7 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are people who come up with brilliant ideas and take risks in the pursuit of profit. They have a burning desire to do something. Entrepreneurs put their ideas into action no matter how challenging it is to gain big rewards.

Being an entrepreneur gives you the flexibility and freedom to do what you love and earn from it. Entrepreneurship provides you with the opportunity to grow and develop yourself as well as create an impact on others.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you willing and determined enough to act and be vulnerable to turn your ideas into realities and reap the rewards?

Creative Genius You – The Equation That Makes You Great

Did you know that you have a brilliance in you that you can tap into to be great?
We all want to succeed or to be better because, as human beings, that is our innate goal. However, this is quite difficult for many people as their view of themselves and the misalignment of their present and future selves hinder them.

If you are one of those wanting to live a successful and great life but do not know how and are stuck in hopelessness, then this episode is for you. Let my guest, Patti Dobrowolski, enlighten you on how you can create the reality that you want by unlocking your creative genius.

23 Ways to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

The year 2023 has started and this is the time when most people think about their resolutions. Have you thought about yours? Are they really that necessary to have a fantastic year?

What if I told you that a resolution is not the answer, and a revolution is better? Furthermore, there are other things you must do to have a better life. 

Goal Setting Masterclass 2023

Have you set your goals for 2023? Are you aiming for a better you or would you rather drift aimlessly and continue to live the life you do not want? Can you figure out who your future self could be? More importantly, are you willing to do what it takes to bring that person into reality?

We annually do a Goal Setting Masterclass and this year it has become better because we have refined the process. We developed this to help you have a more inspiring vision of your future self.

The future is unwritten. If you are ready to commit and reinvent yourself, then do continue to listen to this episode as I guide you to meet the person you want to become. Make 2023 your best year ever.

How to Overcome the Greatest Battle of Your Life

Today I am going to give you insights into overcoming your greatest battle. What is your greatest struggle? It is the resistance within yourself.

Resistance is the act of fighting against something that is attacking you. It is a force that acts to stop the progress of something or make it slower.

If resistance prevents us from evolving into the person we want to be, then why do we allow it? More importantly, how do we take hold of it?

3 Steps to Conquering Procrastination

Procrastination is putting off doing something. We procrastinate for several reasons and one of them is that man has been designed to conserve energy to survive. Another reason is that we do not want to get out of the familiarities in our life. We do not want to sacrifice the little rewards we get because we do not see ourselves as part of a tangible future.

Procrastinating can have great negative impacts on your life if you do not overcome it. It is one of the reasons why you are living a life that you do not want.

Listen in as I tell you three steps to conquer your habit of procrastination. Untap your greatness and live the life you have always wanted.

The Path to Mastery in 2023

As you gear up for the coming year, new opportunities await, but have you thought about how your life is going to be? Will it be the time for you to master yourself to be someone better? What does it take to have mastery over oneself?

The dictionary defines mastery as comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. It is your ability to set goals, put the processes in place, and stay on the path to accomplishing your intentions.

Gratitude 3.0 The New Science Of Success

Gratitude is a virtue that everyone must practice every day. It is being thankful and appreciating even the littlest things you have. Gratitude impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Gratefulness can bring you out of being self-absorbed and into a world of possibilities. It is an antidote to fear, grief, envy, stress, feeling a lack of, or feeling not good enough.

Tune in to know the different steps of gratitude and what you should be thankful for. Let gratitude guide you to become the person you want to be.

How To Use Your Mind To Get What You Want in 2023

The year is near its end and, for most people, this is the time to think about resolutions and make changes. However, have you really looked at yourself and thought about what your thoughts and actions have resulted in?

Have you mismanaged yourself and ended up living a life you do not want? What if I told you that you can change your situation and that you have a tool within you that can boost your life?

Tune in and learn how you can use your mind to create what you want in the coming year. It is time to stop being a victim and start becoming the person you want to be.

Robert Downey Jr.’s #1 Secret to Success

Robert Downey Jr was not always the famous and successful actor he is today. He used to be just as ordinary as any of us. He was even addicted to drugs and alcohol.

How did he rise from being an alcoholic and a drug addict to the famous actor he is today? Tune in as I unveil his story and most important of all, his secret to becoming the successful man he is today.