The Power of Courage – How to Become Your Future Self

Who is the future you? Who do you really want to be? Can you bring that person into reality?
Becoming your future self is not impossible, but it is also not easy. It takes courage to follow your dreams and stand up for yourself in a world that wants you to stay where you are.

Listen in as I divulge how you can be courageous enough to live a more impactful, fulfilled, and happier life.  

Chasing Down Your Dreams – Interview with Andrea McLean

What do you desire the most? Have you lost hope in realizing your dream because your youth has passed you by?

Tune in to today’s episode and let my special guest, Andrea Mclean, enlighten you on how you can bring what you have greatly dreamt of into reality. She is a TV presenter who reinvented herself during her most challenging times and, since then, has helped countless women and men transform their lives.

Take this opportunity today to gain the wisdom you need for your own transformation. 

Humble Heroes – Interview with Ben Shephard

Are you hoping for a miracle? Are you looking for someone to save you from your misfortunes?

A hero is what everyone seeks in today’s pandemic-stricken world, but have you ever thought of becoming one yourself? Yes, you can be a savior even without having superpowers. This is what today’s special guest hopes to enlighten you about and inspire you to be.

Tune in as I interview TV presenter and author Ben Shephard to give you a better understanding of his book “Humble Heroes: Uplifting and Inspirational Stories from Real-life Heroes”. Learn the goodness in humanity. Be inspired by the true stories of everyday people rising to the challenge and becoming heroes to those in need.

You 2.0 – How To Live Your Best Life

Upgrading is quite a common occurrence on mobile phones, computers, and software, but are you aware of the need to upgrade yourself? When was the last time you upgraded yourself? Is the current version of you living your desired life?

In the dictionary, “upgrade” means to raise it to a higher standard or to improve it by replacing or adding components. What elements of your life do you really need to enhance? Is your own operating system working in line with your hardware? How can you truly upgrade yourself?

The Truth About Goal Setting

Teleological, that is what we are. We always do things for a purpose or an aim. We all have big goals that can be deconstructed into smaller goals to make them easier to achieve. However, most of us still fail to accomplish what we have initially set ourselves to do.

Are you one of them? Are you frustrated with your life all because you are part of the 70% who do not attain the set targets?

Masterclass: The New Science of Success

How many times have you failed in your life to the point of giving up? Did you know that failure is a path to success?

Success can be viewed differently by many people. You can define it in your terms or go with how others have defined it. When you look it up in the dictionary you will read that it is the favorable or prosperous termination of an attempt or endeavor. It is the accomplishment of one’s goal.

What is your goal? Is your aim to be someone better?

If so, then this episode is for you. Listen and gather new perspectives so that you can experience success every single day.

How to Discover Your Personal Truth and How to Live It

Have you ever thought about what your life is all about? Do you have a message that you want to convey to the world? What impact do you want to make? More importantly, will you bring to reality the person you can become?

Each of us has our own personal truth and unique capabilities that we can utilize to live a more fulfilled life. But sadly, not every one of us is living the life that we want. Are you one of them?

Why not take a leap to change the course of your existence? Are you ready to make a difference?

The One Percent Effect

What if I told you that you could massively improve your life by investing just one percent of your day every day? Fourteen minutes and twenty-four seconds is all you need to spend to have a fantastic future.

Take control of your life. Stop being a victim of your past and start investing now. Listen in and gain the wisdom you need to become the person you want to be and turn your dreams into reality.

The William Sisters – The Rise of Champions

Serena and Venus Williams are multiple Grand Slam tennis champions. Life was not easy for them when they were young, but they overcame all difficulties, including social deprivation, and showed the world who they were meant to be.

Tune in and find out how the Williams sisters changed the course of their lives and realized their dreams. Gather insights that you can apply in your own life so you too can be great.

Be a champion. Manifest the person you want to become and live your fantastic future now.

5 Simple Ways to a Better Future

The world that we live in today presents us with numerous difficult challenges and most of the time the future seems bleak. However, you must never lose hope, because there are ways by which you can have a better future.

Listen in as I unravel five simple ways to the extraordinary life you have been dreaming of.

You do not have to live a default future. You have a choice. You can be someone better.