With love, from me to you.

23 Aug, 2019

With love, from me to you.

It is often said that love makes the world go round. If that’s true, let me ask you a question:

How often do you tell someone you love them?

With those who are closest to you – parents, children, partner – it is probably quite often. With friends and the wider family, perhaps it is less frequent.

How about work colleagues? Or your customers and suppliers? What about the person you sit next to every day on the bus to work?

Hands up who thinks I’ve lost the plot by asking those last three questions!

Love – love for the wider world – is something of a taboo subject and yet, love is something of a secret weapon. That was what I discovered recently when I read the book Love 2.0 by Barbara L Fredrickson PhD.

She makes a really compelling case for loving other people throughout the day. You don’t need to tell them out loud that you love them. Just send loving thoughts in their general direction, for a moment or two.

In doing this, you generate something she calls ‘positivity resonnance’ which stimulates the vagus nerve which, in turn, improves our mood, boosts the immune system and strengthens the heart.

What’s more, that ‘warm and fuzzy’ that you feel is also projected onto the subject of your loving thoughts. The more you practice sending love to people, the more they will connect with you and recognise that you care about them.

So take a few moments right now to give some love to someone near you. Smile at them; think about how great they are; give them your full attention.

In doing so you are building positivity resonance and creating a better world for you and everyone around you.

I love you!

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