3 Feb, 2022

#189 Powerful Priming Meditation


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“Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings.” – Arianna Huffington

Today, let’s talk about meditation and how we can incorporate this into our daily lives. In just 10 minutes, we can focus our attention on gratitude and personal goals. Let’s be more than what we think and feel. 

In this episode, let me be your guide in training yourself to Mi365-ing. I encourage you to do this meditation every day and see how you can take your life to another level.  

What You Need To Do: 

✅ Practice a 3-minute breathing exercise. 

✅ Practice gratitude for 3 minutes. Think of 3 moments in your life that you are thankful for. 

✅ Practice envisioning your goals for 3 minutes. Focus on 3 different things that you want to accomplish.


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Pete Cohen 0:00
Hi, it's Pete Cohen here and welcome to Mi365.

Pete Cohen 0:04
Mi365 is your opportunity to create an unbelievable life, we believe that your future is unwritten, and you have the power to change. Now, if you believe that you have an opportunity to do something incredible, but there's if you real key requirements that is necessary for you to create an unbelievable life. And one of those things is training and working on developing yourself. This process that we're going to take you through is called Mi365-ing. What does that mean? It means you are training yourself to feel the way that you want to feel. You see feelings, shapes, so many things in our life. And we need to train ourselves to be the very best that we can be. Because if we don't train ourselves, then we become victims to some of our conditioning we become victim to many of the emotions would stop us from being the very best that we can be. And those emotions typically are fear, anger, stress, or worry. Now, if you want to be the very best that you can be, and I personally am going to take you through a process that if you do this every single day, you will take the antidote to fear and worry and stress. And that's gratitude, inspiration, love, joy, fulfillment, and start to fill yourself up with these emotions. So that throughout your days, you can trigger yourself to feel more of the way that you want to feel. You see, what we all need to understand is that we are living in a body with a brain that really is about 2 million years old. And our brains are set up to help us survive. That's how we survive that we

Pete Cohen 1:57
had to be on the lookout for danger. So we have to take care of how we use our brain and really learn to tap into our heart. Now this isn't just something I made up. This is based off neuroscience biology, neuro chemistry, neuro immunology, how your brain and body works. So this is a process where you need to do a few things, it will take roughly 10 minutes, what we're going to do is we're going to spend three minutes first and foremost, focusing on your breath, your breath is one of the most fundamental things that you'll ever do. In fact, correction, it is the first fundamental thing that you'll ever do. Just try not breathing, we can go without food, we can go without water, for sometimes days and weeks. But we can't go for very long, without breathing. So we're going to do a three minute breathing exercise, really designed to put you into a state focusing on yourself and putting more oxygen into your body. Most people don't breathe very well. And that's why they often don't feel very well. So we're going to take three minutes and breathing, a specific breathing technique where you breathe in and out, ideally through your nose. And you don't pause it don't leave a moment in between each breath. So you breathe in, and you breathe out. And we look to do this for about three minutes. Then we take another three minutes to really fill ourselves up with gratitude. How do we do that? We think of three different things. And we'll spend a minute on each focusing on things that we're grateful for. There could be moments in your life, there could have been big moments, small moments, it doesn't matter. We're going to relive those moments as you start to allow yourself to feel this grateful flow, why? Gratitude is the antidote to fear and worry. And when people feel grateful, they often feel there's nothing that they can't do. So we'll spend three minutes doing that, then we're going to spend three minutes focusing on three different things that we want to accomplish in our life. So many people don't really think about where it is they want to go. And even if they do, they often don't see the things that they want to achieve in their life seeing them as if they've already been done. This will help to generate the feeling of success, the feeling of you can do what you're setting your mind to do. So this whole process will take no more than 10 minutes. And please only do this where you can safely relax completely. Ignore the outside world where you won't be disturbed. And my challenge to all of you is to to do this every single day to give yourself 10 minutes. If you don't have 10 minutes then have to ask you what sort of a life do you have when you can't dedicate time for yourself, your life is important. Your life matters, you can be more significant you can be more successful, happier, more accomplished, but it takes time, energy practice. And that's what we're here to do. As your coach. I'm here to help you get to where you want to go in the quickest possible and the most effective way. This is Mi365. Take a few moments to sit comfortably, ideally with your back straight and with your soles of your feet on the floor, as we begin now with three minutes of focusing on our breath, so we breathe in. Breathe

Pete Cohen 6:05
keep this flowing, if you need to just pause for a moment. That's okay, we're looking to do this for three minutes breathing in and breathing out, and no space in between the in breath. And out breath. As we right now start to fill ourselves up with oxygen, spreading oxygen to every cell of our body.

Pete Cohen 6:44
That's one minute. If you want to take a pause, take a pause for a moment. Feel Alive, become aware of what it's like to be more oxygenated oxygen is the fountain of your life of your existence. And if you want to start again, let's start again. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out just the constant flow of oxygen spreading into every cell of your body, from your nose to your toes, from your toes to your hands, on from your hands, to your heart and to your head and all through your body as you continue to allow oxygen to flow

Pete Cohen 7:44
that's two minutes. Let's go for another minute. If you want to take a rest for a moment, that's fine. Are you ready? Let's go again. Breathe in.

Pete Cohen 8:10
That's perfect. Keep going another 30 seconds. Allowing yourself to feel great to feel yourself live. To be in the present moment. Beautiful. Just another 20 seconds focusing on your breath. If your mind wanders, it's fine. Just bring it back. That 10 seconds. Amazing. You are incredible. That's three minutes. Now. Take a moment to think about three different things different moments in your life where you felt gratitude. Picture one of those things right now. See it? Hear it? Feel it. Remember what you saw what you heard what you felt. And imagine right now stepping back into that moment. That said, feel the grateful flow coming from your heart, into your head right through your body. Re livid. Gratitude is so powerful. And you can take that memory and just bring it to life. As we move on to the second thing in your life that you're grateful for. It could be a person it could be an experience that you had, where you felt so grateful. So much love. Love is the supreme emotion We experience love when we feel gratitude. See what you saw. Hear what you heard back then will feel what you feel when you think of this experience or this person emotionalize that right now, in every cell of your body. Feel that gratitude flow. filling yourself up right now. Bring the memory of a person to life better than ever. As we now move on to the third experience or person that you feel people that you feel so much gratitude for. see, hear, feel it, turn it up, emotionalize it. Be inspired. Take control of your mind, your body, your emotions, feel that power, that energy flow. And allow your your nervous system to get fired up. And feel that flow and wear that smile as you train your mind. Like you'd never have done before. And right now, as you take those three things, those three moments, those three people, whatever it is for you, and put it all together. And feel that connection between your brain and your heart. Allow yourself to feel more gratitude than you felt before. Give that gratitude a color. And send that color to every part of your body. As you fill yourself up. And you take that feeling and you double that feeling. And you triple that feeling. And you caught the feeling to the point where gratitude is coming out of your body, in front of you, behind you, above you beneath you everywhere and send that gratitude off

Pete Cohen 12:30
to people who need it. People you love people, you care people you meet every day, people all over the world as you beam gratitude out into the world, the attitude of gratitude is one of the biggest things which makes the biggest difference to the world. That's right. And now let's think of three things in your life that you want to have happen, things that you're working on, pick one of them and see it in the future. It doesn't matter how clear that is. It's just an idea. But what brings an idea to life is your ability to smile, to feel grateful. And to see that thing having been done with clarity, with a sense of faith. What is faith, it's your ability to see what it is that you want to have happen, even before it's done. And feel that dynamic tension of being drawn towards the thing that you want to have happen in your life. Feel it, be it become it. As you right now, focus on the next thing in your life that you want to finish or complete, and see it as if it's already been done. As Einstein said, reality doesn't exist. In the outside world. reality exists inside your own head. And the people who achieve things are the ones who have the foresight, like you have now to see what it is that you're working on. Having been completed, you owning that thing. That's it, see it, hear it, feel it emotionalize the fact that you have all ready achieved, what it is that you're working on. Give it more life, give it more substance, give it more meaning. become one of the 2% of people around the world that uses their imagination, the workshop that we have inside our minds and body the gift of creation. And now think of the third thing or maybe it's one of the first two you're just gonna do it again. It really is up to you something that you have wanting to see done, finished completed. Be grateful for the fact that you now are able to see this feeling and step into it. Like it's already been done, you have this ability, you're doing it right now. Feel the feeling of completion, your ability to take an idea, take the feeling like it's already been done. And this, just get on and make it happen. It's all about action. emotionalizing feel that tension, that is a positive tension that draws you to hordes where it is that you want to go, you are amazing, you are awesome. Well done. Take a few minutes, once again, to focus on your breath as we bring this little training because this is what this is, this is Mi365. This is you working on being the very best that you can be. We have this old brain and an incredible body with a heart. And for us to make our brains and hearts work together much more effectively. We have to train, train ourselves to thrive. This is 10 minutes of your time, your valuable time you make a difference. Take all of this, bring it all together. Allow your whole body to come alive, your mind your body, your soul, everything, emotionalize it, anchor it. What I mean by anchoring is take a deep breath in and maybe clench your fists, or stretch your arms up in the air and allow yourself to feel this in every part of your body. Because the more you do this, the more you'll feel wonderful, the more you'll be able to access this, because greatness comes in many forms. But for me, two of the greatest things that you can do is see what you want to go and hear it and feel it and be compelled to move towards it. And then the second thing you can do is recognize that in every moment, every day, you always have a choice between what happens the stimulus and the response. Practice this every day and see the difference it makes to your life.

Pete Cohen 17:35
Mi365 is about you becoming the inspired person you becoming someone who you want to follow. This takes training and time and energy and commitment, but it's worth it. Thank you for your time today. Do this every day. And let's take you and your life to a whole new level. Let's help you become the hero in your own life. Thanks for listening. We'll see you soon.


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