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Want a Better Life - Be an Outlier

An outlier is defined as a person, thing, or fact that is very different from other people, things, or facts. It is someone or something that stands apart from others. It can then be said that an outlier is someone or something that is not normal or extraordinary.

If this is the case then, is being an outlier a good thing?

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers is full of anecdotes of persons he considers outliers. It includes personalities like Bill Gates, the Beatles, Christopher Langan, and many more succesful personalities.

Therefore, to be an outlier is deemed as exceptionally favorable. People look up to outliers because they are changemakers. Outliers are known to be the most successful people because they have qualities that the general population do not possess.

What sets outliers apart?

Outliers are imaginative and see things in different perspectives. They look beyond what others see and think what others could not think of. They look for ways to improve systems and processes. They even ask why a structure or approach exists.

Unlike most people, outliers are not afraid to stand out. They do not conform to what society tells them nor follow others blindly. They have the courage to stand up for what they believe sometimes even at the expense of their livelihood, their life, or their freedom.

People who are outliers are determined and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. They put in the much-needed effort and hard work. They are comfortable being uncomfortable. They do not procrastinate nor ruminate because their mind is set to deliver and achieve their targets.

Why outliers have better lives

Outliers are financially, professionally, or personally successful. Their success allows them to be more satisfied and live happier lives. Likewise working towards their goal every single day gives meaning to their lives.

Outliers know the impact they can make on the lives of others. The ability to do something different and to provide what others cannot makes their life more fulfilling. They know they are contributing to society and making a legacy.

Without outliers, there would not be new developments or technologies. Life would always be the same. People will always suffer from the same problems.

Take for example the case of my wife Hannah. Years ago, she was afflicted with a life-threatening disease and was given only a few months to live but I was able to find outliers, doctors in the US who went out of the norm even if many were against their ideas. My wife underwent the radical treatment and recovered and lived years beyond what the doctor told her.

Then a few months back, my wife’s cancer recurred. Once again, we looked for other alternatives, other outliers, and this time we found them in Germany. Dr. Beni Gesundheit and Dr. Huseyin Sahinbas thought out of the box and injected viruses to cancer cells in the brain.

My wife underwent the procedure and several months later her condition improved. Her body is no longer paralyzed and is now able to move again. She has defied the odds and continues to live and with this I can say that my wife, Hannah is also an outlier.

Outliers play an important role in the world. They give us hope. They improve not only their lives but other people’s lives as well. It is time for you to do your part and to be an outlier.

How you can you be an extraordinary person

Let me start by saying that the foremost course of action you must take to be an outlier is to know yourself. Give yourself time to think about who and where you currently are. Learn to accept your mistakes. Do not dwell in frustrations or regret as you will only end up ruminating.

Learn to let go of your negative emotions. Once you are fully aware of your current self, you must now think about who you want to be? What kind of life do you want to have? What legacy do you want to leave?

You have choices. You do not have to be the same person you are right now. Nobody remains to be the person they are because everyone changes and evolves intentionally or unintentionally. You will change whether you like it or not, but would it not be better if you consciously evolved into the person you desired to be.

The sooner you decide who you want to grow into the best it would be for you. If you know your goal or who you are becoming, then you will have empathy for that person. That understanding and compassion will help you form a relationship with your future self and give you the determination and motivation to be whoever you want to be.

Your goal prevents you from drifting and living the life you do not want. It gives you a vision of what the future holds but it is important to follow a path towards the achievement of your future goals otherwise your goals will remain to be mental visions.

Let your future self guide your decisions and your actions. You do not have to be the person society tells you to be. Society tells us to conform, to be the same as the others around you but you can be different. Change your mindset and be imaginative.

It is alright to have and offer contrasting perspectives. You do not have to be like everyone else. You can be the change if you look at things differently. Use your imagination, be innovative and think of what others have not thought of. Think outside the box. You have your own distinct talents and abilities.

The key is to use those talents, to express your uniqueness, your individuality. You can shape any future you want. Look past your current self, and beyond what society wants you to be. You must be courageous enough to live the life you choose because you alone are responsible for your own life.

If you want to know more about how to be courageous, click the link and tune in to our podcast episode, “The Courage to Courageous Revisited” or go through my blog on “Building Courage to a Better you.”

Now determining who you want to be is not the end of the process, because to be an outlier takes hard work. You must be willing to put in all the effort, to get out of your comfort zone and develop yourself. Learn new skills if you must and most of all to practice those skills.

Malcolm Gladwell indicated in his book that for one to be a master one must put in 10,000 hours of practice. This emphasizes how significant it is not to give up even in the most trying times. To give up is admitting defeat and failure but to persevere is to succeed.

Anything difficult becomes easier with practice. Practice not only leads to mastery, but it also turns actions into habits. Once they become habits the act of doing them becomes automatic and instinctive.

In addition, having good health is essential to being an outlier and living the life you want. Good health gives you the energy to do all your tasks well and to think clearly. Being physically fit, eating properly, getting enough sleep are all vital for a person to function at peak levels.

Reduce stress through regular exercise and meditation. Lesser stress keeps the body and mind from debilitating diseases. Always be mindful of the magnificent seven or the 7 indicators of good health.

I have discussed this on several episodes and if you want to know more about it. Then just click the link to the episode title 7 Signs You Need to Change Your Habits.  

Lastly, never tire to seek out opportunities and take advantage of them. Opportunities lead you to accomplish your goals, the person you want to be. It gives you the chance to show and share with others what you have learned and discovered. It allows you to be the change by helping others improve their lives or even inspire them to be an outlier like you.

Take advantage of every moment to meet new people, especially those that can support your growth as an outlier. Being with likeminded persons helps you do more as they can guide and motivate towards the reinvention yourself.

With every opportunity comes risks and as you overcome these challenges you learn to conquer your fears and develop that much needed confidence. Seeking opportunities changes you to a better version of yourself.

Be the change maker you were meant to be and live the extraordinary life you desire.

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  1. Thank you Pete. Well I joined Kick-Start back in March and I know I am definitely changing. You have given me structure back into my life, confidence returning and I find myself saying what I think which was unheard for a long time. I have completely changed my life after illness. Living in completely new area. Having to get out there, smile on my face and being curious! Luv to communicate with others and learn something new everyday! Confidence returning and being grateful for Clubhouse, David, Mandy-Jayne my hero and listening daily to all the advice and stories ❤ the communication with others! Many many thanks for all the inspiration you send out each day! You are an amazing human being! I am honoured to know you. 🙏 Namaste and thank you. Diane

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