10 Jun, 2018

I quit!

What can you do to keep great people for longer? 

Any employer will tell you that one of the great challenges for their organisation is finding great people.

I don’t agree.

You already have great people – all you have to do is keep them!

Investing in your existing team will pay for itself too – after all, you’ve already invested in recruiting them and training them so, in keeping them, that investment is money well spent.

One thing!

Let me, then, share with you the one thing which, from my years of working with top organisations, is the one thing which great employers understand which sets them apart from all the rest.

It is a fundamental shift in how a company relates to its people and it is a really, reallysimple truth about employees.

Are you ready for this?

Here it comes!

People are not motivated by money

People aren’t motivated by money!

I kid you not! As long as they earn enough to pay the bills, money ceases to be a reason to join, to stay or to leave any organisation. It just isn’t that big a deal.

So, what is important in creating an attractive workplace which your staff won’t want to leave?

  1. Be fair – this is a top factor in workforce retention. If people see or perceive that some are treated differently to others, then they will head for the door in droves. This is one place where money does pay a part: pay inequality (especially the gender pay gap) is hugely damaging. And don’t tell yourself that no one will find out about the differences – they always do.
  2. Make a contribution – people want to make s difference in the world. So, create a clear connnection between what you do as a business and how that makes a positive impact on the world. It is all about leaving a legacy and showing your team how they have been a part of it.
  3. Appreciate your people – take the time to show your team that you value them and recognise the great work that they do. Don’t wait for them to go above and beyond the normal before you show your appreciation. Remember that you want to keep them – so appreciate that they come to work for you and aren’t going elsewhere!
  4. Provide learning opportunities – people want to learn and grow. It is in our nature and we feel a sense of achievement when we discover something new. So be on the look out for ways to develop your teams and to provide them with the challenges they need to expand their knowledge and experience
  5. Create a pleasant environment – feeling good about the space you work in is really important, so be prepared to invest the relatively small amounts required to provide clean, safe and inspiring workplaces. This can mean anything from paying for some plants and flowers, a fresh coat of paint on the walls or even bringing in a team to get all the lights working and make minor repairs.
  6. Make it easy to do what you do – it should not be hard for your team to get the job done. Work with them to improve business processes so that they help rather than hinder. Let me give you an example of this: I was recently told a story of a business where it took 6 weeks to buy a spade. Not a big deal? Maybe – except this business is an archaeology service. No spade = no business. One change in the rules removed a huge obstacle to the whole team. And it wasn’t complicated.

Go to work on these six factors and you will become a top employer with the best teams who stay together the longest.


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