The Path to Mastery

Are you aware of who you truly are and the greatness that you have within you? Are you able to be the real unique you or would you rather be just like everybody? Why would you want to be the same as everyone? Is it not more pleasing to be the only you?

This episode tackles the answers to these significant questions and understanding them can lead you to a better and happier life. Let me guide you to unleashing your unique potential and be the one and only you.

How to Resolve Conflict and Create a Fantastic Future with Paul Nadeau

Today I will be speaking to a man whose compelling life story has left me speechless. He has been through life-threatening circumstances but still managed to become the amazing positive person he is today.

My guest Paul Nadeau is a Canadian former hostage negotiator, peacekeeper, author, screenwriter, motivational, and keynote speaker. He grew up in a violent home. Teachers and students looked down upon him but he was able to turn things around and was even able to publish a bestseller entitled Hostage to Myself.

4 Ways to Conquer Procrastination

Today’s topic is one that we are all guilty of doing at one point in time in our lives. It is one habit that has prevented us from reaching our fullest potential. We are all aware of what procrastination is. We know it negatively affects us, but why do we do it? Why do we always put off doing what we must do? More importantly, how can we stop procrastinating?

Tune in and find out the answers. Help me, help you reinvent yourself and become the best version of you because a great life does not happen by chance but by design.

5 Biggest Threats To Building Your Fantastic Future

Does it seem like you are stuck in a loop? Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to be going nowhere? Why are others able to have a better future? Can you have a much better life than what you presently have?

Believe me, I have as well asked those questions before and searched for answers. I am now living a more fulfilling life and will continue to have an awesome future despite life’s challenges. Lend me your ears for a little while as I divulge my epiphanies. We can all have a remarkable future.

Rethink Your Life

What do you think is the one thing that could drastically improve your life? What can you do to avoid committing the same mistakes in life or even wasting energy on futile things? What is the very first step to being the greatest you? 

Lost for answers? Then listen as I unfold one of the secrets to becoming the best version of you, the future you. 

5 Steps to Becoming a Super Hero

In this episode, I am going to speak about being a superhero. What really is a superhero? Is he a fictional character or someone mentioned in history books? Can he be the person beside you? Can it be you? 

I, for one, believe that anyone can be a superhero. I am a hero. I have the courage to make a great impact on someone’s life and right now that person is my wife Hannah Cohen. The time has come once again for me to step up to the challenge, to be her joy, her strength, and her savior.

Colin Deans – Why Movement Matters

In this episode I will be speaking to someone whom you would not believe has gone through major tribulations in life and survived. Yes, he not only survived just for the sake of living, but he was able to take back control of his life and move toward the man he wanted to be.

Who is this person? Well, he is none other than Colin Deans, a movement specialist, and personal trainer. He became director of Premier Global and now has his own company, 10-Years Younger. Although he is a fitness expert, he has been through a debilitating accident, a stroke, and cancer. So, listen to his story to help you conquer your own afflictions and master your future.

How I Became a FuturePreneur with Ben Ivey

I have been speaking a lot about the importance of knowing who you want to be and having a relationship with your future self, and you might think and say, “Well Pete, you’ve been rambling on and on about this and it is so difficult to do given my situation. I don’t think it’s feasible.”

Well today, I will be giving you concrete proof that having that relationship is achievable and that it can lead you to leaps and bounds in your life. So, give me a few minutes of your time and pay attention as I interview Ben Ivey, the Futurepreneur. See how his success story can be yours.

Why Do I Struggle to Take Responsibility for My Life?

I am incredibly determined to become more than I am today and leave a mark on this earth. What about you? Have you ever thought about who you could be? Are you even enthusiastic about the future you?

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Then, listen to today’s episode as I explain why it is so difficult to take responsibility for our lives and how this prevents us from becoming the person we want to be.