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What has happened to our world? What future awaits us? Do we still have the capacity to survive the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic? How can we better cope with the impending situation?

These are questions that may have crossed your mind at some point with the on-set of the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease itself along with the health measures implemented by different countries to prevent its further spread have greatly disrupted the lives of everyone.  Over the past two years, the pandemic has had devastating impacts across the globe on everyone’s health, livelihood, and relationships.

The devastating effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 impacts on health

Healthwise, the pandemic not only exponentially increased the number of deaths worldwide, but it has likewise contributed to the rise of mental and physical ailments of people.  According to the World Health Organization more than six and a half million people have died from the disease and there are more than 600 million confirmed cases to date.

Both the disease itself and the health protocols implemented to mitigate its spread has had psychological effects on people. In an article, Klause Lange mentioned that in a study in the UK dementia-like syndrome, new-onset psychosis, along with encephalitis, were seen as the neurological and psychiatric complications in people who suffered from the disease.

Aside from the direct effects of the virus on the brain and body, the lockdowns and social restrictions implemented also contributed to increased depression, anxiety, addiction, and lower physical health.  People had limited physical activity as  only few were allowed to go out to gather necessities. Gyms, and other businesses were closed. People had no option but to stay indoors.

Malnutrition is another contributing factor to decreased physical health. Food was limited in most countries because of border closures and few people allowed to work. People resorted to rations just to be able to eat.

COVID-19 impacts on livelihood

In 2020, a joint statement by ILO, FAO, IFAD and WHO, stated that almost 1.7 billion workers globally were at risk of losing their livelihood either due to being afflicted with the virus or as an after effect of the implemented social restrictions.

Most businesses closed and those that remained open either had minimal staff or provided lesser working hours with no additional sickness benefits. Establishments that provided basic goods and services were the ones that mostly remained open.

People shifted from physically going to their places of work to virtual or online work but not everybody was fortunate enough to work online. Some teachers lost their jobs as most schools closed and shifted to virtual learning.

Millions of people have lost their jobs and the sad truth is even if the world has eased up on restrictions many are still unemployed and have difficulty coping with expenses. A CBPP article revealed that in the US alone over 1 in 4 adults countrywide had difficulty covering the usual household expenses and that jobless claims remained high until October 2021.

COVID-19 impacts on relationships

Social interactions and personal relationships were also affected by the pandemic. People who got sick were isolated and not allowed to be with other people. Lockdowns further limited individuals from having closer physical ties with each other.

This contributed to higher incidences of depression and anxiety as people lacked social support, interactions, and networks from other individuals. Social connections were minimized with the implementation of social distancing.

Domestic violence increased as social restrictions were implemented. In fact, an article by UN Women indicated that one in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual abuse within the household.

The pandemic has brought about many relationship problems among people. The aftermath of these abuses as well as relationship problems can linger on even as social restrictions are lifted.

What now? How do we cope?

What is alarming is that even though many countries have eased up on lockdowns and health protocols, the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 still loom all over the world and will continue as a cure has not been found. What do we do now with this impending situation?

One thing anyone can do is to improve on oneself and the way one handles challenges. We need to develop goals for ourselves. We need to have a clearer and better view of our future selves and to be more resilient in difficult times. This can be quite a task or even unknown to many as most people have clouded judgements of themselves and their capabilities and are blinded by their emotions and fears.

If you are one of those having this difficulty, then the best way to move forward is to have a coach. Someone who can guide you toward the life you want to live and the person you want to become. Everyone needs a guide. I too had a coach and he helped me save my wife.

Why must you have a coach?

A coach is not solely for an athlete. A coach is for anyone who wants to go somewhere or for someone who wants to be better. There are numerous benefits to having a coach, the most important of which is to direct and keep you on the right path. He can help you determine and reach your goal as well as maximise your potential.

He sees beyond what you see and understands what you cannot comprehend.  He does not have the biases, the fears, and impartial judgement that you impose on yourself. The mind plays tricks on us. If you do not have someone who can help you realise what your mind is doing to yourself then you will never be the person you want to be.

A study made by M.L. Finucane and her co-researchers mentioned the “affect heuristic”. This study showed that people’s perception of a given risk is higher when there is more emotional impact. Fear increases that emotion and negative perception. Our mind sees more than what reality presents.

Another reason why you must have a coach is that he can develop in you a winner’s mindset. He gives you motivation and inspiration to succeed. He provides you with insights and tools to improve yourself. He makes you accountable for your actions and does not allow you to succumb to the habits that limit you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Now that you understand what a coach can do for you, your next question might be, “Who is then the best person to help me survive the uncertain future? Who can guide me to be the person I want to be?

There are numerous coaches in the world today and it is up to you to decide and choose who is best for you.

Think and ask yourself, does this person really know who I am and who I want to be? Does he have the wisdom to see beyond what I cannot envision? Does he understand where I am coming from? Is he sincere? Is he willing enough to work and bring out the best in me? Does he understand where I am coming from. What has he done? What impacts has he had on people? Is he really a game changer, a disruptor? Will he truly bring me to where I want to be?

Why me? Who am I?

Let me now give you an option and tell you more about myself and the recent experience I had in Dubai.

I am Pete Cohen, renowned speaker, people’s coach, performance coach, bestselling author, tv personality, and influencer. My degree in psychology and sports science along with more than 30 years of experience has allowed me to bring people to where they want to be.

As a performance coach I have brought world-class sporting stars like Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur, Roger Black, The Arsenal Football Club to peak performance. I was even instrumental in Ronnie O’Sullivan’s 2nd world champion title.

I was a resident life coach for GMTV for 12 years, presented my own TV programme, The Coach and even appeared in several TV shows including Confidence Lab, Fat Chance, and Fantasy Retirement. As an author I have written 20 books and continue to do so. Some of my books such as Shut the Duck Up, Life DIY, Sort your Life Out, Habit Busting and Fear Busting have become bestsellers.

As an influencer, I provide daily inspirational posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and motivational and energizing talks on Clubhouse. I have done more than 400 podcast episodes of Future Self with Pete Cohen.

The People’s coach is a title that has been bestowed upon me by the people I have worked with, people whose lives I have greatly impacted and changed for the better. I have motivated and inspired people to be more than they ever thought possible, to be their future selves and have a better life. This is my passion.

My passion and years of experience has allowed me to devise proven tools and techniques to help people be their best. One of these is the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app which you can download by clicking on the link. This provides you with insights, a supportive community and many more to help you develop the habits you need to be the person you want to become.

As a renowned speaker, I have had speaking engagements for more than 200 major companies, but I want to highlight my recent speaking event in Dubai because it has been an amazing experience and have been very privileged to do since the pandemic.

My 96-hr Dubai experience

Like everyone else I too have been affected by the COVID- 19 travel restrictions. For two years I was not able to go out, work, and physically engage with people.  However, on October 22, 2022, I had the chance to travel to Dubai for a speaking engagement.

I once again had the opportunity to do what I love – to work with people in person and guide them to be better by connecting with their future selves. I was a keynote speaker in Dubai and stayed there for 96 hours. I spoke at a wellness summit, delivered workshops on mental health and well-being. I also had meetings with previous clients.

One of the things that was truly amazing in that event was that people from different parts of the world were there. It was astounding to see people from so many countries such as Africa, Sudan, the Philippines, the UK, and many more were all represented in one room. Each of them wanted to connect and help one another. There was real positivity about how the people were talking and feeling.

I am looking forward to more of these events because this is how it should be. This is how we can eliminate if not minimize the tremendous impacts of the pandemic. If each one of us must help each other and have a positive mindset. We must all be driven by a goal to be better.  

Let me help you connect to your future self and be the person you want to become. Together we can make the world a better place.

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