25 Apr, 2023

Masterclass: The New Science of Success


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“Unsuccessful people make their decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make their decisions based on where they want to be.” – Benjamin Hardy

How many times have you failed in your life to the point of giving up? Did you know that failure is a path to success?

Success can be viewed differently by many people. You can define it in your terms or go with how others have defined it. When you look it up in the dictionary you will read that it is the favorable or prosperous termination of an attempt or endeavor. It is the accomplishment of one’s goal.

What is your goal? Is your aim to be someone better?

If so, then this episode is for you. Listen and gather new perspectives so that you can experience success every single day.

Live a more fulfilled life and start creating your legacy now.


⚡️ There is a part of us that rebels against what is known.

⚡️ People often do not know what to do once they have achieved their goals.

⚡️ Most people react instead of making a conscious choice.

⚡️ Most people get sidetracked by nearer goals.

🔥 Success is:

  • realising you can see a future self that you can create.
  • knowing, choosing, and committing to the person you want to be.
  • looking at the experience of being you and where you are
  • being prepared to do things you are not used to as well as to fail.
  • is the ongoing pursuit of your betterment.

Important stories:

🎯 02:02 How the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill came to be.

🎯 4:43 The American dream from a taxi driver’s perspective.

🎯 10:48 My own definition of success.

🎯 13:00 What personality is.

🎯 20:30 An 11-year-old girl from India who is playing a bigger game.

🎯 26:00 Working with Anna Hemmings.

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Pete Cohen  0:00

Happy, beautiful, amazing day. It is Pete Cohen it is the Future Self Podcast. today's podcast is called Masterclass: The New Science of Success. I'll see you after the theme tune

let's get ready to rumble. Yes, let's get ready to rumble. Happy beautiful day. Thank you so much for joining me for the podcast today. We're talking all things success. I was gonna call this podcast the American Dream is a nightmare. But I didn't. I didn't change my mind because we can all change our minds. I mean, we're all entitled to change our mind. But I'm really interested in the whole thing about success because if I was to ask you the question, what is success? What comes to mind for you? Because it's just a word at the end of the day and it's a difficult word to spell especially if you're dyslexic Su, double C E double S that doesn't make sense to someone who tries to spell words with sounding words out. But anyway, it's just a word. And I'm sure it's pronounced different ways, different meanings, but ultimately, it's the meaning that you give it and I was gonna call the podcast, the American redesignated because I think a lot of people have thought that success is the achievement of things like success is a destination. And I remember reading about the American dream years ago actually became very interesting the American dream from reading, thinking Grow Rich, which is a copy of that book behind me thinking Grow Rich, published in 1937. It was 25 years of work. And if you if you look at the book and you realize like this is an amazing book because people who are successful many people that are successful have read that book, and I've read that book multiple times. In fact, if I was to show you the book, you've seen that there's so many lines in it, because I've just read it, read it. I've read it every year, but next year, I might not read it, maybe next year is talking about something else, but I've read it every year probably for the last 15 years. Just one of those books for me. I'd love to go back to it. It was based on a lot of interviews that one person did for 25 years, but it wasn't his idea. It wasn't Napoleon Hill's idea was the idea of someone else could Andrew Carnegie, who was from Scotland and they went to America for the American dream or they really went to America to escape where they were because where they were wasn't very good. As far as 101 His father lost his job, I think in my work in school is very difficult. So they basically went to America, like many Europeans went to America. Why? Because it wasn't very good where they were. And they went there because it was the idea or the prospecting that things could be better until you're prospecting many people went to America because people were talking people to find gold. And you've got a prospect for if you go look for it, maybe you could find it. Maybe you could become a millionaire. But people went there in most cases because it was very good where they were, and there were no taxes to be paid. And it was just an adventure and I really admire people that stepped onto those boats and left where they were. They left the familiar but I'm sure many of them felt like they had no choice. But when we look at America right now, and we look at what successes I mean, for me, I think I always used to think that success was having it was about what you had. It was about having certain status. It was about being somebody that somewhere along the line. We've got this idea that that's what life was it was about fast living, big houses, swimming pool, nice car, getting married. go to university, it was about status being someone and I think that's what a lot of people in life have aspired to. They've aspired to be someone that actually isn't them. And the American Dream is what some people get that, you know, Napoleon Hill probably says about 2% of people that end up getting to achieve what they want to achieve. I don't know of those 2% How many of those people are actually happy? I don't know. And then all the other 98% who are striving towards something they might never get. And this is a very complicated subject, because everyone's got different opinion on it. But I remember being in New York and being naive as to how far away I thought New Jersey was just around the corner. So I got into a taxi and said, Can you take me to New Jersey? Little did I know it wasn't just around the corner. It was a long drive. And I've got to know the taxi driver. And I asked him I said, Tell me about the American dream. The American Dream is a nightmare and I mean, what you mean? And he explained to me that the way he saw it is that a lot of people are striving towards something that they never gonna get. And because they never going to get there, they feel that they're not good enough. And it's really not good enough for most people just kind of give up life, that they know that they feel they're not quite good enough. And I think that that's how the world is pretty much set up. It's set up in such a way that most people today feel that something's not quite right with them that they're wrong or something wrong with them, and they need something that I haven't got, but I've got to go and buy it in many cases to impress the people that perhaps don't even know what I mean, like that. We've kind of all bought into this idea of what happiness is what success is. And I just think it's really time that we just stop, especially with what's been going on in the world right now and take a fresh look. Because in order to have a master class, which is what this is, I'm asking everyone just to stop Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. And look at where we are right now. And that's another thing. I think success is to produce to stop first of all, and just look at the results that you're producing in your life right now. So how many people what do you think are you ready? Right here right now to have a fresh look and success? Yes or no? Ultimately, it's your choice, but if we don't stop I think most people will just continue to do what they have been doing and wonder why. They keep getting the same results. We've all heard that saying Right. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result. I like to achieve I love to compete. I love it. I absolutely love it. But what I don't like anymore is what I've just worked out for myself, because I think there's only one way personally and that way. I'm not here to say my ways your way. Many of us were brought up and told that there's only one way this is the way but what I've seen is that there's a rebel inside people is a rebel inside you. There's a rebel inside you that wants to probably rebel against many of the things that you've been told. You were told to tidy your room even though you might be 50 years old. There's probably a part that is not going to do that. There's a part of us that rebels against what is known. And I'm really curious, because I love to ask questions. One of the questions I asked more than any other question is this. What will be the greatest thing you ever do? Know what you've done to be the greatest thing you ever do and maybe maybe the greatest thing you will ever do is to look at success with a fresh pair of eyes. So on my screen just to my right here, I have a computer and I googled that success a few times before but I'd like to revisit, I'd like to revisit it because if you want a definition, it's just a definition that came up with this definition somebody did. It's the favorable, favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishment of one's goals. So there we go. It says termination. So does that mean that something is complete? So I think a lot people think success is a destination. And this is where a lot of people have a serious problem. Because once they've succeeded at something they've achieved the goal they often don't know what to do. They really don't even look at it from the point of view of retirement. People often work to retirement, then they retire and they don't know what to do. athletes often compete to have a successful career. In sport, then they stop, they don't know what to do. Many of them go into a massive depression. Many of them their identity was so fixed into what they did professionally, that when they stopped doing it, they go into have serious mental health problems. So it's really interesting just to stop and think about what is success. I really think it's interesting when you look at the attainment of wealth position honors or the like. So we've been told I think it's time for a new definition of success. You know, think for a masterclass the new science of success. The science around human behavior is really interesting. And the whole science and people don't want to hear this, but I'm gonna tell it anyway because I'm fed up with just trying to just try to be nice all the time. I just think sometimes we need to be really firm about some of the things I need to be firm about what I'm saying because I'm a coach, and I can't pull people I can I can't, I could maybe point them towards the water that they could drink that lead would lead to them having more success and fulfillment, but I can't make them drink. We all know that right? But the reality is, I think and let me know if you agree with me that most people today are living a future they don't want. People are at war with themselves. There is a part of them that has all of the power all of the power that the old narrative, our old identity. Identity is a repeated beingness. So in order to be successful, the new science of success is I think we should stop and look at what we think what we think success is and maybe we think why not you don't like that definition. So maybe I'm gonna start looking for a new meaning of the word success because according to the dictionary, it means the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishment of one's goal, the attainment of wealth position on his or her life performance or achievement that's marked by success, as by the attainment of honors a personal thing that's had success as measured by the attainment of goals and wealth, etc, etc. So ultimately, what is success to you? There you go, there's a big question. Two big questions. As a coach, what will be the greatest thing you ever do? And what's what does success mean to you? Because it's up to you. Now, let me give you my definition of success. Would you like my definition of success? My definition of success is built on a very simple concept. The concept is this. There is a version of me in the future. It's my future self. It's not me. It's someone who's wiser than me stronger than me, more courageous than me is someone who has done the greatest work of my life. That person is not me, but that person is in front of me. And that is who I aspire to. Be. Now, this will be years to work this out years because of having studied psychology at university human behavior. If you look at the science of human behavior, realize that for over 100 years, we thought what drove human behavior was a past. Now we know our past affects our present, we will know that. But it's our view of the future. We now know this but again, people are just starting to wake up to this and we know when new ideas come to town. People are very, very dismissive of it. They will laugh at it, but eventually will become acceptable, and eventually they will be teaching this stuff in schools. Even Kanye West recently said, why don't we teach the future to people? Why don't we teach people to have a relationship to their future? When that'd be amazing if we actually taught that in schools, because this is so important, that success success is building a relationship to your future self. Because what we know in the science of neuroscience and psychology is we now know that people's relationships with their future self doesn't actually go very far. So people know who they're going to be today, tomorrow, next week, maybe next month, but beyond that it's hazy they don't really know who that person is, and they don't have empathy. We've mentioned it so many times on this podcast, the occupational psychologist, political MC Jays have a couple of TED Talks. She talks about this. It's amazing. She talks about the empathy gap that young people don't have empathy for themselves in the future. Why? Because they don't know that person. But could they know that person? I mean, look, can you change your personality? Again, this people are the one who said this. That's my personality. I think it's all nonsense. personality testing, is based on pseudoscience, most of it and people will just tell you, I'm the sort of person I'd say that your personality is your identity, your personality or your personality is is what you're saying yes to? Basically what you're saying yesterday was a direct result of your identity how you see yourself how do you see yourself? What do you say to yourself? So for me, the masterclass of success is looking at the experience of being here. And being curious about where you are right now. I'd say well done for getting here, by the way, because some people aren't here anymore. But you are. And perhaps you're here because of the choices or some of the choices that you've made in your life. But a lot of people actually think who they are as who they're always going to be, isn't it fascinating? You don't think that that is fascinating? You know, if you look back


at your former self, you'd realize you say yes to what did your former self say yes to five years ago, 10 years ago, my former self 20 years ago would say yes to drinking 10 Pints of Lager in a night. My former self would say yes to even younger taking drugs going out all night just being really reckless. Right? That's my former self my former self I don't know how many of us have pair my former self used to wear different clothes my former self used to go places that I wouldn't go now my former self is saying yes to things that I say no to now, I am not the same person I have don't have the same personality. I have a different identity. Is that something you agree with? Because again, there's resistance to this in many cases, because this means we have to look at ourselves and maybe take ownership of where we are. Now. You can judge you can criticize, you can blame you can shame but I personally don't think that's that helps. I'd actually started by saying well done, you're here. That's amazing. Well done. But a lot of people are waking up to this waking up to this reality. They don't have to be who they are. For me. Success is making a choice of who I'm choosing to become. And who are you choosing to become? And how well do you actually know that person is so fascinating to me, even after all these years, that we have this imagination, we're the only animals as far as we know, that have made real front end decisions that really make decisions based on our ability to determine psychology is called a prescription. You know, our ability to see multiple different futures and the fact that we could come up with an idea or loads of ideas, or we could think of all these things that we could watch all these things, and we can play them out in our mind, which is the one that you go for. It's amazing that we have been gifted for me success is waking up to the fact that you have the ability to see a future self create but I'm telling you, your future self that is out there. It doesn't have a lawyer present. You right now the present self has the power. And this is the main point I wanted to make on my podcast today. And it's this story that you tell people about yourself. What's the story that you tell yourself? You know, if you look back 510 years ago, and look at the story you were telling yourself, then I look back at myself, I was much more self conscious. I was really concerned about what I thought about me. I had no idea where I was going. I just knew that I didn't want to be and desperately trying to move away from where I was, which is what a lot of high achievers do. I wouldn't say I was a high achiever. I was just achieving loads of stuff. I mean, look, I've written 20 books. There's so many things I've done but they weren't all lined up towards a future that I could see that I envisage. And I actually would say that whether that future comes about or not, I'm not bothered. I'm not bothered about what I have. Success for me isn't nothing to do with what I have. It might be for other people, but it's all about who I aspire to be. So who are you who are you and who are you going to be? So it's amazing that you've got to this point, and most people got here without too much consciousness without too much choice. Most of us got here despite reacting just we reacted to what's happened and human beings are very, very good at reacting to circumstances and situations. We know that. But human beings have this amazing ability to design a future. This is the point please take a moment to think about the narrative, the narrative that you are telling yourself the story that you are telling yourself. Because when we when we get together with people, that's what we have to talk about. When was the last time that you've got together with people and you told them about who you're committed to becoming? You told them about the future that you're committed to creating? You told them to the point where when you told them they could see what you were saying they had a visual representation of what you were saying. People are scared to talk about what their goals are. But it's not the goal. It's not the goal. The goal you can write the words are just words on a page. It's seeing the goal in the future, having played out seeing beyond that because I think no reason to achieve a goal is to achieve another goal because we are what the Greeks called teleological, everything we do is forgot everything. But what are you producing right now in your result in your life, and how much of what you're producing in your life right now as a direct result of your personality playing out in your personality? It's just what you're saying yesterday, which is based on your identity and your identity is based on how you see yourself right now. How do you see yourself I can tell you most people see themselves as someone who's not good enough. And the story that they tell themselves is the story of how they see themselves right now. But I'd say your identity, it shapes your personality. How you what you say yes to my future self is saying yes to things. I'm still saying no to, but I'm getting better. I'm getting better. So the view of the future I see is about me. I see it right now in my mind. I see it in front of me. I know that person is stronger, and stronger than me even I'm strong and getting stronger, is wiser than me, is better than me. And that's why I do what I do every day. That's why I'm very driven by discipline because without discipline, this distraction, the word distraction success for me, if you look at the word traction, it comes from the same Latin word for hero which means being pulled and most people have been pulled so far away from where they could go. They will end up in a place going I don't want to be here. I don't want to be where I am. I wish I'd made different decisions. Don't go in India who I've been working with. She's 11 years old. Her name is Tiana and I met her on clubhouses social media app that she told me I have a dream. And the dream is that plastic toys are being traded in and people will be stoked to recycle them because of the dangers of plastic. She told me this, and I could see what she was saying. Now of course she was supported by her mom and supported by a lot of other people. And when she was nine she started the podcast and now she's got over 120 episodes and she's 11 years old and she knows who she needs to be. And she's enjoying her childhood like every child should, but she's playing a bigger game. And people are listening to her because one of the problems with children is adults don't listen to children. They don't. They're listening to the story that they're telling themselves. And children have the ability to imagine and see your world. And she sees a world right now that is really in a terrible place. And she identifies with how this world is going to turn out if we don't do anything about it. But she also sees a future that is better than what we have right now. That's beautiful. Right? And I've had the honor of mentoring this young lady. It's an honor to be a part of someone's vision, but success for me. It's different for different people but the people I like to work with is tell me what you want. Tell me what you want to have happen. Tell me what you're looking for. What are you looking for with your health? You know the life domains your health and energy, your relationships with others and yourself, your wealth, your work your site, your service in the world? What is it you want? And she quite clearly knows what she wants. She wants a world where children are not playing with plastic toys. And already her and her team have been responsible for these drives for people to there's I think there's been well over a ton of toys have been bought in but people say I don't want I don't want we don't we mustn't play with plastic toys. They're dangerous. That's why it's just waking up to the truth that they are dangerous and I'm realizing what can we do about it? Because often it can seem such a like such a big thing to do, how are we going to do this, but it just starts with the idea. It starts with telling a few people about it, and then doing something about it just a little bit every single day we can make a massive difference. So for me success is not just having an idea of what you want, but it's knowing what who is that person. So I'll give you another example with her. So she's giving a talk 11 year old talking to Tescos. And she, I do a zoom call with her. And she tells me what she's going to say she's reading it and I stop her and I say you don't want to read from a piece of paper. I know you're This is a presentation on zoom but you don't want to. You don't want to because if you're reading from a piece of paper, it's people aren't really going to read from papers, who really gets a sense of who this person is. So you're better than that. You don't need that we work on a few skills around doing things differently. So she can get up and speak and speak from the heart and you know, be able to know where she's going. So it's all just random thoughts. But success is being prepared to do things like that and it's been prepared to fail. Because when you perform at the level of your future self, you've got to invest in failure you've got to invest in that didn't work very well when it doesn't work, because now I've got some information on how I can do that better. And I'm sure she could record this session that you can send it to me and I could look at it and we could work on getting better. Because what is the point of life if you're not getting better, and I think many of us have solved this illusion that success has a future destination and we've hit that destination we have arrived. For me the only place I'm arriving is my death. And until that point I just want to get better. And that might not be for you because ultimately it's up to you. But if I was going to ask you the question right here right now, how do you feel about where you are right now? You're at the judging of criticize it. How do you feel about where you are right now? Right now a scale of one to 10 Give yourself a number out of 10 for your health. Don't judge it don't criticize it. Just what's the number that comes to your head? What about your relationships? What's the relationship you have with yourself? What's that? Like? What about your wealth was that thank you for judging that it's so easy to judge give yourself a hard time but it's just the point I want to make here is whatever the number is, why isn't it lower? The reason it's not lower is because it's obvious, right? It's important. It's important


Unknown Speaker  17:37

to you. What would happen if it was more important most people today


Pete Cohen  17:42

are just competing at the level that they know. And when I was coaching athletes, and I'm talking top athletes, I'm not talking I mean, even though I've worked with anyone I mean I'm talking with people who were competing at the highest level of sport. I remember one lady and I Hemmings It was incredible. She got the world record for marathon canoeing, but she decided to reinvent herself and do sprint canoeing. I remember in the Sydney Olympics on the mall, the morning she was competing, she called me up because she needed someone to talk to. But what we were doing was was competing at the level of a future self. Please understand this because if you can get your head around this, everything can change. If an athlete comes to work with me, someone who's competing in the Olympics or competing in a world championship, you've got to look at where they are right now you got to look at what's working. You got to stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, just stop, stop. Let's look at the results that you're producing right now. Let's look at what's working, what's not working. Let's look at what you want. And in many cases, it's to win. So then the next question would be well, how would you know that you had? How would you know that you've won so in any area of your life that you want more success? In? Think for a moment? How would you know you had that success? What would that look like? Now I'd like to think that you've got to imagine a future self. So how many of you would say well, I'd like to be healthier. Okay, how would you know you were? What a lot of people do is think about how they work. No, no, forget that. That's gone. That's finished. How would you know? I worked in a gym in 1989. I worked in that industry for seven years. I can tell you, everybody wanted to lose weight. They didn't know what they wanted. They couldn't tell you. They couldn't imagine. I wish I knew then what I know now because I would then show them how to compete with their foot what their future self is. I'm competing against my former self and right now I'm beating my former self. Every day I'm outperforming my former self and I'm beaten and I'm in competition with my future self. My future self is coaching me driving me forwards like never before. You know my vision. My vision is people all over the world waking up every single day, using the app that we created using stock one stock one using this app is absolutely free. Why did we do it? Because I want people to start winning. I want people to start tracking their behavior. I want people to go to a place a knockoff before that to me a success go to a place you've not gone before. outperformed the previous best. Don't buy into that bullshit overwhelmed is too old now. I can't do it. What can you do? Human beings are works in progress who mistakenly think they're finished. They really do. Most people when they get to a certain age when in their 30s 40s I think that's it done. This is me commenting about it really. Now. You know you can deep down there's that voice that's driving, you're not listening. You're not listening and that's why I've come from your future self to say do it. Come on. Let's go. So when you work with an athlete and you say well, how would you know that you want? They start to see the person that's won. And then I say stop. You see that person out there? That's not you.


Unknown Speaker  19:55

That's not you. It's not you. It could be be will it be? Probably not. If you'd be people, every single people will do that work. Why? Good question. Is it worth


Pete Cohen  20:13

it? So most people today they don't lose sight of their goals. They just get short sighted by miracles. That's what happens. What happens if you've got a goal and all of a sudden, someone waits a stick in front of you and carry on it? Which is that YouTube video or an ad on Instagram or Facebook story or a post on LinkedIn? get sidetracked. The way I look at it is success is whatever you want it to be. So let's just recap what is the definition of success? Well, that's up to you. But if you look at what it means in the dictionary means a favorable a prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishment of one's goal. The attainment of wealth position honors, all the like performance or achievement that is marked by success as by the attainment of honors a person or thing that has success as measured by attainment of goals, wealth, etc. So it's a bit screwy. If your definition of success is that I think I'm in trouble. Personally, I think success is who I'm committed to being and most people do not know who they commit to me. Most people are committed to being who they are. They think who they are is all that they have to be. And I probably know this probably better than most because I got put together four o'clock and I've been continuously studying not just studying, putting these things into play and then finding people to play with whose lives have ridiculously transformed because they work with me because I'm one of the best people in the world without doubt in helping people build a relationship to their future self. How do I know that? Well. One of the things you want to do in the business of being successful is show people what's possible. And I feel like I've only just got started. If you can see your future self as someone separate to you that you can start to have empathy with the reason the world isn't so much. There's some problems in the world as people don't have empathy for a future they can't see so they don't see the end of the world. So why recycle, they don't invest for retirement because they don't know the person in the future that's going to retire all they know is now for me success is realizing that there is a future self out there. Success is realizing that maybe the best days are still ahead of you success is realizing that it's the ongoing pursuit of your betterment. I mean, life is just about getting better, and there's nothing better than getting better. That's why we created step one start with my vision is that people every single day wake up and put their best foot forward by what they do. And a lot of those things are sometimes unsexy, boring mundane. But you know what? The mundane leads to the sublime is not one of the greatest things you will ever do. What you do consistently over an extended period of time, is it I don't know. But for my experience 100% And I'm on a few streets with things I've been meditating every day for how many days it's been it's pretty, it's pretty awesome. I've been having cold showers every day and because of the community that we've created, it's not that I don't want to let them down. It's just I feel that they're wheeling me on and we have 38,602 people who have done starts and stops. That's our community score. Because I want people to be in competition with other people, but not in a way where you want to beat people. You want people to do well, because it inspires you to do well and you celebrate their success. That's pretty awesome, right? All the people that are using our app right now. We have 38,602 starts and stops. Frickin amazing. People are stopping behaviors that aren't serving people. And when you think about this, dopamine, we are pleasure seeking creatures, right? We're driven by pain. We're driven by moving away from something that's difficult, something's difficult. We want more pleasure. We want to get away from pain, right? But the greatest pleasure I think will be the person that you become. So you could look back one day and go, look, look, I've got nothing left to give, I'm ready to lead. That would be great. And some of us are fortunate enough that we still have that opportunity. But Dopamine is a molecule that really is associated people associated to pleasure, but it's really about wanting so we are wanting creatures. And the fact that we want is where marketers are literally trying to get us all the time. But I'm marketing something I guess I'm marketing you might happen. Yes, it's free for two weeks and an offer that you can pay for it or there's a free version, but I want you to download it but I want you to want to download it and I want you to use it. I don't want you just to download it and not do anything with it. And I'll make money from you if you decide to pay for it. And I'm not interested in that my way. What I'm interested is marketing to you your future self so you're guided by your future self. Because if you're not guided by your future self you'll be misguided by your current self. You'll continue to miss manage your self. And if you're happy with that, that's fine. But if you don't have time to look forward to what happens, that's death for me. You're dying, when there's not something to look forward to. And some people are just looking forward to watching a series on Netflix or having a McDonald's or which is fine. But many of those things are destroying the part of us that wants to build and create and evolve. Has the world seen the best of you. So with dopamine right now you are probably secreting some dopamine. But if you thought of something which could be anything like now you could think of a donut, you could think of a doughnut and when you think about it and think about like I've I've worked for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and I've never forget going there and they said you got as many donuts as you want. There's a big cabinet and I was looking because I don't really eat sugar. So you're offering this to me. So I started looking at them I was there all day every day I was thinking about them. I was thinking because they kept telling me there's a secret recipe. Literally that's in someone's safe somewhere. I was thinking about it all day. And at the end of the day, I hadn't eaten too much for lunch because I was working. I was working my nuts off and we were doing some stuff around just culture and helping people just make some positive changes in their life. So at the end of the day, they said, well, listen, thanks very much, please feel free to take some doughnuts. So they were there. And I thought I'll take some of them home because my father in law, he loves sugar, right? And nothing I'm going to do is ever going to stop him. He smokes as well. I'm not buying him cigarettes. I don't want giving him an issue but that's my choice. Every day. I watch him go out and smoke. Right and I know what's going on. I know the dopamine effect of what's happening to him that's what was happening to me that the donuts are then sat in my car next to me as I'm driving home and I'm looking at them and I'm thinking about what they taste like and this dopamine is firing in my brain. I'm looking and I'm driving I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking and I thought you know what? I have got to have a buy one of these and I'm bid it and I'm not joking. I had the biggest dopamine because you people call it Sugar Rush. Yes, bite a dopamine rush. I mean, I'm talking about another bite in another bite. And then eventually the dopamine receptor stops or the pathway for dopamine. But what people don't realize about dopamine is that there's another side to it which is associated to pain that when people are biting it, they're feeling some sort of pain, which keeps them going with the behavior but at some point, they will stop, they will stop and then all of a sudden they don't want anymore until something else happens where they want something else. And here's the question in your life right now. What do you really really want? Most people just want what they can have. Most people don't want what they don't think they can have. So they give up I think this masterclass on success. Success is whatever you want it to be. I would just like you as this podcast is called a future self. I would really like you to think about what does success mean to you? How could you experience more success every single day? I think success is always working towards something. In mathematics. There's a term called an asymptote which is a line that moves to another line that never hits. Success is something that is always in front of me. But I just like to I love working towards it. And that's just about getting better. And that's why we created stock one stock one and my goal is people waking up every single day using this technology. As we help you identify with your future self. We can't do it for you, which is what a lot of people want. They want people to do it for them in our in our country. If you're sick, you go see a doctor. It's a sick care system. He can't make you well he doesn't know how to make you well just needs to know how to make him stop being sick. And then people kind of go back to a place where they're not well, they're just okay. We can get better mentally, physically, emotionally. My goal is to help people teach people how to build a compelling relationship to their future. So to become more becoming of the future self and that's why when we hear the term to know thyself that's misunderstood. It doesn't mean what people think it means to know thyself really is to know the person that you are committed to becoming. Most people are just committed to being who they are. And if you want to continue to do that, and you're happy, and it's great, well done, well done. That's amazing. And if you're not, and you still think you've got something left in the basement and you will live your life by getting your mind right by bringing your intentions into play. step one. Step one is the number one tool the number one habit tracking tool in the world to help you start making progress. I appreciate you listening to the Future Self Podcast our podcast has almost seven years old. We have we are performing all over the world, people that normal people are listening, because they love the idea of something better than where they are. It's called Hope, without hope. Guess what there is. And right now, we've never seen more hopeless people who need something to believe in beyond where they are because I think life is about to get a lot more challenging. What do you reckon? The cost of living inflation? Whoever else what's gonna become around the corner but what could be the most consistent thing. The most consistent thing could be who you choose to become. That's what the future self is all about. going have a look at S one S one.me S one the number one S one S one.me 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Watch that video. So that's a lot of time. I don't have time for that. That's nonsense. 14 minutes and 24 seconds is 1% of your day. Do you have 1% to invest into your future self. But I'm just gonna watch another video on YouTube or watch a cat video or I don't know. If you do something else or you go out and create your future self today. Thank you for listening to the Future Self Podcast. Feel free to spread the word to subscribe. Tell people who are you committed to becoming single happen when you tell people not people think you're weird. But some people will go wow, I want to do that. Can I help you? Thank you so much for listening to the Future Self Podcast. We'll be back. We'll be back very soon. Have a wonderful fantastic Supercalifragilistic day you guys are fantastic.


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