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5 Best Tips How to Improve Your Mental Health

The concern for mental health has increased as we go on to live through more challenging times. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unexpected struggles that some can barely overcome.

Mental health disorders have been continuously on the rise that almost one billion people live with mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and addiction will escalate as we see a more challenging future.

These afflictions hinder us from living a more fulfilling life. It prevents us from becoming the person we want to be, but this does not have to be the case. There are ways to overcome these disorders and even avoid them from happening to us.

Our mind is a powerful tool. It often wants to protect us and help us survive. We must take advantage of our mind and consciously improve our health so as not to fall victim to these mental ailments. We can still live a great life despite challenging times.

How to improve your mental health

Mental health is as important as any other aspects of our being without it we would not be able to function or live as we were meant to. Mel Robbins even mentioned that we should prioritise it because our life depends on it. How then do we improve our mental health?

Stop, become aware and accept

To begin with, difficulties or challenges are part of life. It is what makes us grow stronger, however some if not many of us do not know how to process these challenges and succumb to its pitfalls instead of surpassing them.

Therefore, it is significant for you to first stop and become aware of where you are and how you are feeling. Look at your thoughts and actions, where have they led you. How have you reacted to life’s challenges?

Realise that the struggles you face are happening for you and not to you. It is your chance to improve on yourself and to learn.  You are more than what has happened to you. You are stronger and your potential is limitless if you do not let your negative and limiting thoughts control you.

You have the power to change how you feel and think. Accept your ability and use it. Do   not be bothered by what society is telling you to conform to. Own your actions and remind yourself of the person you are becoming.

Know your future self

The person you are becoming, your future self, who is that person? Is he someone better than who you are today, or will he remain to be the person you currently are? Who do you really want to be?

Most people often deny the fact that they are living a life they do not want. They conform to what society tells them because they want to be accepted as part of a group, a community. They live by the hormones of stress and think that who they currently are is always who they are going to be.

Thus, these individuals have vague ideas of what they really want for they are more attuned to what they do not want and to what others want for them. They cannot see themselves beyond a few months.

The key is to go beyond these limitations and into a world of possibilities. Vision yourself years from now. What kind of life do you want to live in the future? See yourself living the life you want now.

Is he someone wealthier, more physically and mentally fit, happier, and has good relationships with the people around him? Is he living in your dream house, driving your dream car, and managing a top business?

Once you have that vision in your mind, let that person guide you. If you constantly consider and think about your future, then you will behave in ways that make that future life a reality.

Studies have shown that having goals or targets improves mental health. It prevents you from having depression and anxiety. It gives meaning to your life, a reason to live and a direction to take.

Every decision and action you make will be and must be geared towards achieving your goal of living the life you want. You must take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your thoughts. You must live with intentions and act. Focus on the positives and not the negatives.

Live with intent

Practice living with intent every day. Always work towards your future self. Be more deliberate in your actions and in your thoughts. Replace the hormones of stress, anger and hate with love, gratitude, and positivity.

Contemplate on the things that you should be grateful for. Being thankful allows you to see the world in a more positive light and helps you overcome negative emotions. It gives you a feeling of fulfillment and value.

Train your mind to rule over your body and your emotions. Our mind is very powerful. It can let us see what is not visible to the naked eye and convince our body to move toward that vision.

Be mindful of your inputs

What are the inputs that you need to be mindful of every day? Take note of your daily habits. Consider what you eat, drink, think, and say, and how you move, sleep, and eliminate as these can affect your mental state.

Stop habits that are limiting you from accomplishing your goals and start those that benefit your future self. This process can be daunting but is made simpler through the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app. This app has helped improve people’s lives one habit at a time.

Think of the habits that have negatively affected your life and know that these habits will do nothing for your future self. These are the habits that have led you to your current state. Likewise contemplate on what behaviors you need to start to make your vision of the future a reality.

Look at what you are eating. Does your food provide you with the right vitamins and minerals to increase your body’s immunity? Do you consume the correct amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 to boost proper brain function?

Do you drink enough to keep your body hydrated? Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day keeps your organs functioning properly as the blood carrying oxygen flows through each of the body’s systems including the brain.

What about your thoughts? Do you ruminate?  Ruminating is a habit that must be avoided as it not only worsens mental health disorders but affects your productivity well. Focus your thoughts on your goal and let positive words come out of your mouth to reaffirm your goals.

Now, how much exercise do you do in a day? Exercising does not mean you need to go the gym. Exercise is movement. A walk in the park and doing household chores can require as much movement and energy as going to the gym. Exercise produces hormones that can enhance brain functions and elevate positive emotions.

Your sleeping habit is another important factor to consider in improving mental health. Getting eight hours of sleep at night helps your body recover from the daily stressors your body and mind is exposed to. Enough sleep allows your body to perform at its optimum level.

The habit of regularly eliminating body waste is also essential for physical and mental health. This process relieves the body of toxins and avoids build up of toxic substances that can further harm your body.

Be with and talk to supportive people

One of the best ways to improve mental health is to talk to people who support your goals and understand your struggles. There are advantages to having a supportive group around you.

Being surrounded by reassuring individuals can provide you with a safe environment to say what you think and how you feel without fear of being judged or ridiculed. They can enlighten you on different perspectives.

A supportive community can lead to exhibiting your fullest potential. They can motivate and inspire you to reach for your goals and to never give up even in the most challenging times.

You become more responsible for your actions when you have people around you. They hold you accountable to who you are becoming.

Be part of the Stop One Start One community and improve your mental and physical health. Listen to the Future self podcast with Pete Cohen and be the person you have always dreamt of becoming.

The great life you want is just a step away. Take that first stride and never tread back. Embrace your future self now.

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