7 Mar, 2019

The Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge Has Set Me Free

Freedom!!! That is what I feel I have found with Pete Cohen and the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge.

Hello, I’m Cecilia Summer. I’m 45 and at the start of 2018 I weighed 174lb (79kg). Like many women who aren’t happy about their weight I had tried it all. I had diet books and tables and calorie counters. I’d been a member of many of the biggest diet clubs over the years. I would lose some weight then, over time it would creep back on.

Then I came across the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge. I can still clearly remember the overwhelming feeling of relief, happiness and freedom when I first joined and realised that I could be diet free.

With the support of the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge community I started to take ownership of my own journey. No more calorie or syn counting, no more restrictions, no more being deprived, no more missing out.

Instead the focus was on making small changes that over time make the big differences. Pete, our coach, provided us with lots of tools to use along the way but, because of the change in my attitude, I knew that I didn’t have to follow his instructions blindly.

There is only one way, and that is my way. I chose which tool I wanted to start with. I chose how many tools I wanted to work on at the same time. This is YOUR journey. This way of living is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle change. It is a mindset change. It is a change of attitude. Once I started to work on this, everything just fell into place. I have realised that it is NOT a race, that there is no right or wrong way of doing this, and that in itself brings with it an enormous sense of relief.

As for the Mi365 WLC Facebook group – what a community! This has been critical to my success. No matter how bad a day I feel that I have had – there is always someone available to support me and to point out my positives. The group also helps with keeping me accountable.

Every day I learn something new from somebody else in the group. Every day I continue to be inspired by other members. Every day I become a little bit wiser. Not to mention the feeling you get when you are told you have inspired and/or supported somebody else in the group – it is such a boost!!!

And now – even though I have come to realise that my weight is only a number (and not a very important one) I weigh 146lb. That’s 28 lbs lighter and my waist is about 15cm smaller! It took six months and I know this is how I’ll stay – slim, fit and healthy.


I am so grateful to Pete Cohen and the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge community. You have changed my life. You have set me free.


If you want to break free from dieting, then join Cecilia and many others by taking the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge. The Weight Loss Challenge is an exciting new approach to one of the greatest challenges so many people in the Western world face. It will help you break free of the dieting trap and make lasting changes in your life so that you become slimmer, fitter and healthier.


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