100 Curtis Mitchell – How to become a true champion with the fastest man on Earth

I got to know my guest through Clubhouse, which I think a lot of people are now starting to hear about. I immediately resonated with this man’s spirit, this man’s desire this, man’s determination, this man’s mental approach to just to life.
My guest is one of the fastest human beings on earth. An incredible man with an incredible mindset. You’re going to learn so much and you’re going to be inspired. The podcast today is with the awesome Curtis Mitchell.

098 Dame Kelly Holmes – Empowering others because I am empowered, from depression to double Olympics Gold

My guest today is someone who I’ve wanted to be here in my podcast for so long for so many reasons. It is none other than Dame Kelly Holmes.

Everyone has a battle and it’s always the one which one conquers. I’m always curious as to why one conquers more than the other. Join me as we know more about the battle that Dame Kelly Holmes has to conquer. And how did she flipped it?

096 Life Lessons from World Champions of Sport

As we celebrate our 5th year in Podcast, please join us in this special episode called “Life Lessons from World Champions of Sports”.

Today we’re going to have the opportunity to listen to some incredible people. These people have taken what they do to the highest level and I believe every single one of us can do that.