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Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Best Selling Author

This page is for meeting planners

Thank you for considering me for your client’s event.

I understand what you need from your speaker.

  • I know that you want your keynote speaker to take into account the challenges that your audience is facing right now.
  • I also understand the role that the events you run plays in making your brand important to your clients.
  • And I am aware that you need a speaker who can entertain, educate and empower your audience; someone who will not leave them wondering ‘what now?’ but who will teach with real-world examples and case studies.

Elaine Lilley

“His energy and enthusiasm were contagious and he was able to make his speech relevant, engaging and uplifting to all who attended. If they were wavering about providing work experience opportunities in the future – they won’t be now!”

Before your event

I will:

Use my social network to promote your event if you want me to.

Create a promotional video that you can use when promoting your event.

Work closely with you to make sure that my presentation aligns precisely with your key message and the needs of your audience.

During your event

I will:

Deliver a customised presentation precisely tailored to your audience.

Be as entertaining, motivating and inspiring as possible.

Connect and engage with your event attendees.

Be accessible for meet-and-greet, interviews and photographs on the day.

After your event

I will:

Interact with your attendees on social media and by email so that the key messages and changes in behaviour are carried forward.

Recommend your event to future speakers.

Rich Burden UK Key Account Manager, Life Fitness

“Very entertaining and made people really look at the value they add, both personally and commercially.”

Alison Chmiel Deputy Managing Director, IKANO

“We found his enthusiasm and insight energising and he left us with a tangible base which we can use to further develop our performance as a team going forward. It was a fun and very enjoyable day.”

Richard Haswell HR Leader - EMEIA Sales, Service & Customer Care, Ingersoll Rand

“We are very grateful to Pete for his contribution in making the sales conference a truly successful event.”

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I am excited that you are interested in having me speak at your event! My calendar always fills up fast, so please complete the form below and the first thing I will do is put your date on hold. I, or a member of my team will then contact you to discuss your event in more detail.