Month: December 2021

#179 The Law of Attraction Explained and How to Apply It

You are the law. You are the director. Your habits, what you keep, what you cultivate, will be the ultimate indicator of what your life will be. So what do you do every single day? Is it a true representation of who you are and what you want to become?

In this episode, listen as I talk about how you can start pivoting your life in the direction of becoming who you want to be.

#178 How to Improve your Self-Esteem in 7 Steps

Confronting yourself and asking important questions must be one of the hardest things to do as individuals. It requires a lot of honesty and vulnerability that we often shy away from because we think it’s a sign of weakness.
In this episode, listen as I talk about self-esteem and how you can improve in 7 steps

#177 A Special Mi365 Christmas Episode

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. The world distracts us by providing instant hits of gratification. We find it difficult to appreciate processes that would bring us true fulfillment. This is our reality now.

I want to help you leverage the hottest commodity in this world, our ability to focus on what’s truly important. Listen as I talk about how you can start the journey of realizing who you want to become with the Start 1, Stop 1 Challenge.

#175 Habit Busting 101

What are habits? In simple words, they are something we learned to do. But are they serving you? Are they geared towards who you want to become?

In this episode, listen as I talk about how habits can determine our future and how ready I am to help you achieve self-mastery through the Start 1, Stop 1 Challenge.

#174 Goal Setting Masterclass

The dissatisfaction with where we are in our lives is the leading reason why we decide to take action, to change, but is it enough? Is it sustainable? In this episode, let’s talk about how you can take control of your life by deciding who you want to become.

#172 Growth or Fixed Mindset – The Truth Tuesday

In today’s episode, I dive into Carol Dweck’s coined terms, Growth and Fixed Mindsets. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, she details how your view of yourself can dictate everything.

I also commemorate my good friend, Alex Flynn, one of the best examples of people with a growth mindset, and how he never let Parkinson’s disease hinder him from being a true adventurer.

#171 The Power of Now in 2022

As we are nearing the wrap-up of this year, we begin to reflect and tap into our desire to change, feel the need to start something or somewhere new in our lives, list down new year’s resolutions, but how many of us can actually follow through?
In this episode, listen as I share the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Eckhart Tolle’s book, Power of Now, why it’s important to embrace the process, and why it’s important to be present, to be in the now.