I Just Don’t Feel Like It!

27 Sep, 2019

I Just Don’t Feel Like It!

What makes someone into a genius?

This is one of those questions which can prompt many clever and complicated answers – from the definition of the word upwards.

I take a rather simpler view. I’ve recently been researching a number of historical figures from science, politics, sports and more, each of who has been classified as a genius. In doing so, I’ve come to see that the common features aren’t their intellectual capacity or particular gifts. No. it is that they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in life and then they get on and take the action required.

What do you want to achieve in your life? And what do you need to do to get there?

Most of us know the answer to both of those questions to some degree:

“I want to get healthy.” “I want to be the best Dad I can possibly be.” “I want to be the Regional Marketing Manager by the time I’m 35.”

“To do that I need to eat green leafy vegetables and go to the gym twice a week.” “That means taking the boys to soccer every week and helping them with their homework.” “I’m going to need to study after work, so I’ve got the marketing qualifications that are required for the job.”

So what’s stopping you?

“I just don’t feel like it!!!”

We all know that feeling. Yes, you should be studying, but somehow skimming through Facebook is far more appealing.

It is cold outside and running about after the kids doesn’t feel so much fun.

And as for Spinach? Let’s just order delivery food instead!

And that’s the difference between a genius and you.

Can you imagine if Thomas Edison had ‘not felt like’ trying different things to perfect the light bulb? Or had let all those ideas pile up and distract him instead of focussing on one thing at a time? How well do you think he would have “brought out the secrets of nature for the happiness of humanity” (which was his vision) if he ‘couldn’t be bothered’?

(You can check out my podcast on Edison at https://petecohen.com/podcast/ if you want to know more about him.)

So be like Thomas Edison – focus on what you want to achieve and use that to inspire you to take action even when you don’t feel like it.

Because, after all:

What has feeling like it got to do with it?

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