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Stop Waiting for a Miracle Get Out of Depression Now

Depression is a feeling of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness that lead to devastating effects. However, it is not an incurable disease. You do not have to wait for a miracle to overcome depression. You can take control and live a happy life.

What is depression?

Depression is not the typical sadness we feel. It is a chronic condition that can last for more than two weeks and sometimes even years. There can also be feelings of overwhelm, rumination, and frustration.

It is a mental disorder that has become more prevalent around the world with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization previously stated that approximately 5% of adults have depression worldwide.

In the United Kingdom alone, 21% of adults suffered from it in 2021, a dramatic increase from only 10% before the pandemic occurred. Depression can happen from late teens to above 60 years of age and in both men and women.

Diverse social, biological, and psychological factors can cause depression. Adversities such as loss of income, death of a family member, terminal and debilitating diseases can bring about depression.

How depression affects your life

Depression has numerous negative effects on a person’s life. It can affect your physical and mental health, your relationships with the people around you, and even hinder your productivity at work or at school. It prevents you from living a fulfilling life.

Human beings have a natural fight or flight response as a survival mechanism. This stress response becomes elevated and can remain active for a long time as depression occurs. This disrupts the brain’s circuits and leads to alarming consequences.

Depression can leave you feeling miserable, frustrated, and overwhelmed. It lessens your confidence and makes you irritable. These negative emotions can further lead to other mental or behavioral conditions such as anxiety or sudden mood changes.

Someone who has depression can either lose weight or gain weight. Some people cope with depression by stress eating or focusing on food to alleviate the feeling of sadness. This results in weight gain and in time to other debilitating diseases like diabetes.

Those that lose appetite because of hopelessness avoid food and thus lose weight. This prevents the body from getting the nutrition it needs to function properly and further creates hormonal imbalances and decreases the body’s immunity.

Cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis, and digestive problems can also result from depression. This can be brought about by lack of sleep, or changes in weight. It can also cause headaches, fatigue, and chronic pain conditions.

A person who has depression becomes withdrawn and dissociates himself from other people. They lose the desire to enjoy activities and go out with friends and families. This dampens the relationships they have with one another making them feel more alone and helpless.

Depression hinders one’s ability to concentrate and make decisions. These can affect the way he works. It lessens productivity. Being less productive and making the wrong decisions can result in loss of job or fewer working hours which can likewise greatly lessen one’s income.

The deleterious effects of depression can last for years or even recur multiple times in one’s life. The worst possible effect of depression is suicide. People have died to end the emotional pain and hopelessness they were feeling. For them it is better to stop living than live a miserable life.

Although depression can be disabling, it does not have to be that way. One’s life does not need to end. There is hope and there are ways to overcome it.

How to overcome depression

Depression can be difficult to overcome but it is treatable. You do not have to wait for a miracle cure for this mental disorder. There are things you can do to defeat the feeling of sadness and emptiness.

Your future self and your mindset

One way of overcoming depression is by identifying and forming a relationship with your future self. Determining the person who you want to become gives you a goal or a focus. It gives your life meaning and purpose.

Studies have shown that people who do not give up on their goals have lesser depression. The mind is powerful, and it can let you see a future that you want to have, a life you want to live.

If you have a vision of the person you want to be and you identify with him, then you will have empathy for your future self. Having that empathy helps you act accordingly to be that person. You do not have to be the person you are today. You can be someone better.

Another step is to have a change in mindset. Look at situations differently and try to see them in a positive light. Challenges are part of life, and they are there to make you grow and develop yourself.

Each difficulty you surpass gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment. As you persevere to beat each demanding situation you also learn to be resilient. Resilience improves mental health.

Your habits

In addition, change in habits is a must when trying to overcome depression. You need to stop habits that have led you to a depressive state like rumination and start new ones that can help you avoid depression.

Changing habits can be difficult to do but the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app makes it simpler. You can download this app by clicking the link for apple or android phones.

This app helps you stop and start habits by letting you create your own intentions. You can be part of a group with similar goals, access training and have people who will support and motivate you to do your intentions as well as celebrate your success.

Rumination is a habit that you must stop before anything else. Ruminating adds on to your feelings of hopelessness and frustration. It worsens depression and can leave you in emotional distress. Be mindful of the thoughts that you have.

Once you notice yourself having repetitive thoughts immediately shift your focus to a more positive and engaging activity like painting or other hobbies you have. Remind yourself of the person you want to become. What does he want you to do to make him a reality?

Start these habits

The most notable habits that you need to start to conquer depression are exercising, eating, sleeping, and getting enough sunshine. These habits are simple and are natural antidepressants that positively affect your body’s chemical and physiological processes.

 A 30-minute exercise done three times a week enhances mental clarity. Brisk walking and other aerobic exercise increases heart rate and dopamine levels in your body. Dopamine is also known as the happy hormone for it alleviates your mood.

Develop the habit of going out to catch the morning sun. One hour after waking up is good and preferably before 9am. Doing this can provide you with the right amounts of vitamin D your body needs and helps you have a more positive outlook during the day.

Change your eating habits or your diet. Keep a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to minimize inflammation in the body. Avoid processed foods that are laden with chemical preservatives. Fill your diet instead with vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Sleep seven to eight hours a night to help your body recover from the daily tasks and challenges. Maintain regular sleeping and waking time and avoid your phones or watching television one hour before going to bed.

Other habits that can improve your well-being are meditation and journaling. Meditation relaxes and rejuvenates your body and soul. It helps clear your mind of all the negative thoughts that linger in your mind. It helps you keep your focus on your goal.

Journaling on the other hand helps you record your accomplishments and become aware of the things that you should be thankful for. Writing and being grateful both enhances your mental well-being.

Have a coach or someone to talk to

Social interaction is essential to overcome and avoid depression. Human beings are social beings because it is a survival mechanism. We value the relationship we have with others. People always want to be part of a community and have a sense of belonging.

Having a coach means you have someone to talk to and guide you through the difficulties. He can give you the space, the insights, and new perspectives that you need to understand. He can help become aware of where you are in your life without judging your past actions or the mistakes you have done.

A coach means a person you can trust to open to and share our experiences with. He can bring you from a dark place to somewhere you can be better.

The power to defeat depression is within you. Let me help you unleash your power. Change the way you live. Transform yourself into a better version of you now.

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