Mental Health

How To Thrive In Challenging Times – Having The Courage To Be Courageous

When we feel threatened, as we do right now, our instinct is to focus on how we can survive. The primal brain leaps into action and it drives us to consume in vast amounts (which explains the panic buying, of course). We see what is going on around us and on the news and that amplifies the fear even further. There is another way, however. We have the opportunity to thrive.

The Ultimate Choice

What is interesting to me in all the people I’ve coached over the years is that their most compelling goals are not about what they can do for themselves but what they can do for other people. Even those who want to be fitter or to grow a business or find the perfect life-partner are doing it because of the impact they can then have on others around them.

The Greatest Achievement Ever

Have you ever stopped for a moment and contemplated the fantastic achievement it is to be you? To have been born (the odds of the unique combination of sperm and egg, of DNA combinations, which create you are something like 400 trillion to one), to have grown into who you are today, to have survived the challenges life has thrown at you… You have to admit, it is pretty incredible.