“When I say he is ‘life-changing’ I mean it literally. I quit my job and followed my dream to become a writer because he showed me my own potential.”

Pete Cohen is the people’s coach, a motivational coach, a life coach and a performance coach. Despite these different roles, he has only one aim and that is to bring anyone from where they are to where they want to be.

His experience and knowledge have led him to develop the tools, techniques and strategies to help people

  • overcome their limitations
  • perform to their fullest
  • achieve what they never thought possible.

He never stops learning and is always looking for ways to better his craft so he can better help people to outperform themselves.

Pete has touched thousands of lives. He has given people the power to believe in themselves, the courage and discipline to master their own lives, and the determination to act and be somebody. He has led people to accomplish their goals and keep evolving beyond the direct coaching relationship

He has coached people to realise their true desires. He worked with Ronnie O’Sullivan to help him win his 2nd world title. His clients have started businesses, become healthy and fit, shared their message via events, podcasts, public speaking and authorship.

He mobilised the clubhouse community to raise funds to buy a farm in Uganda, allowing an orphanage to become self-sustaining – all in the space of three weeks. 

People who have connected with Pete now have better lives. He has coached them out of despair to a life of positivity and hope. The lives he touches move forward with a newfound purpose. 

The people’s coach gives purpose, teaches everyone to find motivation, to act and to keep moving forward to the future they want no matter how challenging the situation may be. He coaches them to follow through on reinventing and improving themselves and learning more to create a better world for everyone.


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“The measure of success as a keynote speaker and coach is not just relevance but impact. And not just the immediate impact on the day, but the lasting impact of the days, weeks and even years afterwards. It’s all about leaving an imprint and resonating with your entire audience. You create a buzz, people have had fun, they’re inspired by fresh insights and new interactions and they can’t wait to try them out for themselves.” 

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