatural because I think it all starts off with this. Do you think that the way that you think has some effect on your life? If you are a believer of that? Didn't just acknowledge it. Right? Yep. Did you wake up this morning and consciously start to create a future that you want? Yes or no. Some people? Yes. Some people No, no.


It's just where you just go on autopilot. You just do exactly the same thing that you did yesterday. Your gaze of the future. Is today is tomorrow and can't wait for the weekend. Now there's nothing wrong with that. But if I told you that I would give you 5 million pounds in cash. If you came around to my house every single day. And all you had to do was just knock on the door every day at that you pick the time, but it has to be the same time. How many of you would you just wouldn't miss a day? You would 100% be there? Because, you know you'd look at yourself in the mirror and say right if I'm going to get 5 million pounds from Pete Cohen for knocking on his door every day for a year. I'm going to do it. Would you miss a day? No, of course you wouldn't miss a day. Why? Because you know it to be true. You'd probably start to imagine that you'd have that 5 million pounds. And it's yours. When you can see it and then you start thinking about all the things that you could do with that money. Yesterday I was talking to someone who was involved. He was being scammed and he kind of worked out quite quickly but he went along with the scam and the person who claimed to be the king of somewhere in the middle east. I'm gonna give you all of this and in his mind, he started to create this fantasy he started to see his life with this wonderful opportunity and he knew he was being scammed at the same time. He was really thankful for the fact that this opportunity opened his mind. Is that not supernatural? One of the most supernatural things that a human being will ever do is the ability to seek something which doesn't actually exist. I mean, it's crazy that we have that ability and many of us have done it before. We've imagined something that hasn't happened. And we know that parts of the brain most people know that the brain doesn't actually know. The brain doesn't actually know. Or the body doesn't know this is really when it gets really we can go so deep into this if you want. The body doesn't know the mind doesn't know let's just look at it like this. What's the difference between something that's happened and something that hasn't happened? Well, if I said to you can you remember a holiday that you've been on? Some of you that might be a bit of hard work because for some people, they haven't been on a holiday for a long time because of certain things that have happened in this world. But if you took a moment you could remember you can remember what you saw and heard and felt as if you were already there again. That's pretty amazing. Is that supernatural? Or is that just memory? Well, I think memory is a supernatural thing. This brain that you have that can be a record of the past, but your brain can also be a prediction machine, a prospecting machine, supernatural ability to see something in the future. And then to convince your nervous system to convince your unconscious which is your body, that you feel a future that hasn't happened yet. Imagine going on a holiday that you've never been on. Imagine going to a beautiful island paradise and it's crystal clear blue water, the sun is beating down on your face, and you're drinking this ice cold water and you're sipping it through a straw and you're thinking Life is beautiful. And as you think that you feel that you look up to the sky and you see a seagull and the seagull kind of looks at you and goes and it shifts itself and that shit lands straight on your face and lands in your water. Now I have to spoil something that you were saying because you have an imagination. And it is amazing that we all have this ability, this supernatural ability, but why don't we use it in the way that we could? I think a lot of it is to do with fear. I might be wrong. I could be wrong. I could be right. I actually think a lot of it is to just do to do with fear and having an idea that who we are as who we're always going to be. I remember listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza talking about that when we're 30 from the time we're about 35 years old 95% of who we are is just a very much set of conditioned responses and just ways that we think and act this is who we are. So if you want to change you 5% of you is going up against 95% of you. The 5% of you that wants to change come on. I want to get fit I want to be healthy. I want to start a business or want to write a book on all these things that you might want to do or but we'll look at that in a moment. So you're going up against yourself. You're going up against your former self and if you go up against your former self who wins come on who wins who wins Come on.


95% at a time, you know who's gonna win? Is this the person you think that you are as the person you've practice being? It's your identity, it's your personality. It's the story that you're telling yourself, and this might not apply to you but you know how many people that apply today. That's why what 90% of people who join a gym, they won't be there next year. The amount of people that start a course of the 10,000 plus people that signed up to our free 30 Day Program. are 3% of people completed it. Napoleon Hill was right you know when he talks about Think and Grow Rich. What he was really talking about was the supernatural ability to think greater than you feel, to think things into existence and then do the work to make it happen is fascinating, right? And maybe if this thing of what I'm saying to us is sparking something in you That's good. Because before I started recording this, I was thinking about something which I think is quite controversial. And I'm gonna say it because it's my opinion, and it's just my opinion and you don't have to agree with me. Who are you following in your life? A lot of people follow people, they follow gurus they follow Gods and they follow those people. Now, when I started looking into Buddha, one of the things that was written about Buddha was he was actually quite a shy person and he didn't want to be followed. He found something he found some information. You found some inspiration and he wanted to share it with people. He didn't want people to follow Him. Now I don't know whether that applies to other people. Who are gurus whether it's Muhammad, or Jesus, or Moses, or Ghandi, or whoever these people are, that whether they wanted you to follow them or whether they wanted you to follow yourself, for you to become your own guru for you to become the person that you relied on the most. The person you looked to for inspiration but not your current self, your future self. The Romans they knew about the battle within people have known about this battle, even a jihad which means people think it means a holy war when it's The War Within first of all, that's where we've got to find some peace. And I would describe myself these days. Yes, I'm a coach. The old like the old idea of being a coach is okay, where are you? Where do you want to go? Why do you want to go there? What's important about that? Who do you need to be in order to get there? Because if we can't work out who is the person you need to be you think you're going to get there with your current state? You know that the same level of thinking is going to get you there no chance is reinvention, my friend, becoming a different person. And a lot of people don't want to do that because it means giving up something that many people have invested years and years and years and years and years of being this is me 95% of who I am. But then of course a disaster or something happens, prognosis, a crisis, all of a sudden that 95% disappears and something else comes to the table. The genius within you where we outperform anything we've done before. It's incredible, isn't it? What a disaster can do a crisis can do for many people. We see a side of people we don't normally see and then of course when that disaster goes away, people tend to go back to what they know because they're not driven by compelling vision of the future that goes beyond a few days, weeks and months. They're driven by a former idea of who they think they are. So when I say it's what you know, becoming supernatural is deciding who you actually want to be. So being that person doing that person and then having what that person has. This is just my reality. This is the way I see it, but I realize more and more. The people that seem to have the most success, the most joy the most freedom are the ones who woke up to what Jake, JFK said. That conformity is the the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. When we conform to an outdated view of ourselves, then nothing much really ever seems to stay the same. Everything seems to everything seems to stay the same. So wouldn't it be great if you could wake up to the fact that there's a genius within you? Again, if you want to Google that word and look at the etymology of the word genius, you'll realize that the word genius doesn't mean Cristiano Ronaldo or Beethoven. It means the moral authority within you. That's what the guide within you that we all have, you know that there's got you to listen to this point rather than switched off and gone and done something else.


It's the same problem for probably pretty much every human being on Earth. Your brain is organized to reflect everything you know in your life. And what do you know? Your brain is basically a record of your environment. But it's also a predicting machine. And I want to ask you this, does your environment control your thinking? I believe that one of the most supernatural things you'll ever do is to change your environment. Does your environment control your thinking? Or does your thinking affect your environment? You know, when you see people that have the same routine, every single day, then what we tend to see is people become incredibly predictable. And that's why people love the matrix. I think one of the reasons people love that film so much is they see someone who's just no he just knows deep down there's something more to life. He knows it. And it's like an itch. It won't go away. It's a little voice and a little whisper and Morpheus who. It's like a lawyer that's coming like me, I'm a lawyer. I'm literally representing your future self. I'm representing the person that you are and I'm come down here today, to speak to you to tell you your future self is listening, talking but you're not probably listening to your future self. So when you think about what happens What if every day you do the same thing you get up you put on your slippers, you go downstairs, you do the same thing every single day. You're investing in just the now you're not investing in the future, thinking the same thoughts performing the same actions, the same experience the same emotions, wishing deep down things would be different, but not doing anything differently. Do you secretly expect things to change? If we begin to think better than our environment if we will begin to have a vision and this is where I think the magic really begins. When we look at great people who we really most admire. They have a vision in their mind. But you know, can they taste it? Can they see it? Can they hear it? Can they feel it? What in one way? No, but in another way, it's alive in their mind. Can you believe in a future that you can't see? And you can't experience it with your senses? So that if we know this happens, we know this happens when people actually do that the brain and this is the most supernatural thing I think we can do. Your brain actually changes to look like it's already happened. And the world of neuroscience confirms this. It says yes, this is this is what's happened. But most people are trying to create a new reality with the same personality the same person. Let me ask you with where you are right now, have you created your personal reality, this thing called life? And your personality is pretty much made up of how you think how you feel how you act. So if we keep thinking the same thoughts will keep performing the same actions that create the same experience that produce the same emotions but secretly expecting things to change. And what happens with our environments? It can it can turn on turn on those circuits. So we just keep doing what we've been doing and that's fine. But why do we stop things? Why do we stop things and not finish them? I mean, just think about how many times in your life have you started something or not finished it? I mean, come on, when I'm not the only person who's done that right. Your personality creates your personal reality. So Is today the day where you want to become more supernatural? You know, you could go back and listen to the podcast episode, which is a meditation where you actually go and meet your future self. And some people listen to that every single day. And now when I work with people more than ever, it's like okay, what do you want? I tell them the story of working with Ronnie O'Sullivan, who came seven times snooker world champion, he came to work with me and we had this conversation around what he wanted. He didn't know what he wanted, but he knew I didn't want it's now fascinating though. It's supernatural thing. I mean, we do it every day. When we think about what we don't want and we wonder why we keep getting I mean, to me, that's, it's not supernatural, but it's pretty amazing that we can do it. When you make your brain work in a certain way, that's called Mind Your mind is your brain in action. And what I know and that's why keeps showing up in what I do with our videos with our podcasts with the clubhouse rooms that we do with our stories. Everything that we do is to remind people


to remind people of who they could be, or who they must be. who they're going to be, to be able to change our minds. The mind is the brain and action the mind for me is the channel. If you put it somewhere the things that you can do. If you put your mind somewhere and you commit to something imagine if you really commit I think the greatest thing that any of us will ever do is just use our minds in more powerful ways. And dare to be different. Because every time you have a thought, you make chemicals. Those chemicals are called emotions. The emotions turn into feelings. And how many people do you think there are in the world right now? Who just don't feel like doing something? Our thoughts are the language of our brain, and feelings are the language of our body and most people if they don't become aware of their thoughts, their thoughts will translate into feelings like I just don't feel like it. They don't like me, it won't work. These are thoughts that produce chemicals, emotions that produce feelings and the feelings convinced us that we had the right thought and it goes on a cycle. Most of us are fortunate enough right now, even though there are very challenging times ahead for many people who we all have this incredible ability to think greater than we feel. But it starts with stopping. And if this podcast is done anything for you today. I'm asking you to stop and just literally just take a moment


is it good incredible, right that we just have these abilities but most people are just settling and most people are just going to be who they are today is who they're going to be tomorrow. Very similar these laws these supernatural abilities. I don't think they ever go away. I think they're always there. It's just a question of asking yourself a few questions and maybe thinking to yourself, what's one thing in your life right now? That if you stopped doing it would have the single biggest impact in your life. If you stopped doing it? Maybe it was just putting things off. Maybe it's smoking. Maybe it's making excuses. Stop pressing snooze, stop aimlessly, letting one of the most incredible things that you own your attention being taken away from you by people that literally this morning I was watching a video on YouTube and some adverts come up and normally as soon as the adverts you know that the four seconds I'm literally away from it. In fact I actually paid YouTube to not show me adverts but my card expired and I just haven't renewed it but boy are those some of those adverts are a bit enticing trying to get your attention. And I'm sure there's some great information out there and maybe this information is great. But ultimately, I believe the most supernatural in becoming supernatural is deciding who you actually want to be and getting to know that person. My wife has done something supernatural diagnosed all those years ago and then diagnosed again and boy she was dying so fast right in front of me. Literally we got our affairs in order a multi form brain tumor. She was going but once again, she defied the odds. We looked outside the box, but she made a decision. She made a decision to become more to get well. And what would happen if you truly made a decision to become more supernatural? To use nature in the super way that it is available to all of us to do something which maybe hasn't been done before? Which is you because there only is one of you and I believe that what we have created and the technology that we have we one of the greatest resources in the world to help people become supernatural to stop what they need to stop to start what they need to start so they just become better than ever. Thanks for listening to the podcast. We really appreciate all of our listeners. And as ever, we wish you a happy, happy, beautiful day


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