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Years Experience

Cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive

Inspiration – to breathe life into something – is what we are all seeking these days. After several incredibly tough years and an uncertain future, I’m drawing on over thirty years of experience to help organisations like yours regain their enthusiasm and energy. Motivating them in the room, on the day, is easy but that’s not where the magic happens. What they do after they leave the session is what I really care about.

A great keynote comes from the relationships that are built, before, during and after the session. People in your organisation can’t be considered in a block – they are all individuals, and they are all human. They have dreams and wishes and worries and insecurities – some of which they share, others which are hidden from sight. My aim is to connect with every person in the room and help them see the future for your organisation and their role within it. I want them to feel excited about how they can be a part of your goals as a company.

With that motivation for a better future, they leave the room inspired to shake off pessimism and build a culture of hope and determination. They’ll be ready to face the challenges ahead and to support one another to cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive.

Pete in Action

People I’ve worked with will tell you I’m charismatic and engaging on stage but we both know it’s not about me. It’s about you: your people and your team.  I’m passionate about making a difference and my commitment is simple: to serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event a massive success, going above and beyond so my presence  has maximum impact and gives you the results you want.

The Resume

Reknowned speaker

Pete Cohen is a distinguished speaker and presenter. He is a motivational and performance coach to the corporate sector, as well coaching both individuals and teams.

He has had speaking engagements for more than 200 major companies such as DELL, Boehringer Ingelheim, IBM, Novartis, Dove, Boots, Ingersoll-Rand, Bic, Pfizer, Four Seasons Hotels, Heineken, ITV, Thomas Cook, Vidal Sassoon, Royal Bank of Scotland .

People's Coach

With over 30 years of experience in psychology and human behaviour, Pete Cohen, the People’s Coach, has changed thousands of lives for the better. He has brought people out of despair to create a better life for themselves and their families. He has mastered the art of taking complicated and challenging topics and delivering them in ways that creates excitement and belief in people. Motivator, inspirator and friend, he remains humble and courageous in all he does.

Bestselling Author

Pete is a highly successful author with 20 books to his name. His internationally successful Habit Busting and Fear Busting were translated into multiple languages and he has had many bestsellers including Shut the Duck Up, Life DIY, and Sort Your Life Out. His books cover topics including health and wellbeing, personal development, leadership and engagement. And he's not done yet! He plans to write more to help people be the best they can be.

TV Personality

Pete was a resident life coach for GMTV for 12 years and made regular appearances on BBC2’s Confidence Lab and This Morning. He also appeared on Going for the Burn, Fat Chance and Fantasy Retirement as well as presenting his own TV programme, The Coach, with Andrea McClean.

He was internationally recognised as an expert for his formula for happiness in 2012 and still makes regular appearances on TV and radio .

Performance Coach

With a background in psychology and sports science Pete has brought world-class sporting stars and teams to peak performance. Clients include Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur, Roger Black, the Kent Cricket Team and the Arsenal football Club.

He was performance coach to Ronnie O'Sullivan for over two years and instrumental in the snooker star's second world champion title.


An influencer in the true sense of the word, Pete Cohen is active on social media with daily inspirational posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. He was the first author to publish a book on the new social media platform Clubhouse, where he can be found every morning empowering people to change their mindsets and accomplish what they never thought possible. Thousands of people from across the globe follow his channels to be inspired and learn how to be extraordinary.

Client Testimonials

Northern Power Grid Paul Barber Customer Experience Training Manager, Northern Power Grid

“Pete was an extremely engaging speaker. He created a light bulb moment for the audience. He definitely struck a chord with so many people.”

Forth Capital Robert Harris Partner,Forth Capital

“Pete presented to our team of highly experienced professionals, all of whom hung on his every word, felt energised and enthused after the session.”

BIC Europe Steve Brown Logistics Support Manager,BIC Europe

“Pete had the audience engaged from the first to the last word. His positive impact set the scene for a very energised 2 days.”

IDUG Steve Brown Mirna Kos EMEA 2013 Conference Chair, IDUG

“Pete set the conference atmosphere on a great, positive, and energetic level. People were willing to take steps and act for the better.”

Ingersoll Rand Patrick O’Connell Communications Director, Ingersoll Rand

“Pete is an enthusiastic, provocative, and inspiring speaker. His energy and thoughtful discussion create actions. He’s a treat, and a great add to your agenda.”

Boots Deborah Perry Insights & Innovation Manager, Boots

“Pete exceeded our expectations. Pete seems to speak everyone’s language. The feel good factor was off the scale. Time spent with Pete was impactful.”

International Dove Spa Deborah Perry France’s Hayter Development Director, International Dove Spa

“Pete delivered a motivational, inspirational, and entertaining talk. Pete is easy to work with and knows how to inspire and challenge his audience.”

Nigel Frank International Mark Heath Operations Director, Nigel Frank International

“Even at short notice, Pete seamlessly incorporated our messages into his interactive and invigorating presentation. Pete has a talent for communicating to an audience.”

Town And Country Housing Group Stuart Ilslsy Head of Customer Service, Town And Country Housing Group

“Pete has an energy like no other presenter, is incredibly inspiring, and delivered incredibly valuable content. I would recommend Pete Cohen to any organization.”

MDL Consultancy Dean Smith Marketing Director, MDL Consultancy

“Pete delivered. Pete’s mix of humour and insightful statements had delegates crying with laughter, nodding in agreement, and hanging on to his every word. Excellent!”

EBP Elaine Lilley Chief Executive, EBP

“Pete was very enthusiastic. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious. He was able to make his speech relevant, engaging and uplifting to all who attended.”

Novartis Jila Breeze Global Head Novartis Consumer Health, Novartis

“His energy and enthusiasm were contagious and was able to make his speech relevant, engaging and uplifting. They won’t be wavering work experience provisions now.”

Jason Yeomans PMGC Technology Group Jason Yeomans PMGC Technology Group

"Pete was able to immediately grasp what we were trying to achieve. I am delighted with what he delivered and the reaction of the team.”

IKANO Alison Chmiel Deputy Managing Director, IKANO

“We found his enthusiasm and insight energizing. He left us with a tangible base to develop our performance. It was fun and very enjoyable.”

AIB Bank Manueline Hickman Internal Communications & Engagement UK Business Partner, AIB Bank

“Pete’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He holds his audience’s attention from the minute he walks on stage to the minute he leaves it.”

University Of Derby Yvonne Huxley Senior Lecturer, University Of Derby

”Pete provided our 150 delegates with motivation, laughter and inspiration. He encouraged every one of us! I would recommend Pete to everyone – truly captivating.”

Moneycorp Christina Foxwell Head of Partnership, Moneycorp

“I want to massively thank you. My colleagues and I really enjoyed it and took something away which we’re each endeavouring to put into practice.”

OPITO David Doig Group Chief Executive, OPITO

“Pete delivered for us and a whole lot more. He wowed the audience with his energetic, professional and fun style. Pete is a true leader.”

Barclaycard Chris Warburton Director (UK) Head of Collections and Recoveries, Barclaycard

“Pete gave a great session, helping the team think differently. Great tips to help us be positive, achieve our personal goals and handle situations.”

Bilfinger Alistair Greening QOHSE Director, Bilfinger

“Pete clearly has experience in cultural diversification. He quickly got everyone laughing and listening to his every word. He clearly “hit the spot”– really remarkable.”

Feng Sushi Paul Viner CEO, Feng Sushi

“Pete really helped galvanise my vision and mission. He has motivated and inspired my team to become leaders to enable the business to grow.

Lifehouse Destination SPA Ian Bailey Resort General Manager, Lifehouse Destination SPA

“Pete connects with everyone on different levels. He is motivating, inspirational, fun, honest and has added huge value to what we are building on.”

Babor Michael Schummert CEO, Babor

“Pete is an outstanding motivator; brilliant coach who made our conference a remarkable event. Pete created team spirit to increase our performance and potential.”

Premier Foods Ryan Mills Learning and Development Facilitator, Premier Foods

“Very engaging! He did a brilliant job delivering a very important message to over 350 employees and everyone took a lot away from it.”

Npower Stuart Beasley Business Sales Manager, Npower

“Pete is engaging, enthusiastic and captivates the audience while offering unique perspectives. It was thought provoking and energising at the same time. Well done!”

Boehringer Ingelheim John Hearson Head of Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Pete Cohen delivers stimulating session and makes you think about what you can do. Pete’s presentations will stick in your mind and make a difference.”

Kate Heriot Head of Events Kate Heriot Head of Events, The Big Partnership

“He was excellent and incredibly well received. He had so much energy and really engaged with the delegates. OPITO were delighted with his performance.”

IABM John Ive Director of Business Development & Technology, IABM

“Pete Cohen captivated our audience with animated presentation. In a room full of hard business leaders, Pete’s style and humour created instant buy in.”

Luxottica Polly Joseph Learning & Development Manager, Luxottica

“He delivered inspirational presentation.The audience found him motivating, entertaining and helped them believe in themselves. A very useful, thought-provoking and enjoyable experience.”

Four Seasons Todd Hewitt SPA Director, Four Seasons

“Pete’s energy and sense of humour was an instant hit! He quickly blended in, creating a more unified team, helping us reach our goals!”

Newly Weds Food Colin Hitch Senior European Commercial Director, Newly Weds Food

“Pete is an inspirational speaker and he engaged a diverse audience from Europe, US, UK, and Thailand. Pete had a positive impact on us.”

John Dyson Frazer John Recruitment John Dyson Frazer John Recruitment

“Pete captivated, engaged, and challenged the team’s way of thinking. Pete’s very professional in research, preparation, and delivery. He clearly understood what we wanted.”

Vidal Sassoon Susie Mutch International Marketing Director, Vidal Sassoon

“Pete has an incredible ability to capture and connect with the audience with his infectious enthusiasm and energy. He certainly left a huge imprint.”

Kaspersky Chris Willman UK B2B Marketing Manager, Kaspersky

“Pete understood what I wanted and effectively presented it. He has exceptional communication style, wealth of experience and keen ability to read an audience.”

IOSH Tracey Wright Commercial Development Manager, IOSH

“If you are looking to challenge your delegates and want them to walk away with a determination to challenge themselves, then do yourself the biggest favor and book Pete Cohen.”

Marks And Spencer Sean Donoghue Head of Retail and in Store Marketing, Marks And Spencer

“Pete made a lasting impression. The team became more focused, motivated and dynamic. It has resulted to better performance and increased determination to succeed.”

De Photo Mike Moore Managing Director, De Photo

“The energy and enthusiasm were felt by everyone. I feel sure the points you made has made a positive impact on all those present.”

Robert Half International Greg Scileppi President of International Staffing, Robert Half International

“Pete delivered an outstanding program to top performing employees. All left the meetings motivated and energised to take their games to the next level!”

JT Development Solutions Tracy Karim Managing Director, JT Development Solutions

“Pete works hard to ascertain the needs of the employer and needs of the audience. His enthusiasm is unlimited, and his positivity is infectious"

Best Western Hanna Tiitola Director of Distribution and Marketing, Best Western

“Comments we received after the event from the delegates were very positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending him for an event.”

Diversified Communications UK “Pete was absolutely brilliant. He delivered a highly energised, and thought-provoking presentation. He was incredibly engaging and he interacted well with the audience.”

“Pete was absolutely brilliant. He delivered a highly energised, and thought-provoking presentation. He was incredibly engaging and he interacted well with the audience.”

CPM Eugene Stack Senior Territory Development Manager, CPM

“Pete had tremendous impact and made people aware of the voice in their heads. This will be a huge benefit to them going forward.”

BUPA Cheryl Rosenthal Brand Communications Manager, BUPA

“Thanks so much for the incredibly inspiring session, your passion & commitment were awesome. I’m very excited to start making changes I’ve committed to.”

Topshop Fritha Hookway Digital Marketing Manager, Topshop

“Pete’s talk was super inspiring. He has a way of flipping difficult challenges into exciting opportunities with simple changes to the way we think.”

ITV Nick Gilmer Marketing Manager, ITV

“He’s one of the best speakers. His delivery is uniquely inspiring. Pete challenged us to act real change and made excellence an achievable goal.”

Heineken Jon Marchant Senior Brand Manager, Heineken

“Pete’s an incredibly engaging speaker and can connect on a personal and emotional level shaped by his own experience and innate belief in everyone’s potential.”

Quintessential Brands Jay Orlean-Taub Global Brand Development Manager, Quintessential Brands

“He’s extremely inspiring, engaging and really simplified the process how one can change for the better. I left with a burst of positive encouragement.”

Dell The Leadership Team Dell Global Sales Learning & Development, Dell

“Such a powerful session. Everyone was hanging on every word. You message was totally on point, and you delivered an outstanding keynote presentation.”

Nice Agency Alex Gibson Product Director, Nice Agency

“Pete was so brilliant. He effortlessly commands everyone’s attention and prompts the audience to make resolutions on the spot. I left feeling incredibly energised.”

Ryvita at Jordans, Jordans Kyrsten Halley Head of Brand, Ryvita at Jordans, Jordans

“We really enjoyed your presentation. It gave me lots to think about! I came away determined to make a difference to my own life.”

    The Mi365 Podcast

    The Mi365 Podcast shows how anyone (including you) can be who they want to be. Every episode gives you insights on how to create a better, more fulfilling life and accomplish your dreams. With a mix of interviews, profiles on the most inspiring figures in the world and presentations, there is something to inspire everyone to become their future self. 

    The Pete Cohen YouTube Channel

    Quick, powerful interventions that can easily be applied and make a significant difference immediately. It’s all about leaving an imprint and resonating with your entire audience. My videos are fun and inspired with fresh insights and new interactions people can’t wait to try them out for themselves.

    Pete Cohen, Bestselling Author

    20 life- changing books,  many of which have become bestsellers and some which have been translated into multiple different languages. Topics include health, weight loss, leadership and personal development. 

    With Pete Cohen
    With Pete Cohen
    With Pete Cohen
    With Pete Cohen
    With Pete Cohen
    With Pete Cohen

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    Hiring the right keynote speaker is vital to make the most of any event. I understand that and know what is important. I have 30 years of experience in understanding the underlying challenges you are facing and teasing out the outcomes you need for lasting success. If you want positivity and energy in the room and a connection with everyone in the audience to educate and empower them to act and be the change, then let’s talk!

    Together we can craft a program that works perfectly for your event agenda.


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    “The measure of success as a keynote speaker and coach is not just relevance but impact. And not just the immediate impact on the day, but the lasting impact of the days, weeks and even years afterwards. It’s all about leaving an imprint and resonating with your entire audience. You create a buzz, people have had fun, they’re inspired by fresh insights and new interactions and they can’t wait to try them out for themselves.” 

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