How to Stop Lying to Your Future Self

Each of us, yes not only you, not only me, but all of us have lied to ourselves once or probably even multiple times in our lives. You might even be lying to yourself right now as you are reading this, but are you happy with the lies that you have told yourself? Where has it gotten you? Has it really helped you be the person you want to be, or has it led you to a life of discontentment?

If you have realized that lying to yourself has only been a temporary fix and has not really done you any good and want to stop, then listen to this episode and step into the exceptional version of you. You deserve to be the best.

Stop Living Life On Repeat and Do This Instead

Are you in a wave of déjà vu? Do you feel like nothing is changing, nothing is improving, and that achieving your goals is drifting farther and farther away from you? Do you want to continue living the way you are right now? Is it doing you good or do you want to do better?

If so, allow me to show you how you can have a more exciting and fulfilling life. Stop living a stagnant life and start realizing your dreams.

How to Transform Your Identity and Create the Life You Want

Most people are living a life they do not want because they fail to realize that their present selves do not need to be their future selves. They have become unaware that their repeated actions are leading them to a stagnant life. They have an identity that is committed to short-term rewards.

What is identity? Who are you committed to becoming? Are you aware that you have the power to change and choose your own path to a better future? Tune in as I answer these questions and help you on your quest for a better life, a better you.

Why Your Willpower Is Your X Factor

Do you realise that giving in to temptations only provides temporary satisfaction and hinders you from becoming a better person? To have a better life one needs to have the willpower to overcome these temptations.

Willpower is defined as the ability to resist temptations or control impulses. These temptations provide short-term gratification and hinder us from achieving our long-term goals. Having willpower along with other factors can give you a better life.

7 Habits of High Performers

Everyone wants to be part of the elite, the top class, and I am sure you want to be one of them as well, but why aren’t you?  What is stopping you from being exceptional?

Do you realize that the things you do every day can prevent you from being the achiever that you could have been? You have the power within you to excel, to supersede others, but most particularly your present self. You can be remarkable.

Give thought to what I have to say and let the extraordinaire out of you and into the world who needs him.

The Feel-Good Factor at Work

The Feel Good factor is when people are feeling hopeful, happy, and optimistic about their future, and studies have shown that this is a significant component of a company’s success. People perform at their highest peaks when they can identify themselves with the establishment’s future. But how does one achieve this element to boost business, particularly in these most challenging times?

That is where I come in as the people’s coach and help your company take the leap to a better tomorrow. I have years of experience in the matter and knowledge as to what really works in guiding people to excellence. It is my calling to aid them in connecting with who they are now and who they can become in the company, and how they can be part of something and make an impact.

Michelangelo Meditation: Be in Touch With Your Future Self

Let me help you have a sense of direction, calmness, and peace. Allow me to guide you to finding and having a relationship with your future self, your ideal self through meditation.

Research has shown that meditation reduces stress and anxiety. It has the power to clear your mind, increase the flow of positive thoughts, and make you a healthier and happier person.

Stop! How to Overcome Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now? How are you coping with it? Do you give in to this feeling? What would happen if you continued to mope around? Where will this feeling of being overwhelmed take you? Will it take you to a better life?


Give me a few minutes of your time and listen to what I have to say about this and how you can deal with it. Let me help you triumph over this emotion so that you can have the future you want and be the person you were meant to be.