28 Jun, 2022

Before You Waste Another Year of Your Life Listen to This



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“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” –  Charles Darwin


Before I get into the main topic for this episode, I want to inform you that on Tuesday next week, July 5, 2022, this podcast, The Future Self with Pete Cohen podcast, will be celebrating its 6th year.  It has been 6 years since I started podcasting in 2016 and now has more than 420 episodes released once, sometimes twice a month.


I have several amazing things lined up for this wonderful event:
First, on July 5, 2022, entrepreneur Rob Moore will be our honored guest and he is going to talk about some very astounding and powerful concepts.

Second, 1 lucky listener will get 6 months of 1on1 coaching with me for free.

And third, everyone who joins or sends an entry will have free access to my Confidence Masterclass to help you be the best you can be.


So how do you join or send an entry?


Easy, all you need to do is tune in to our podcast on Tuesday next week, July 5, 2022. Then subscribe and follow us. Next, take a screenshot and send the picture through any of the platforms you use, whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or email.  My team and I will then gather all the entries from all our platforms, and put them into a raffle to draw out the main winner.


Now let us not waste any more time, no pun intended, and go to our main topic for today, all about wasting time.




✅ Time is a measure of where you are and is a valuable commodity.


✅ Wasting time means you are throwing away opportunities in life.


✅ We do not realize time is limited and that we have an incredible opportunity with time to do things.


✅ It is what you do with the time that you have that matters.


✅ Stop wasting time and do these instead:


  • Be aware of how you are wasting time and how it is preventing you from having the future you want
  • Take responsibility and stop blaming yourself
  • Be curious. Know the person you could become
  • Understand that time is limited
  • Realize everything you do is a vote for the person you are going to be
  • The choices you make can take you to a place you may or may not want to go to.
  • Stop being a hero in the beginning

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🎯12:10 Dr.Jordan Peterson on the number of hours that students waste in a day


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Pete Cohen  0:00

Happy, beautiful, amazing day. It's Pete Cohen. What time is it? It's time for you to listen to this podcast. What's it called? Before You Waste Another Year of Your Life Listen to This. Listen to This. Time is a very important factor of our lives. Some people would say time is the most valuable commodity in the world. I will see you after the theme tune


Pete Cohen  0:48

Oh, I couldn't have timed that any better at all. Thank you so much for listening. And coming to this podcast. We're talking about you. We're talking about time, and we're talking about what we can do with the time that we have. How much time do you have? Would you like to know? Look before we really get stuck and I want to say a big shout out to a few people. In fact, probably millions of people because my podcast the Future Self podcast next week is six years old. And I'm very, very proud of that fact. Why? What my goal has always been to help people make the most of the time that they have, give people a different perspective of who they are, what they're doing and ultimately who they can become the most valuable commodity in the world. Well, that's up to you to decide. But for me, it's definitely time and what we're going to do with the time that we have over six years of producing a podcast every single week, sometimes twice a week for six years is a major achievement. And next week we're doing a we're doing a big event. I've got an incredible podcast with one of my favorite guests I've ever had. And that's entrepreneur, Rob Moore, and I tell you, you want to listen to this podcast next week because what he shares is so powerful and so it kind of blew my flippin mind. We had a conversation he he drove all the way down to come and see me and see my wife actually my wife is one of Rob Moore's biggest fans. And as many people know, my wife has recently been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. And Rob basically came down to see us and just spent some time with us and just really was a great time and my wife has a great judge of character and she really loves who Rob Moore is, what he says what he stands for, and how he's helping millions of people around the world have financial not just education but financial freedom, because like so many things in life, we need help. We need different perspective, different ideas to help us close those gaps between where we are and where we want to be. And for anyone we're doing a massive giveaway. Next week. I'm going to anyone who enters this competition next week to celebrate the sixth year of our podcast The winner is going to get six months of one to one coaching with me six months of one to one coaching with me and all you have to do is listen to the podcast, take a screenshot of the podcast, leave a review and just send me a picture on any of the platforms that you choose will be watching our platforms and Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and we will put all the names in a hat and we'll draw it out and anyone who enters I'm going to give them free access free access to my confidence masterclass. This is a this is an all in one program to help people really develop trust in themselves, trust in their ability to go and create a future. So anyone who enters they're going to get access to that but the winner is going to get six months of coaching with me. This is going to be happening on the sixth of July. So all you have to do is listen to that podcast, have in its entirety. Take a screenshot of it, send it to us however you choose to do that Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn email. And we'll put all of those into a hack and the person who wins will get six months of coaching and everyone who enters will get access to my confidence master class. We're super excited about that because I think it's so important to celebrate. Do you not think to celebrate what you do? And I celebrate what I've done, but you know what, I've only just got started. So in this podcast, I really want to talk about how you can stop wasting time and become more productive. And take control of your life. Right. I think if I was to ask you what is the most valuable commodity in the world today? Well, you know, tell me, what would you think it is? Some people would say it was gold or diamonds. I would say it's definitely time it's my attention my health, my well being an AI, I value those things. I didn't always value them. But I think the most interesting conversation that we're ever going to have is what will be our greatest ever achievement. What will be the greatest thing that you ever do in your life? I would absolutely love to know. You can tell me the greater things that are stuck inside my head.


So what are the great things that are stuck inside your head? That ultimately you know one day you're going to have a future you're going to be having a future right now. Just listening to this. You're listening to this for a reason, right? Reason is maybe just out of interest. Or the reason is you think what can I take away from this. But ultimately, the thing that separates all of us from all other animals is choice. And it really fascinates me with the choices that we make and where those choices are going so I'm going to ask you another question. This was a question my coach used to ask me. My coach was like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid. 16 years of my life. I worked with him. And he always used to say, Peter, how do you feel about where you are right now? And I always was challenged. By that question. Because I was often not being truthful to myself. And I would often say to other people, you know, when people ask you, how are you, you know, what would you say? Would you say, Great, okay, even if you weren't, but he could read me. He was one of those people who could read how I was really thinking and feeling and I knew that he was like a mirror to myself that I can see my own reflection in him. He really meet fate made me face up to how I was with myself and he once said to me, do you know where how are you comes from? And I went, No, because all things come from somewhere. Right? He said it's very biblical. It means how are you with God? And he said, I'm not asking you how you are with God, but I'm asking how are you with yourself? What's the experience like of being you? Just to be honest, and I'm in the business of behavioral change. I'm in the business of performance. And I remember that one of the founders of AAA a, not the AAA the breakdown cover breakdown company. I'm talking about Alcoholics Anonymous. He said that the most important thing is to start off with the truth and the truth of where you are right now and to face that truth. And that's not something that everybody wants to do. We know that we know that people, in many cases would prefer an electric shock than spending time on their own. But the thing is, we're always on our own, really wherever we go. We're always with ourselves. It's just what is that experience like? And I'm one of those people that's like, hey, stop, everyone. Let's just stop and look at the experience of being ourselves and think how's that working out? Where are there any gaps in our life? Are there any areas in our life that we'd like to improve? You know, how are you feeling about where you are with your health, your energy, your relationships, your wealth, your work, you know? How's that working out? Let me ask you a question again. What is the most valuable commodity? In the world? I think there are many valuable commodities. But let's look at waste. You know, the title of this podcast is before you waste another year, what what is waste actually mean?


Speaker  11:54

Waste something?


Pete Cohen  11:56

Well, when you waste something you're throwing it away. Right? And what are you throwing away? I think deep down we know that we're throwing away many precious moments in our life. I truly believe that I don't know everybody in the world. But I just think most people know deep down, that they're throwing away the opportunities they have to waste is to use or expend something carelessly is when something progressively gets weaken. And when we discard something, so I think it's essential that we look at where we are right now. And if we look at our world, we can see how much we're wasting but I'm looking at you and I'm asked Hey, I'm looking at you. And then we look at time or what is time? Well, personally, for me, time is just a measure. It's just a measure of where I am. And when I look at what I've done in my life and produced in my life, that's how I've used time. One of my favorite films, is lord of the rings. And there's a very famous line in there where Gandalf is saying to Frodo, the main character in the film, that it's not about the amount of time it's what we do with the time that we have. Now you might have heard this before, but what is the most expensive land in the world?


Speaker  13:17

Well, apparently


Pete Cohen  13:18

so they say whoever they are, the most expensive land in the world is the graveyard.


Speaker  13:24

Well, why?


Pete Cohen  13:26

Well, how many people do you think have been buried with their greatest ideas? Things that they just wanted to do that they never did do? I remember when we made a TV program about happiness, and I spent time at a hospice speaking to people who who knew that they had, you know, hours days to live. And it was fascinating to me, it was very hard thing to do because I was facing, facing something I was facing death and I've always been frightened not of my own death so much but more of the death of the people. Around me that matter most. And I value life in a completely different way. Mainly because of the people who are no longer here. Like my parents and like many of my friends who have passed away you know, there is an old Roman a Latin words, Memento Mori, which means basically remember that you're going to die. And I think sometimes we just don't realize that time is limited. With that time, we have an incredible opportunity to do what? Well, that's up to you. And for some people, it's maybe more of this the better the devil I know. This is me, this is who I am, you know, I'm just I'm just here. You know? And I really encourage all of us to just think about with the time we have, how much of that time do you think we waste? Because I think a lot of people it's kind of that well, nothing really matters rather than changing that around. Don't It's not nothing matters, everything matters. And maybe you are a procrastinator and maybe you are a ruminator you know, you go over and over things and maybe you get distracted. You make excuses but that's okay you don't have to be that person and human beings a works in progress. We mistakenly think they're complete. Fascinating, quote, human beings are works in progress, who mistakenly think they're complete. So the big question I want to ask you is what do you want? To do with the time that you have? And the bigger question I would say is, Well, who would you have to be in order for you to advance in order for you to make progress? And what are you wasting? Jordan Peterson has become very well known all around the world and people that millions of people, it's a professor from Canada, and I really love some of the stuff he says and he talks about one of the classes where he asks students, how much time do you think you waste? And pretty much every student said they waste time and he was talking about that maybe each student is wasting four hours a day, four hours a day, which is, what, 20 hours. That's a lot in a week. And if you were kind of adding that up in terms of what that time might be worth let's say it was worth, you know, $50 an hour I mean, how much are you worth? That literally? How much money could you be potentially throwing away? And how much great experiences could you be adding to the world? Is he to really look at this and go Well, nothing really matters. Everything matters. Everything you do? It matters. Every person you come into contact with. You could you could do something positive. What do you want to do with the time that you have? Are you ready to stop wasting time and make the most of what you have? One of the fascinating things about this is you know the title of the podcast before you waste another year of your life, just listen to this because some of these things are so important. And often when I'm explaining these things to people, people often start cracking the whip on themselves, giving themselves a hard time but I would say to you Don't blame yourself or others. Just take responsibility for your future. That's all. I mean, it's an easy thing to say. Is it an easy thing to do?


And why is it a challenge for us to do? I think there's a few reasons and one of them is effort. You know, the way that we are made up the way that we have been designed to evolve in this world is to basically save energy to conserve anything that is difficult and just be in that survival mode. So going from survival mode and by the way, most people listening to this right now, you probably don't have to be in survival mode. You don't have to let the fear response literally be a huge part of your life. You don't have to, but for so many of us we're so used to just living on the edge, living on the edge of worry living on the edge of this could happen that could happen living on the edge of I'm not good enough, rather than changing that. And I think there is a lot of suffering in this world because people just no t tackle. They're not being who they're capable of being. Just imagine how many people there are in the world right now who are behaving in a way that is maybe giving them something in the moment. But afterwards, there is this kind of regret that that wasn't particularly productive. That wasn't particularly helpful. didn't advance things. Have you ever done that before where you've, you've just wait wasted time. Maybe because you've been watching something or watching a feed on Instagram or something like that and you watch something else and you want something else. And then before you know it half an hour is gone. It's not really giving you anything. And what's worse is that feeling of I've just wasted that time.


Speaker  19:15

You're not alone. The world is


Pete Cohen  19:18

full of so many people whose attention is being sucked away from them.


Speaker  19:24

Their life energy has been consumed by something else.


Pete Cohen  19:31

And we know that our attention is being sold to the highest bidder. You know, what did we do before all of these different platforms in 1972, the man who won the Nobel Prize, basically won it saying that the biggest problem in the world right now was too much information. Think about it. What is that information doing and what is that information? Well, we know a lot of a lot of it is news. I mean, who came up with the idea of the news. I mean, whose idea was that? Here's some news. I tell you what, let's give people some bad news.


Speaker  20:08

Whose idea was that? Because it was a really good idea because it's really popular. But what


Pete Cohen  20:16

happens we know this when people watched more than five hours of the Boston bombings on TV they experienced more post traumatic stress than the people who were actually there. Let me ask you, I think there's a lot of suffering going on in the world because people just know deep down they're not being who they're capable of being. I think there is this knowing I might be wrong. And it might not apply to everybody. But maybe it just applies to you. Because the Future Self podcast is really just we have a we have a big mission.


Speaker  20:48

It's the greatest mission right?


Pete Cohen  20:49

The greatest mission on earth. Why do you have the greatest mission to to know who you want to become?


Speaker  20:57

Right? To know that there's


Pete Cohen  20:58

something out there that's waiting for you. As we go on this epic adventure, let me ask you the question then. Who could you be? Seriously who could you be? And are your best days gone? Are they ahead of you? What is the great stuff in your head? That needs to come out? It needs to go


Are you ready? Are you ready to rumble oh


the greater things inside my head. And let me ask the question again. Who could you be? Let's just wake up wake up to what we're avoiding. Before you waste another year of your life. Just wake up to what you're avoiding. Because one day you're going to meet your future self and I remember someone saying to me a few years ago that hell is coming to the end of your life and meeting the person that you could have become. And I asked you and I challenge you as we celebrate six years of this podcast is to make a decision to get to know the person that you're that you could become the person that has had more impact than you the person that is given his greatest or her greatest gifts to the world and realize that everything you do every single day is a vote. It's a vote you are voting for the person that you're going to become stop voting for the person you don't want to be. Wake up to the reality of now. And where a string of now's could take you to and you know today just be more curious than you've ever been. You can be hard on yourself, but just maybe look at it like this. You've done the best that you've can until you've known better and maybe now knowing better you'll do better.


Speaker  22:57

Be kind to yourself in the moment of where you are.


Pete Cohen  23:03

You know you've seen that film. Just know that with every moment with the choices that you're making. They're going to take you to a place. But are they taking you to a place that you want to go? The more you form a relationship to your future self and think about Ebenezer Scrooge right? The Charles Dickens story when when Scrooge sees how his future could turn out. He is desperate to move away from that. And when we think about the future, let's really wake up to the future. And see, it's the greatest thing that's in front of you is the only thing that exists and everything we do as human beings is governed by our relationship to the future. We know that for years we thought that everything we did was governed by our past. No, everything we do is governed by our view of the future our past could affect our view of the future, but most people's view of the future scares the crap out of them. So they have tried to avoid thinking about it. And it doesn't go very far in many cases. You know, if I said what are you doing tonight? Who are you going to be tonight? You know who that person is, you know who you're going to be next week next month. But beyond that, you don't know the great person that you could become? And this is it. Now is the time to stop being a hero in the beginning that so many of us do we start things with good intentions. And then before we know it give up. People have been doing that for 1000s of years. There's an even in Sanskrit word that means hero in the beginning, the first ever written words they wrote a word down that met that meant that isn't that crazy? Isn't that wild? Even just to get your head around? What what did they start and not finish? Is it not now decide okay? This is the time memento mori you have to die. You know everyone does for every day. What are we what are we killing? What are we wasting every act we do every day is a vote. And small actions go a very, very, very, very long way. Especially if those small actions are done every single day. Just like this podcast six years old, in the top 1.5% of podcasts around the world. Why? Well, not only is the podcast very good, but we've also been very consistent with it. And we've had a lot of help. And a lot of great listeners who share this. Just remember whenever you're listening to this, thank you for listening to this because every day we get we get the podcast charts and we see that people listen to this all over the world. I you know people that we've been number one in Berlin, I didn't even know that Berlin was a country. We've been in the top 10 And countries like Cyprus, Egypt, Namibia, South Africa, the UK. And we're about to celebrate. Like I said right at the beginning next week. We have an incredible podcast episode coming out. It's awesome. It's with Rob mourner. Some people have heard Ron Moore speak before but when you listen to this podcast, it will blow your flippin mind what he talked about, I was not expecting to him to talk about what he was. And it was so powerful. And next week, if you listen to that podcast if you listen to it, and just take a screenshot of it and you send it to us whether that's on any platform, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email it to us, you will enter into a hat. We're not you but we'll put your name or put it into a hat. And who wins will grow draw one out whoever wins will win six months of one to one coaching with me and every single person who enters I'm gonna give them access to my confidence masterclass. But even if you don't want to enter what you will be entering Anyway, listen to it, take a screenshot and share it with the world. Help me help more people and help yourself in terms of what you're going to get back in return. Look, it was Viktor Frankl that said everything everything can be taken from a man this is a man who is a prisoner of war in a concentration camps. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing the last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances. To choose one's own way. Now I would say to choose one's choices.


Speaker  27:25

Choose one's one's own way. What is your way


Pete Cohen  27:31

and as we start to wrap this up, I want to just highlight a few things it please understand that it's part of our makeup to carry on being who we think we are to carry on playing the same game, the identity This is me, this is who I am. I'm not someone who's positive and out and out and thinking, I've got a great outlook for my future. That's not me. That's who you were. That's your practice being you're an energy saver. That's what we all are in the habit of not wanting to do things that expend energy that you don't see the results of those things. Why would you invest in those things? It's not that we're kept from our goals by a clear path. It's were kept from our goals. I think because I think deep down we've all got goals, right? We just get nearsighted, we see things which just grab our attention. But if you could build this strong bond to your future self and know that the biggest returns are always delayed and realize that most of the things that we do that waste our time it's just because it's instant, and it's a distraction. Are you distracting yourself from your great self, from the part of you that the Romans called the genius, you know, the moral authority? Are you going to keep listening to the same old story? Let's wake up to the fact that every single one of us right now, in this world, we are the director of our own life story. We are the writer of it. With the producer of it. We're the creator of that we're the actor, but it's time to choose the act that you want to be and choose your supporting cast


Speaker  29:11

is your supporting cast


Pete Cohen  29:14

that would love to be in your supporting cars. Look, every film that we've ever watched. There, meet the actor meet you. I'm calling you out. Come on. Wherever you are on that journey. This podcast is called the Future Self Podcast. I'm calling you out to say let me guide you let me coach you. I'm taking you on an epic adventure. I know you don't want to go. I know you probably want to stay where you are in that zone of familiarity and if you do, fantastic stay there. If you want to stay there, but just know deep down you're probably have a feeling of anxiety, a feeling of I know I could be more and I think that's one of the biggest reasons people in the world are suffering right now with depression, anxiety, worry tension because they just know just know and yes, they do need a supporting cast. Of course we all need great people around us who will help lift us up and we need guides and coaches.


Speaker  30:06

But isn't over yet. Are you ready to show the world that there's more to you than meets the eye and your best days are ahead of you.


Pete Cohen  30:17

It's time to know who you are. It's time to know what you stand for. And it's time to show the raw world that it's time to play a different game. So let's just summarize this podcast before you waste another year of your life. Listen to this look, what is it to waste. Waste is to throw away to use up expend carelessly to allow something to progressively get weakened to discard something. Time for me is just a measure, a measure of what will look around your life right now. Don't judge it. Don't analyze it. Just you've been doing the best that you can. What are the results that you have produced? Right now with your health, your energy, your relationships, your wealth, your work? I mean, it would be much easier just to be ignorant to this. I'm not interested in that. Come on. I think you know deep down you are just a measure of what's what you have in your life. It's what's the most expensive land in the world? I think it's the land that you're standing on. But as I said before, the most expensive land in the world for most people would say is the graveyard because so many people have been buried. And they had this wonderful idea of something they wanted to do something they wanted to bring into this world, a legacy. They left a legacy but I think there's a desire for a lot of us to leave more of that legacy. So look, I want to thank you for listening to this. Because next week, we're celebrating whenever you're listening to this, I just appreciate you you know a podcast that is six years old is pretty amazing. With over 420 Odd episodes. I'm very proud of that fact. And I want to thank everyone for listening and like I say we're celebrating it next week massively. We're at we've got a wonderful episode with the awesome Rob Moore. And if you listen to it, and you take a screenshot, you write a review, and you send it to us. Whether however you choose to send it to us we'll be looking at all the channels, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, and anyone who who does this anyone will enter into a competition and the winner will get six months of free coaching with me. Six one to one, six months. Just imagine what that's worth is pretty price blood is bloody priceless. And anyone who enters will get access to my confidence masterclass. That's a 50 pound product. We'll just give it to you.


Speaker  32:51



Pete Cohen  32:52

Well why not?


Speaker  32:53

Why not celebrate? why not celebrate?


Pete Cohen  32:56

I think it's time to what do you reckon? I want to thank every single one of you for being here today. And listening. We love what we do. We love you. Let's go out there and create a fantastic future. We'll see you next time. Let's go for it.


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