4 Apr, 2023

The William Sisters – The Rise of Champions


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“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill

Have you ever dreamt of being a winner but did not pursue it because of overwhelming challenges? Why not learn from the Williams sisters? 

Serena and Venus Williams are multiple Grand Slam tennis champions. Life was not easy for them when they were young, but they overcame all difficulties, including social deprivation, and showed the world who they were meant to be.

Tune in and find out how the Williams sisters changed the course of their lives and realized their dreams. Gather insights that you can apply in your own life so you too can be great.

Be a champion. Manifest the person you want to become and live your fantastic future now.


⚡️ People become more dedicated to practicing if there is a real necessity, and they see the results lead to something better.

⚡️ Goals must be revisited every day.

⚡️ People who have not reinvented themselves become more worried, depressed, frustrated, and angry.

⚡️ A dedication to become better and a supportive environment are necessary when working towards a goal.

Important stories:

🎯 1:48 What I would say to my younger self.

🎯 3:56 Transworld sports introduces the Williams sisters.

🎯 6:58 What Richard Williams did

🎯 14:58 My wife’s fight for her life

🎯 23:21 Richard Williams’ plans

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Pete Cohen  0:00

Happy beautiful day. It's Pete Cohen it's the Future Self Podcast. today's podcast is called The William Sisters - The Rise of Champions. I'll see you after the theme tune


Can someone answer that phone please their economic smartphone. This is the Future Self Podcast. The last thing I need is a bloody phone going off. For crying out loud. Just turn that phone off. Because I know that I don't think it was I know it was actually my future self calling me saying Pete, go for it deliver. Thank you for yourself. You didn't have to call me up because I've got such a great relationship with you that I've built. Over the years I've had some amazing people around me who have inspired me to go above and beyond anything I've done before. One of the things we'd like to talk about in the Future Self Podcast is if you could go back in time and you could see your younger self, what would you say? What would you say to your former self, your younger self? What advice would you give? I think deep down we all know that we carry three elements of ourselves, we carry our past. We carry our present in you being here right now giving me your presence. I really want to thank you for that because you don't have to do that. You are gracing me with your presence. And I'm gracing you with mine and I want to give you the best that I can possibly can. Because if I could go back in time, I'll just say to my younger self, believe Bigger, believe faster. And just never stop. Just know that there's gonna be obstacles along the way and people will doubt you and things won't always work out the way that you you want to but just practice and just train a train harder and go faster and go bigger. That's what I would say. Because I want to talk about the Williams sisters and I watched the film yesterday, King Richard which is about the Williams sisters father Richard Williams. And I know that story very well, but it was good to see it from another perspective. I remember watching a TV program. I mean, I'm massively into sport. I went to a sport university. I studied Sport Science. I've worked with some of the greatest athletes you know, I just love sport, because I played sports were quite high level. And I became a PE teacher. I love I love anything that is competitive. I think life is a competitive event. And I think there's nothing better when people see life as competitive but the person they're competing against is there for myself to outperform your your previous best so that we don't what's the point of life? If you're not trying to get better than the way you were? Before that, to me that doesn't have to be everybody else's reality. But it's I'm in my room right now where I worked and I look to my left I've got a poster of rocky for what a fantastic film that was wasn't as good as Rocky three. And if I look a little bit more to the left, I've got a big poster of Michael Jordan, Space Jam. And I always feel like Michael Jordan is he's looking down at me. He's looking down at everything I do. I'm wearing a Michael Jordan, Jersey, you know, I wanted to be like Mike, I actually want to be like him. I just wanted to be a better version of me. And when you look at the Williams sisters I came across them a long time ago because I used to watch this TV program called Trans World Sports was probably my favorite TV program. I absolutely loved it was on every Saturday. I watch every single episode because they look into sport, but they would also look at up and coming stories. And just take a minute to listen to this.


Speaker  3:08

It was November 1992 When Transworld sports traveled to the United States to film the 12 year old Venus m&e, Star Williams and her 11 year old sister Sophia Dominica. We spent the day with them at the Rec Macy tennis academy in Florida. Here's a question. You've been asked more than once. Yes. What do you want to do in tennis player? I like to be a tennis player or something else. And veterinarian. I think that'd be an archaeologist. Really? Yes. What interests you about? Archaeology? Mostly down to rows and then after that, any association


Pete Cohen  3:40

so when you when you watch this, because I've watched it again recently, you see these two young 11 and 12 year old girls, and you see the look on their face that you just see all they wanted to do was play tennis. And you know what they did really is incredible. I mean, it's like it's a story that you couldn't make up coming from Compton, which is notorious for gang land. It's a place of social deprivation, a lot of inequality. You don't see two young black girls becoming two of the greatest tennis players of all time, in fact, and Serena is the greatest tennis player of all time with 23 Grand Slam titles in between them. 30 And when you look at the film, and if you ever get a chance to I mean, the film was amazing for lots of reasons. One as a slight detour, that Will Smith, who got an Oscar for it. Many people remember when his Oscar speech that before that he went and smacked Chris Rock in the face. And obviously the whole world stopped but that's what had happened. But what was really fascinating was, What Will Smith said a few days later that he was so embarrassed and he was humiliated because it wasn't in keeping with who he aspired to be. And with the whole Future Self Podcast and everything we do, it is simply driven around an idea, an idea that wherever you are in the world right now, you have a choice. With everything that you do today is shaping your future. And the way I see it, most people today are living a future they don't want they will end up one day and they will look back. They'll just wish that they've made some different decisions. They wish they had said certain things they wish they've done certain things. They wish they hadn't done certain things. They just wish they had done more. And I wonder if that's you, I want to feel that sort of person. Or whether you're one of those maybe strange kind of I call them outliers, who is driven by a vision of a better world but really driven by a vision of a better you because we can all think about going back in time and seeing for myself, but we can all think about going ahead of time and meeting our future self. And when you look at what Richard Williams did, I mean Richard Williams was he was an outlier. He wasn't perfect, but then who is he was just doing the best that he could possibly can with but he had a dream. He had a vision to talk and you know what he did? It was like, you know, you people just don't do what he did, but some people do. And what if you could take some of what he did, because he had a plan. And the plan was for these girls to rule the world and what they did. And it makes a great film because it's almost like well, did that really happen? Because both of the Williams sisters have now retired the you know, they stopped playing tennis competitively. And he just think about that window. Because I remember watching that that video and Transworld sport years ago. Just think wow, that seemed to have happened in the blink of an eye. And the biggest takeaway for me and watching this film and those of you that have watched it, you probably get that sense of power of practice, the power of training, mentally, physically, emotionally, the power of just getting better. And yeah, he did drill his kids and yes, he did some pretty outrageous things with them. But all in keeping with the plan and the plan was really big. It was massive. And you can hear them speak. You can find interviews with them very young saying they want to win Wimbledon, they're going to win Wimbledon and they've got the game to beat players. They just did things in a different way. The father didn't want him to play Junior Tennis. So for literally three years they were coming Great to crater place but they weren't playing in junior competitions. He just walked in a different way to everybody else. And to do that is a big challenge right to kind of go you know what, I'm not doing it that way because as human beings we tend to be a bit sheep like a herd mentality is like, we go where everyone's gone before. And Richard was quite lucky because there are a few people around him who kind of you'd think they knew better, because they had produced many great tennis players, but they still gave him the grace. And this wonderful bit in the film, where before Venus plays in this big competition. A guy from Nike comes and offers him offers the Williams family $3 million and amazing contract. And Richards like well, you know, Venus needs to decide and she's only 14 minutes. What do you think she goes, No, I don't want it. I don't want the money. She goes, I want to show them I can play. She didn't like the idea of being given the money before she could prove that she could play. I just said wow, that's amazing. And she went and played the number one player in the world. And it was fascinating because I actually remember watching this I remember watching a video of it that she won the first set. And then in the second set, the girl who was born in the world did what's called ice breaking or ice burning. I can't remember what the exact terminology where she went to, to the toilet and she was there for like nearly 10 minutes. And you could quite clearly see that this not Venus and the girl came out and won. But then the world saw what this girl was capable of. And then they offered 4 million she said no and then she then the 5 million, I think was eight months later they took 12 million from Reebok and I know it isn't about all the money, but for them they wanted to prove that they can play. And then what I love about Serena is Serena is younger than Venus and Venus is getting all the attention. And Serena is watching and learning in the background. And Serena Williams to me is I can't She's not perfect but who is just think of the dedication of something to something that makes me emotional when you see people that are truly dedicated to something I'm curious with all the people that listen to our podcasts or whatever the world what do you dedicate to truly dedicated to that? You have a practice and unbreakable practice. And it's a big challenge for people who do not agree that it's a big challenge for us to be dedicated to anything where there's no real necessity towards there's no necessity for most people. To get up early. Right? There's no real necessity for people to exercise or go to a gym or eat healthy. There's just no necessity for a lot of people. But if there is necessity because you see the result of what you're doing, it's going to lead to something better, then you might behave differently. I just watched that film and I just thought I'm ready to take it to the next level. I'm ready to pull down on my goals. You know you think about this with with with goals. You know some people will set goals especially at certain times of the year, and they maybe will revisit those goals once or twice but then that's it. The goals are that important. Surely Do not be revisiting them every day. And I know that what I'm saying it's not for everybody, I get that like my approach is not for everybody. But I don't want you to have my approach. I want you to develop yours. So you can start competing every single day. Maybe you don't like the word competing. Maybe there's another word that you want to come up with. Maybe you don't like the idea of hunting your future self or pursuing your future self. Maybe you prefer the idea of being guided by your future self, you know, you're going to meet that person one day. You know, I'll never forget when my dad was in hospital and he was that process of deterioration and dying was happening. I remember just being in hospital with him and him looking at someone who literally was on some sort of life support machine. Can my dad just said, I don't want to end up like that. Now, I don't know how that person ended up like that. But it's probable that maybe there were some lifestyle choices that he made every single day that led that to happen. Again, I don't know. What about you what could you do today that if you did tomorrow would make tomorrow better? What could you do tomorrow that would make the next day better? What could you do? And what will you do is the fascinating thing of human beings, what we can do what we do do the results that we get. And I made a video about Elon Musk and I I'm a big fan of it. I don't know him. I'd love to know him. I would love to get him on my podcast. He's gonna be on my podcast. There you go. I want to get the Williams sisters on my podcast. I can see it now I can see myself interviewing them. Now if I can see myself interviewing and what does that mean? Well, it mean it already exists on my level. But you know what? I'm still gonna have to do the work to manifest and just think of something I'm still gonna have to do the work. And I know the steps that it will take to get there. And I'm prepared to take the steps to get there prepared to do whatever it takes. What about you? Now of course, the other thing that happened yesterday, in watching this film about the Williams sisters was you know, seeing my wife watching and seeing the fight that she's had for her life. I said to her afterwards, I said, You know what, that's so inspiring. But what you've been on when you've been fighting for your life. And then seeing in the middle of the night last night, she wasn't able to sleep because she's still experiencing quite a lot of pain, where she had surgery on the top of her head. It's buzzing, it's shooting pain and you just see when you're when you see someone in pain, but you still see that desire, just to keep going. But if the dots aren't aligned towards something that you see that if you continue to do this, it's going to lead to that. I mean, personally for me, and the way I work is I've got massive audacious goals but it's not about achieving the goals. And I can be quite, I can be quite outrageous. As soon as it doesn't matter whether I achieve them. It's just working towards it. That's just me. So I'll double down and I'll dedicate myself. But I want to see more champions. Not just on a tennis court. I've kind of done my time with that have been worked in professional football, having worked with the greatest snooker player of all time for two years. Many of you know you know the stories, you know, the people I've interviewed on this podcast, people like Sally gun or people, Dan Kelly Holmes, people have won an Olympic gold medals competed at the highest level of their sport. I enjoy that. You know, I enjoyed it. And if the opportunity comes again, who knows? But there are other people who I call really champions of life that are dedicated to making the world a better place. And many of you know who those people are, you know who you are, you know, I'm talking to you right now, even if I've never met you, that you're dedicated to get better, so that when you're better, everything around you is better. That is why we created our app Stop One Start One to help people start getting one at least 1% better. 1% What is 1% of the day, just 1% of one day. It's crazy, really because I was thinking about this this morning again, but it's 14 minutes and 24 seconds. And this podcast has been recorded for 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Has it been a good investment? Are you inspired by Venus and Serena? Williams and Richard Williams, who had a plan and his children believed in the plan, and they were prepared to do the work, the ups and the downs of life. And with Elon Musk when he said I just love what you said about high pain threshold. I just think that's so important right if you want anything to happen, guess what? It's probably going to be quite painful because it isn't all going to work out.


There's going to be losses along the way. There's going to be things that you don't want to have happen. But it all becomes a lot easier when there's a couple of things in place. One is an environment where people around you support you no question about that. That's why I admire so much Richard Williams because that environment is not conducive. To the greatest tennis players of all time is not growing up in in Compton. It's just not it doesn't happen. It does happen because it did happen. But he created that environment. He created that bubble. And you see another element is just the dedication to to something to keep working at something to keep getting better at something and what most people are doing every day as they're getting worse. They're getting worse at what they do. They're getting better at worrying and feeling sad and depressed and frustrated and angry. They're getting better at it. Now that sounds harsh, but I think it's true for a lot of people because they just haven't made a decision. to reinvent themselves. Are you ready to reinvent yourself? Are you ready to just kind of take everything to the next level? You know, are you ready to pick up the phone? When the phone rings? When you know it's your future self calling you got something to say? The question is are you ready to start? Are you ready to start filling in the gaps? My gap? I think years ago I would have seen a separation between myself and the Williams sisters like wow look at they're amazing, but I don't see a separation. I see something in them that I see in myself. And I see that and everybody I mean, it's the opportunity to get better at something. So I'm really proud of myself for taking a moment to celebrate the Williams sisters 30 Grand Slam titles between them. Serena is the greatest player of all time in terms of titles, but that's probably going to change very soon with Brockovich or Nadal. Federer has also retired in terms of the greatest female tennis player of all time. Will that ever be rivaled? I have no idea. You could say the same with Tiger Woods, overcoming the odds, especially with their color. People didn't play tennis. Arthur Ashe was just like, you know, it didn't really seem real. Like it didn't really happen, but it happened not much happened after him. But with the imagine how many black people now around the world play tennis because of Serena Williams and Venus Williams, but really because of Richard Williams because he decided to have a plan. I'm not sure how many black people in golf, but let's put the black out of the way for the moment. Just imagine how many people like whenever Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Africans, Australians, play tennis, play golf, because people decided to break the rules. The law, as Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say Don't break the law, break the rules. And that might be not beat that might not be for everybody. But you're ready to break the rules that you've put around yourself. Are you ready to outperform yourself? Are you ready to boldly go to where you've not gone before? Are you ready? Let's get ready to rumble. Every day waking up getting ready to rumble using the Stop One Start One app which has been designed specifically to help people close the gaps to start getting a 1% improvement. Because often people talk about massive action and I'm not a big fan of massive action. I mean massive dreams big bold, audacious goals. But it doesn't have to be massive action because most people can't take massive action every single day. But they could take massive tiny action 1% improvements 14 minutes and 24 seconds and just keep going regardless of what happens to become the greatest you you could ever possibly be. And I genuinely want to praise you for listening to this. And I want to genuinely praise you. Because many of us we've come a long way. Some of you have come a long way together with me but the question is, are you ready? through the hard times and I want to celebrate you for listening for investing almost 2% of your day into listening to this podcast. You know what I think would be really nice to just to finish up with is to perhaps listen a little bit to the man. That is Richard Williams. He literally didn't know anything about sport. So how did he discover it?


Speaker  17:29

Watching television and content? The TV we have a remote control. A guy called Bert Collins gave a good night Virginia Rezaee a check. I don't remember what you take. But I thought that's a hell of a lot of money before they I went to my wife and told her two kids with Umbridge. There'll be times where we do have two kids and I wrote a two page plan or Venus or a plan for Selena, or what I wish to do. How are they done? And how are we carried


Pete Cohen  17:55

out? Isn't it amazing? That 85 Page plan. Now I'm not suggesting that you go out and write an 85 Page plan. But you could do if you want to. But just literally realize that you have an opportunity of a lifetime right here right now. Thank you Richard Williams for inspiring me to go above and beyond what I would have done without you going first. And you rest in peace, my friend and I can't wait to get both of your daughters on my podcast. Take care and thank you for listening to the Future Self Podcast.


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