Top 10 Tips for Stress Busting

4 Jul, 2019

Top 10 Tips for Stress Busting

Top Ten Stress Busting Tips

It’s estimated that 70% of people in the world today are in a state of stress most of the time. This is a significant challenge to both physical and mental health because we are simply not designed to be on high alert this much. Here then are my top 10 tips to help you alleviate stress when it happens.

1. We feel stress and then, because we know it is ‘bad’ for us, we cause ourselves even more stress. So, make sure that you don’t look at stress as ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ It’s just a choice that you’re making at that moment in time.

2. Stress can feel very lonely, especially in the workplace where there are expected ways you should be behaving. But, you’re not alone. If 70% of people are in a state of stress most of the time, then most of the people you work with are feeling stress too – and are trying not to show it, just like you.

3. By the time we reach around 35 years of age, 95% of our habits and behaviours are fixed. That means that you will often experience stress as a habit – because you have learned to react that way. Become more aware of your triggers – observe what causes you to feel stress so you are able to choose a different response next time that trigger occurs.

4. One way to do this is to practice meditation daily, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes at the start of each day. Meditation is a great tool for retraining your brain to respond differently and to help you be more aware of your stress triggers when they occur.

5. One really common habit many people have is to feel stress over something that has happened in the past. We continue to ruminate over a past mistake even though nothing can now be done to change that. Every single day you have a chance to do something different. Ask yourself what you an learn from that previous experience, forgive yourself (and others) and let it go.

6. There are many ways to alleviate stress when we feel it. Get to know the tools that work for you. Tools I often recommend to help here include exercise (which might be something vigorous, like boxing, or more mindful, like yoga), journaling your feelings to get them ‘out of your head’, laughing or having a hug. These all release the hormone oxytosin, which is the antidote to stress.

7. When we are faced with change it can feel really uncomfortable. But the more you practice the more comfortable you become with the new way of doing things. Over time you develop new neurological pathways in the brain and what once caused you stress becomes easy and comfortable.

8. We all talk to ourselves (it’s normal) and there are two ‘voices’ inside your head. One is there to protect you and it does this by trying to prevent any form of change – which is why you feel stress at doing something new or if you don’t feel 100% in control of your circumstances. The other voice wants you to learn and grow and move forwards – so keep listening out for the inner voice that wants to take your forward.

9. We often make sense of what is going on around us by talking about it. So find someone you know like and trust , a mentor or a coach who you can talk to openly and honestly about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.

10. And, most importantly, visualize the ideal version of you. How would you describe that person? What do they look like? How do they move through the world? Write a description, draw a picture, create a vision in your mind and start to become emotionally attracted to the person that you want to be. With that image in your mind, you know that the challenges you face and the stress you feel now is part of the journey to become that version of yourself.

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  1. Philip

    This does resonate with me and something I’m working on daily, it’s down to me to reset my conditioning great post

  2. Louise

    It’s taken me awhile to realise just how much damage & chaos stress can cause.
    Now I use tools to help work with those triggers,& practice them to minimise stress,eg Yoga/ meditation however always a work in progress!

    Great thought provoking blog, thanks Pete, & for those Top Ten Stress Busting Tips, they’re very helpful reminders.👊💥👍😊

  3. Louise

    Enjoyed listening to this blog. It’s taken me good few years to realise just how much I can be affected by stress…it’s very unhealthy.
    Nowadays I use tools to help redirect the triggers & am much more aware. However it’s always a work in progress & often needs regular attention! Exercise, meditation & laughter are really powerful in de-stressing. Personally, I’ve found such a big difference can be made with those tools.
    Thanks for this Pete & especially the “Top Ten Stress Busting Tips”..(will share them with my children!!!) 😊👍👊💥

  4. Julie

    Great tips and information. Enjoyed watching the film and the tips are easy to do and easy not to do!


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