What is the best movie in the world

30 Aug, 2019

What is the best movie in the world

We all love a good story. Right from early childhood, it is something we all latch on to and enjoy. That’s why we love films – because of the stories they tell and because we can identify with the characters. Have you ever dreamed of being Superman or Erin Brokovitch or Luke Skywalker?

We see a story unfold in two hours or so and it can inspire us. We can get great ideas from films as well as using them to detach from our own lives for a short while.

When you look a little closer at films, you start to see that all the stories follow a pattern – and it is pattern which has existed for thousands of years.

In 1949, American academic Joseph Campbell published a book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, based on his studies of myth and religion across the ages. He had discovered that all heroic tales have the same 17 stages and this Hero’s Journey, has been recognised ever since as the basic structure of all myth, legend and literature.

That same pattern exists in your life too.

  • You are living your life
  • Something happens to change the status quo – perhaps an illness, or a challenge at work or some other change in your life.
  • You resist the change – you don’t want this change or the potential consequences.
  • You get help and support – from those who come on the journey with you or perhaps from a coach or mentor.
  • Things get really challenging
  • You learn from the experience and come through it stronger and better


So, I invite you to think of your life as a movie.

But, don’t just think of your past movies. Think of your future too.

You are the writer, the actor and the director of your own movie. What is the movie you want to create for your life? What is the story you want to tell? What adventures do you want to have?

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