Month: August 2020

065 How to be Winner

The modern world is one that seems to thrive on the idea that we can’t be happy unless we look outside ourselves. It drives us on a path of not having enough or being enough unless… Unless we ‘buy this’ or ‘do that’ or ‘act like those people’… and it leaves us feeling unfulfilled. It creates an idea that ‘winning’ is about getting to some point in your life when you have acquired a certain amount or achieved a certain status.

061 Motivation – The End of Suffering 3-4

That’s where motivation comes in. If you are inspired to achieve something or have ideas you want to share with the world, being motivated means you don’t care about fitting in. Being motivated means you will dig in and keep going when things get difficult. Being motivated means you will get up and go when everyone around you is telling you to sit down and quit.