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5 Simple Ways to a Better Future

We all want a better future. Each one of us wants to be successful and live a fulfilling life. All of us want to be happy and have better health, better relationships with the people around us and more wealth but not all of us accomplish that. Most people live a default future.

The default future you are live

What is a default future? Default future happens when you live a future or a life that you do not want. This can happen for several reasons. For one, most of us think that who we are now is the person we are always going to be. Others on the other hand believe that who their future self is who others want them to be.

You fail to realize that you have a choice because we live in a world that wants us to conform. This leads us to lose our ability to be free thinkers, express our uniqueness, and build the future we want.

Furthermore, the basic reason you are living a future you do not want is because you do not have a relationship with your future self. Meg Jay explained in one of her talks that if you do not know who the person you are to become nor have a relationship with that person then you would not have empathy for that person.

Are you one of those who are living a default future? Do not despair, you can still have a fulfilling life and live that great life you want. How? Read on.

Stop and think

The first thing you can do to have a better future is to stop and think where your life is right now. Are you happy with how your life is? What got you to your present state? Answer these questions without overthinking or letting your emotions rule to prevent you from ruminating. Analyse the mistakes you have committed and learn from them.

If you fully assess your present life without any biases, then it will be easier for you to chart where you want your life to be. You will have a much clearer view of your capabilities and be more open to all the possibilities of your future life.

Decide who you want to be

Next comes the key step to a better future, know the person you want to be. Think of what life you can have, who you can be. Do not be bothered by what others want you to be because you can be who you want to be or be like someone else. You can be your own unique self.

You have a choice. Learn to prospect your future.

You also do not have to be the person you are now, and you will never be the same person because human beings are born to grow and evolve. You can either let nature take its course for you to evolve or you can take hold of your life and live the future you want intentionally.

Would it not be better if you intentionally grew and changed into the person you want to be?

This will only happen if you set your goal and decide who the future you will be. If you know who that person is, then you can have a better relationship with your future self. You will have a connection and more empathy for that person.

As Hal Hershfield mentioned, if we feel a connection to our future self, we are going to make sacrifices today for us to have a better life in the future. Thus, knowing who you want to be and the life you want to have allows you to live with intent and assures you a better life.

Change your mindset

The third way to a better life is to change your mindset. Change the way you think, the way you perceive situations and challenges, change the way you react. Learn to be positive.

Challenges, difficulties in life are there not to harm you or to further put you down. They are there to make you grow and become a better person. Challenges help you look for solutions and learn how to manage your life better. Life becomes more meaningful when you overcome challenges.

The next time you are in a demanding situation, do not let your emotions rule, instead stop, and think what good can come out of the situation. What can you do to manage the situation better, how can you better solve or manage the challenges?

You can also change your perspective of success. Success does not necessarily have to be about money. There are people who have more than enough money and yet they do not feel fulfilled or happy.

Think about what can really give you a great life. What legacy do you really want to leave?

Change your habits

Now the fourth step may not be the easiest way to a better life, but it can surely change your life for the better. What is the fourth way to a better future?

Change your habits. If you are not happy with how your life has turned out right now, chances are you have habits that have limited you from having the life that you want and if you continue down that path then your chances of having a better future is slim.

Habits like procrastinating or putting off the things that you must do, ruminating or getting stuck in thinking about certain difficulties repeatedly, being easily distracted prevents you from becoming the successful person you want to be.

These habits are not easy to break because as habits these have become embedded in your system, and you do automatically and without thinking. Breaking unpleasant habits is as important as starting good habits.

Good habits can be as simple as a 15-minute exercise every day, an additional serving of fruits and vegetables, sleeping 8 hours a day, and a 20minute meditation. These are simple habits that anyone can start at any time and do wonders for your body.

A healthy body means you will be able to do things better and have a happier life and a better future.

As I have said before, changing habits, breaking habits, forming habits are not easy but the challenge of it can be easier if you have a supportive community and environment. Having a person to guide you also assures you that someone is there to help you cope with the difficulties and motivate and inspire you to do your best.

This is what the Stop One Start One Challenge aims to do, to help you have the future you want through better habits. If you are having difficulties breaking habits or forming new ones, wanting to meet people with the same goals then I urge you to join this challenge. Just click the link to know more about it.

Reinvent yourself

Lastly, never stop learning or growing. Always reinvent yourself. Difficulties and stress can throw us off our path, but it is important to stand back up and never give up.

 Accomplishing your goal does not mean it is the end of your mission or your dreams. It is time for you to form new goals, to discover more and better things. To find new meanings in life.

Learning gives you the knowledge and tools you need to face challenges and determine the possibilities that exist for you. It provides you with greater opportunities and new goals and visions in life.

 Remember that we were always meant to grow and be better. Ask yourself what will be your greatest achievement?

Have the life you want, do better. Live better.

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