21 Apr, 2022

5 Steps to Becoming a Super Hero


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“Being a hero does not mean you are invincible. It just means that you are brave enough to stand up and do what is needed.” – Rick Riordan

In this episode, I am going to speak about being a superhero. What really is a superhero? Is he a fictional character or someone mentioned in history books? Can he be the person beside you? Can it be you?

I, for one, believe that anyone can be a superhero. I am a hero. I have the courage to make a great impact on someone’s life and right now that person is my wife Hannah Cohen. The time has come once again for me to step up to the challenge, to be her joy, her strength, and her savior.

Tune in and understand how you too can be a pillar of hope, a knight in shining armor, a champion.


✅ A hero is a protector, able to make a stand, overcome difficulties, and make a difference.

✅ Being heroic can be as simple as making someone laugh in their most trying times.

✅ Life’s journey is about coping with challenges and enhancing mental resources.

✅ People unifying towards a certain goal creates a more significant outcome.

Some important segments:

✍🏼 18:50 Super vision and supervision

✍🏼 21:36 Super strength

✍🏼 22:37 Power of will

✍🏼 23:33 Power of heart

✍🏼 24:04 Power of mind


Being a hero does not mean I am above everyone and have no weaknesses. I am a hero because I can accept my vulnerabilities and surpass them. At this moment, I humble myself as I do what is must and believe that a thousand hands are better than one. Let us be Hannah’s hero, click on this link: 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 https://gofund.me/9ce398b3



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Pete Cohen  0:00

Happy beautiful, amazing day. It is the Future Self Podcast I am Pete Cohen. today's podcast is called the 5 Step to Becoming a Super Hero. I will see you after the theme tune.


Hey, happy beautiful day. Thank you so much for joining me for the podcast. This is going to be a challenging podcast on many different levels but we're talking all things super heroes and I want to ask you a question Who is your favorite hero? And when you ask people that question, I'm always interested to know what comes up for people because what tends to come up is fictional characters real characters, whether it's Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, or whether it's Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa, we can think of these heroic figures or Luke Skywalker, or Harry Potter or Frodo or Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. We think of these characters and I'm really curious as to why what is it about these, these people that we look to as people heroic? I mean, for me, Michael Jordan is one of my biggest heroes. And I know why I think it all started in about 1990 When I was at university, there used to be basketball on television on a on a Sunday. I wasn't even interested in basketball. I was interested in sport and I was interested in great performance. And I was watching this guy play and the commentator was explaining that Michael Jordan wasn't very well. You had a temperature and I was just looking at this guy. But what this guy's incredible is he's not feeling very well and he's dominating. And I became literally not far off from being obsessed in collecting every Jersey which I still have to this day, collecting memorabilia, but wanting to be like Mike. And when locked down, kicked in. There was a series on Netflix called The Last Dance, which was literally probably over six hours of content all about Jordan story. And so many people watch that. And it's great because people get inspired by it. But I think often people just miss something. They miss the fact that there's something in that person's story that they relate to. So please take a moment to think about why do we like the characters that we like? Is it that because they're inspiring or is it possibly also to do with there's something in them that we see in ourselves? Again, I don't know because I don't know everybody, but I've definitely spent my life looking at people and being curious about why why you the way that you are what have you been through in your life? What is it that's important to you? I mean, I'm terrible, because when I meet people, I ask questions, which people often don't ask. I don't know when if you've ever seen any of these films I mean, a lot of people have grown up watching rocky one, rocky two rocky three, rocky four, rocky five, Rocky Balboa, Creed 132 and our creed three coming out. And we relate to these stories because we see something in them that we see in ourselves. That's how I see it and I had a massive epiphany last year actually being in in a room on the social media at clubhouse with Dame Kelly Holmes double gold medalist, Olympic 400 800 1500 meter athlete and Billy Schwerer, former world champion chip box boxer and we were all talking and I kind of broke down because I look at these people. I'm often in all of these people. But then I just I've always been in awe of people that have put it out there on the line. I've always been or have people who have just literally just done something that is required a lot of determination where they've had to overcome incredible obstacles and Billy and Kelly Dame Kelly Holmes, I've done two podcasts with both of them. You their stories are incredible what they went through to become who they are today. And I'm sure their battles continue. You know the battling of the Dragon you know, you see this in every single story that you come across this that we go on this adventure and many times we don't want to go on the adventure. But if we're called to it, then we get a coach or a mentor or a Gandalf or a Dumbledore or a tin man or a straw man or a lion that's lacking courage that pulls their hands out and Hey, come on, let's go. Let's go together. And now in my own life, being a hero. I'm facing another part of the hero's journey.


You know, what about you? What about you? Who do you look to as a hero? I mean, for me that the obvious heroes I'm very fortunate with my mother, my obvious heroes with my favorite superheroes. My dad and mom dedicated their lives to their children. They dedicated their lives to the betterment of humanity being good, humane, people raising money just doing good for the world and the word hero means to protect her. It comes from the Greek word hero. Eros, the protector Who are you protecting? And I I've been talking a lot about this recently just around what are you turning a blind eye to? Again, I don't know everybody, but I think a lot of people are turning a blind eye to really what they have this gift within them the gift of making a difference to everything, everything that you meet, and the only reason that we're alive today is because of heroes, because of people that have stood up for the betterment of you. Whether it's your parents, or maybe you didn't have great parents, maybe it was their parents or their parents, parents, parents or someone who's just literally stood up for the fight. For you for your life. And I stand up for pretty much everyone. I mean, I stand up for them. I'll introduce people to people because I've just feel I've got a really important role to play in this world, which is to wake people up to the reality of who they are, who they're being and who they can become. being the person that says Come on. Where do you want to go? What would give you the greatest fulfillment? What would give you the greatest joy, the greatest satisfaction? You know, and I think most people deep down will know it's not having, necessarily money, fame. Fortune, even people that have have achieved a lot of that seem to be less psychologically stable than people that don't have that. Are you the hero that you're looking for? Are you the person that you're looking for? As I've been listening to the audio of conversations with God? The author talks about if you don't go within you go without to go within and to realize what is within you what is within you that needs to come out? Because I want to talk about these these five steps of becoming a superhero. The first is to recognize the supervision that you have the super that's quite interesting. The supervision. I mean, the super vision as in supervision being supported by other people. I thought I need both of those. I need super vision, but I need supervision. I need people to come and help me like never before. I need to raise 250,000 pounds. That's what I need right now. I need everyone I know to come and help me on my next hero's journey. So the first is the supervision. The next is super strength, which we'll talk about then the power of will then the power of heart and then the power of mind or the power of mind. So you know, what's the most heroic thing that you've done in your life? I'd love to know of in your life right now, what is the most heroic thing that you've done? I'd love to know. I mean, there's probably so many things that you just don't even realize. I mean, just being alive today is I think it's heroic and being someone who gets up every single day and tries to do their best that's heroic people who look after other people. That's heroic. The most heroic thing of this so many heroic things I think I've done but the most heroic things I've done are things I've done for other people. So when my mum became seriously unwell, you know, for six months, pretty much I, me and my brother just took care of her. And then three years before that, we did the same thing with my dad. Were being there for my mom as my father was dying. And some of you know the story of 11 years ago when I met my girlfriend. In fact, some of you may be saw yesterday I posted something on Facebook that was from 11 years ago when we were in Croatia, where she met me and I made she could see that I was hilarious because I was outside of shopping Croatia and they had it was a closed shop and they had weeks on on some of the what do you call mannequins? And I said can I take this week outside and I put this week on went outside and I made a film of just mucking about and obviously Hannah thought that was hilarious seeing someone who was just being humorous because that's the other thing I do, which I think is very heroic is to bring laughter into people's world. You know, to make fun of people in a light, happy way. But the most heroic thing I did was after knowing my wife very well, should we went and married but after knowing her for a year, she became very sick and I stepped up. I don't believe that she would be alive today. If it wasn't for me. I don't believe that she would and I don't need anything from her. I just did the heroic thing. What is the heroic thing that you must do in your life? Who must you become who could you become?


What impact could you have? So these are often questions that the dumbing down of of us as human beings is. The question questions can force people just to run away and think I don't really want to think about that. I'd rather just watch the next episode of something on Netflix rather than please don't ask me the question. So in order to become a superhero, you have to first off recognize maybe that you are because on this life journey, we're all you know, you're listening to this right now our paths have crossed and maybe they'll cross again or maybe they'll never cross again, but they're crossing right now because you're listening to this. It's how we manage the challenges in our life. How we protect for me that the life journey is about how personally how we manage our challenges in our environment. Basically, that's the first thing, how we protect our bodies and our vulnerabilities and how we increase our mental resources, how we grow. So are you ready to to accept the fact that maybe you're being called to something? What do you think you're being called? Maybe you know what you're being called to? Mate, maybe you know, I know I'm being called right now to step up like never before to be to look after my wife pretty much 24/7 At this moment in time, and just as she looked at she's had a reoccurrence of her illness, and the future is very uncertain again, but I now have to be the hero again. I have to completely change everything. Everything's changed, and it's happened really fast. But as Ghandi said, I have to be the change that I want to see in this world. I feel like it's my biggest test. Am I up for the test? Yeah, I'm up for it. What about you? What are you being called to do? Think about it seriously? What's the calling as I know as a coach, but I honestly believe that we need to be reminded of our calling every single day.


And I think a lot of people are turning a blind eye. You know what, what's happened to us? What's happened to us as human beings. Because when we were really young, we thought the world revolves around us. And then we tried to fit into a world and be like everybody else. And that's where it for a lot of people their their imagination, and their their self belief. And their ability to follow their own path starts to get lost. And then as we get older, it kind of it's still there. But then when we get into our 30s That's it for most people. That's almost finished. For most people, they get to the age of about 35 Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this, that by the time we're 35 95% of who we are as just a set of conditioned responses, we think that's who we are, rather than shaking off the veil of who we thought we were and becoming who we truly were meant to be. Who do you think you were truly meant to be? I mean, it's really kind of up to you really, isn't it? This is the most fascinating conversation I think we could ever have. And when Martin Luther King, he talked about the soul force, he talked about what Ghandi talked about. So many people know Martin Luther King was hugely inspired by by candy and candy. Talked about the soul force, the force of your soul, that what your soul is actually here to do. And when your soul can free itself, from the the rigmarole or the conditioning that you this is who you thought you were, that you can actually show the world really what you have. And that there's so many examples of this. You know, even you know, Jesus talked about the discipline where people often think that he said the meek shall inherit the earth, but actually, that's a bit a bit of a misunderstanding because really what he meant by that was the discipline will inherit the earth. When you tame yourself. When you the power that is within you. I mentioned this yesterday, you know, the sun can throw enough energy to the Earth every single day that could power the earth for a whole year. But there's so much power latent potential Niagara Falls for years was just a waterfall. But then they found it they found they found this salad they found a way to take that power, and it powers the whole seaboard over there. It gives so much energy. There's so much energy out there. There's so much power that is within us, right? But it's what do we want to do with that? What are you being called to do? Desmond Tutu used to talk about this about we're all light bulbs, and our job is basically to remain screwed in screwed into the force that gives us the energy does this make sense?


Because um, Disney plus in May, they're releasing the series called Kenobi which is all about Obi Wan Kenobi. And that story started in 1977.


And the force that is within us, you see the force within us we all relate to that story in some way, shape, or form. And the dark side for me the dark side more than ever really. The dark side is procrastination. The dark side is ruminating the dark side is giving into temptation being distracted and we're living in a world where your your your attention has been bought for the highest bidder. So you take your attention away you over consume. If you could give yourself a hard time about all of this, and I'm really encouraging that you don't do that, that you just kind of wake up and wake up to the reality of let's be curious about the experience of being you. Let's not judge it and let's not analyze it. Let's just ask some questions that maybe give you a different vision of who you are, and who you becoming. Because right now, who you're becoming is probably very similar to who you are right now. And if you're happy with that, then that's fine. You don't have to listen to this. But are you ready for your next epic quest? Because I am now embarking on my biggest epic quest, which is once again to be the hero in my own life, to step up for my wife, and to help her navigate through this incredibly difficult time where the right side of her body isn't working properly. She's been having seizures. And you know what? It's tough, but I don't have to go alone. The most popular superhero films right now are films like The Avengers, you know, people come together and help each other. Because when people come together, that is where the magic is when one person on his own is great, but one one becomes two, two becomes three. When three becomes four, four becomes 12. I mean, I'm not great with Maths. But when you really start to open this out, you can see the power of human beings see this incredible power in human beings, where they come together, how can I help you What do you need, and I need everybody's help. Right now. In the raising of quarter of a million pounds, 250,000 pounds to pay for treatment to save my wife's life. And we did it before we did it 11 years ago, and I never thought I was going to have to go down this road again. I just like Rocky rocky to Rocky three. This is real life. So I want to share with you what I believe are the five most important steps of becoming a superhero. The first step is super vision, right? Your ability to see beyond the limits of your human eye to develop your imagination. We all have that ability. Most people's vision and I've seen this a lot in myself, you know, as fear comes to the party, the what ifs that can happen. I see what my mind is doing. But I've been in training for years and I'm able to observe what my mind is doing and still use the power of my mind use the power of love to see a vision of something better than the current circumstances that I find myself in. That's what some people will called Hope. The science of hope is where you see a greater future. We all have that ability, right? The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to sharpen. The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to sharpen. Who said that eats? We all have supervision. Right? But you know what? I just had an epiphany, this word, those words supervision. Because if you give your vision to other people, you can be supervised by others. Isn't that power supervised eyes? Where you tell people this is where we're going? This is what we're doing. Can you help? You know what happens when you do that? You have engagement. It's one of the biggest issues in business is you have leaders who don't inspire people to see a future where they see themselves in the future. So that's the first one your supervision your ability to see the future and your ability to create and connect to yourself in the future. We talk about this. So often. We talk about it all the time. And you know there's so many times I've played this but I'm going to play it again. This is Matthew magani He talking about his hero


Matthew McConaughey  20:04

and to my hero. That's who I chase. Now when I was 15 years old, at a very important person, my life came to me and say who's your hero? And I said, I don't know. I gotta think about that. Give me a couple of weeks. I come back two weeks later, this person comes and says your hero. I said I thought about it. I know who it is. I said it's me in 10 years. So I turned 2510 years later that same person comes to me and goes so are your heroes like not even close? No, no. She said why? I said because my heroes me at 35 So you see every day every week every month and every year my life. My heroes always 10 years away. I'm never going to be my hero. I'm not going to attain that I know I'm not and that's just fine with me because that keeps me was somebody that keep on chasing. So to any of us whatever those things are, whatever it is we look up to whatever it is we look forward to and whoever it is we're chasing to that is Amen. to that. I say all right. All right. All right.


Pete Cohen  21:01

You know, and I think that's we all know deep down, we're just putting our lives on hold, waiting for something, waiting for a disaster or prognosis to happen. I often say to people, you can have a holiday, how long do you want? Some people would say a week, two weeks, three weeks, but then afterwards what would you do? You want to go to an adventure, you want to be called to something right? That's where the magic is. In the growing the evolving and raising facing the challenges that many of us have to face in life. So the first step is supervision. The second is super strength. What's that? It's the power to exert force and lift weights, right? That's where a lot of people think, physical strength, but then there's mental strength, there's grit. This agency agency is where you know that you can, you've got what it takes, and you're determined to move the beyond the limits of the human capacity, rather than to accept man just imagine if people all around the world just accepted everything. You know, the rising up of people is where we refuse to accept and so we we choose to exert force against that and I surround myself with people like that. And you know who those of you that you know who I'm talking to, right now, those of you listening, you know, I'm talking to you because you're someone is not accepting the confines of where you are. You want to create something better, a new normal, better for you better for others. The third superpower the first the third step, is the power of Well, that's where you help you stay connected to your true self. You stay connected to that and there's many different ways that people have of doing that. Stay staying connected to your true self, that requires resilience, self control, grip, all of these things, what they require, is virtue, the virtue of the great virtues of a human being, you know, courage, justice. Resilience, self controls, zest, energy, optimism, that we this is where we see the best in human beings, the power of will the power of self control, the power to say no to something and yes to things that serve you, the power to stop things that are stopping you from moving forwards and the power to start doing things that will take you to a place you've never been before. The fourth step is the power of heart. And that means for me, the power of heart is where you relate to others. And I'm pretty exceptional at that at relating to others, listening to others being there for others. Building communities, giving people a sense of let's play a game together. And the power of heart is practice through gratitude and kindness and compassion and empathy, to look at the world through someone else's eyes. And to ask the question, What can I do for you? That's the fourth step. The fifth step is the power of minds. of just this is where you have a growth mindset where you're you're wondering your reasoning, you're curious. It's humor, there's imagination, where you move beyond this is all about moving beyond the illusion of self the illusion of being who you think you are, your self identity. And we talk about the way that the world is at the moment with the epidemic and other situations going on. Someone sent me some pretty alarming statistics about the current state of play with mental health. And we're seeing that 48,000,000% Sorry, 48 million Americans right now are struggling with anxiety and depression and 10 million Americans every day have suicidal thoughts. 3000 high school students a day in America are attempting suicide, you know, wanting to get out of here. Because life has become they don't see another way. Perhaps. Again, I don't know, everybody, but I'm just asking you. Are you ready to tap into the power that you have? What is it that you're being called to do? What are you being called to do? That would be a great journey to go on that if you told people this is the journey. Supervision. That's the first step the second step is super strength. Third is the power of well, the fourth is the power of heart and the fifth is the power of mind. And this is all about training. This is not a desk for me, this is not a destination. This is a practice, a practice of evolving.


So maybe now more than ever, you're ready to face yourself to look at yourself in the mirror and to smile and say, You know what, I've got your back. And maybe you need to go back in time and heal some of your past hurts, your traumas, your fear, so that you could and we see this in all superhero films. The trauma of our hero. But by dealing with that in some way, they're able to transform into the moment where they can engineer reengineer redefine their process, they can fly into the future. And it's a question of then seeing a future they're inspired to go out and create. So they be that future. They do that future. And then they have that future. Rather than to do to have to be no let's Be the change that we want. To see in this world. Are you ready? Are you ready? Genuinely, like never before? Whether it's a James Bond whether it's a


by the way, if you don't know this story of Indiana Jones Do you know that Spielberg wanted to direct James Bond film and didn't happen? So he thought, I'm going to create my own James Bond, Indiana Jones.


The question is, and I've said that a few times. Are you ready? I want to thank you for listening to the podcast. Feel free to reach out to us and tell us what was your biggest takeaway? And if you want to help me on my epic quest, then feel free once again to reach out because I'm going to need every little bit of help. I can possibly get.


Thank you for listening to the podcast the five steps to becoming a superhero supervision super strength, the power of well, the power of your heart and the power of your mind. All of these things can be developed. Thank you so much. We will see you next time for another future self podcast.


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