3 Jun, 2018

Vision changes everything

How setting a vision of a great place to work influences the decisions you make.

I’m on a mission to create organisations where people love what they do, love where they work and love who they work with.

Just image if your organisation was like that.

This isn’t an idle fancy and, even if your current culture feels a long way off that vision, it is all the more reason to set ‘a great place to work’ as an ambition.


Quite simply because goals are like magnets. If you have a vision of a place where your teams relish coming to work and are full of energy and enthusiasm, then it will radically change the decisions you make and the way you treat people.

Goals are like magnets

Let me give you some examples:

There is a tight deadline coming up and everyone is under pressure to work late to get it done. 

  • The typical company drops the ‘carrot’ and pulls out the ‘stick’ telling everyone to crack on to get the work done. After all their contract includes clauses about additional work as and when needed. Then, since there isn’t anything useful they can do, the manager goes home.
  • In the average company the manager stays with their team, working in their office, to show support. They order in a takeaway pizza for everyone. Okay, it isn’t all that healthy, but people deserve a treat for working late. The manager makes a note of those who have worked late, planning to recognise it when annual appraisals come round
  • In a great place to work everyone stays, rolls up their sleeves and pitches in – even those not directly involved in the issue. Then, the next morning everyone comes in late, so they can make up the time and are fresh for the day.

Someone in the team had made a major mistake which has cost the business money. Your head is on the block.

  • In the typical company  everyone is quick to point the finger and explain why it was someone else’s fault.
  • In the average company there is a thorough investigation to understand the root cause of the problem and action is taken accordingly.
  • In a great place to work the person who made the mistake comes forward straight away and works with the team to work out how to prevent something like this ever happening again.

Vision changes everything

A new member of the team starts today. 

  • In the typical company the new joiner is shown round the office and sat at their desk. Their manager has half an hour with them later in the day and gives them a list of people it would be good for them to meet. The email address and IT can now be ordered and they’ll have access in a couple of weeks.
  • In the average company the new joiner spends day one in an induction session where they receive their IT and login and the company values and policies are explained to them. They get an employee handbook and a guided tour of the office. Their manager sits down with them on their second morning and sets preliminary objectives and assigns someone to train them.
  • In a great place to work every new joiner follows a well-structured induction programme, which includes a day one orientation and a ‘first 100 days’ guide to getting settled in. Appointments have been set up for them during their first week and they have a ‘buddy’ assigned to help them get settled. They work with a mentor to set preliminary objectives designed to help them get settled in.

Which of these are you at the moment? And which do you aspire to be?

By setting the goal you shape every step of your business interactions. You use the goal to decide everything.

So ask yourself, if you want to create a great place to work for your team what does that mean for the next decision you make today?


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