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Your Business Is Not On Fire!

Are your people fired up? Are they coming to work ready to be their best and do their best? Are they committed to your and the goals of the business? This Coffee Cup Coaching session is all about turning up the heat on your business and making it thrive. How do you do that? By allowing your people to thrive. Scott Adams (of "Dilbert" fame) once made a [...]

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Are You Living On Someday Isle?

Everybody in this world wants to improve their quality of life and standard of living. For many however, they claim that ‘life’ gets in the way. Demands on their time from family, friends and work sees them living on ‘Someday Isle’ Someday I’ll… … quit my job and be a writer … go round the world … build my own home … [...]

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How To Make The Culture Shift

Question: What does a great culture eat for breakfast?  Answer: The strategy and culture of your organisation. There has long been a debate about which is more important, the Strategy or the Culture – and, in so many businesses I’ve been invited to help, the senior managers have locked on to the strategy. And why not? It is Specific and measurable and achievable and…. you know where I’m [...]

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