7 Jan, 2023

Goal Setting Masterclass 2023


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“To know and not to do is to not know.” – Stephen Covey

The new year has finally begun. This is another opportune time to set new goals, but before that, I want to thank everyone who has been listening to our podcast. I am delighted to say it is already in its seventh year.

Have you set your goals for 2023? Are you aiming for a better you or would you rather drift aimlessly and continue to live the life you do not want? Can you figure out who your future self could be? More importantly, are you willing to do what it takes to bring that person into reality?

We annually do a Goal Setting Masterclass and this year it has become better because we have refined the process. We developed this to help you have a more inspiring vision of your future self.  You can download our Goal Setting PDF or be part of the Goal Setting Assessment by clicking the links.

The future is unwritten. If you are ready to commit and reinvent yourself, then do continue to listen to this episode as I guide you to meet the person you want to become. Make 2023 your best year ever.


⚡️We can be the change to make the world better.

⚡️We can get stronger by looking at life differently.

⚡️Our biggest obstacle in accomplishing our goal is resistance and not having a connection to our future self.

⚡️If we do not aspire to be better, then we will be stagnant and remain who we are.

⚡️To become aware of the possibilities is powerful, but not acting upon them is destructive.

🔥 Pertinent questions to reflect on:

  1. Where are you right now and how do you feel about it?
  2. What have you achieved and what have you learned?
  3. What do you want to achieve?
  4. How would you describe your future self in the three life domains?
  5. Do you have a connection to your future self?
  6. What do you need to do to be that person? Are you willing to act and commit?
  7. What difference can your future self make?

Important stories: 

🎯 10:57 What I learned and things I need to change

🎯 22:05 My fitness coach experience

🎯 24:28 My future self in the three life domains

🎯 41:00 The future me

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Happy beautiful day. Pete Cohen it's the Future Self Podcast. Today's podcast is Goal Setting Masterclass 2023. I'll see you after the theme tune.


Hey, happy beautiful day. Thank you so much for joining me for the podcast. I'm super excited to take you through the Goal Setting Master classes is something that we do every single year with people that follow me all over the world. We kind of refine the process because we want to improve it. I do love our theme chain don't new because I'm always curious about what is stuck inside someone's head. The fact that we can come up with a goal we can come up with an idea and we could bring that idea into reality. And maybe this is the year where we do more and more fantastic things. And what stuck we can remove it and we can make breakthroughs. That the whole purpose of life is about outcomes aims objectives as human beings everything we do is governed by our view of the future. It Is it as simple as that for years in the field of psychology. We genuinely thought What drove people was their past. And of course that is a driver. But the real driver is how you see the future. Of course changing the way you see the future is really where the magic is because the future is yours, right? You're probably fortunate enough to be part of the world right now where you've got multiple choices of the things that you do. And everything that you do really is a vote for a future but it's helping you see a future that you want to go out and create helping you see a future that is maybe just beyond today tomorrow, where you start to get excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities that exist for you. But it's a challenge to do that because most people to recreate, create their identity recreate their personality, which is what they say yes to every single every single day. And they go on repeat. And I think that's quite boring for a lot of people and I think a lot of the reasons we have pandemics of depression in the world is because people haven't been able to resolve their past and find a meaning from their past. I think there's a pandemic of anxiety, which is a lot to do with how we see the future. I think there's so many issues with the world that could be changed by us being the change in I don't know how many times I've quoted Ghandi in my life. But wow, he left a legacy didn't he be the change that you want to see in the world and actually then go out and do the work so I'm going to go through the goal setting masterclass. You will see in the in the description there's a way here that you can download our goal setting PDF, and also you'll also see will make it possible for you if you want to go through an assessment that we put together. I mentioned this at the end, we'll put it in the notes as well, that will allow you when you've gone through this process to actually see well how likely am I to actually achieve our goals. This is something I designed with an occupational psychologist or business psychologist called Connell Platts. who I've worked with for years. And we in 2003, we create a Happiness Equation that was broadcast in 27 countries around the world. We looked at all the studies that had been done on on happiness, and we created something it was a it was a publicity stunt for a holiday company. But nevertheless we still really dived into what is happiness. And I think happiness is relative. It might mean to you might be different to somebody else. But ultimately, for me happiness is wanting what I have. It's realizing everything I have is everything I need. But knowing that I want to grow and evolve and feel fulfilled by doing what I love to do. And I love to go through this process. So if you're ready wherever you are in the world, we get the data every day and charter boat we see where people are listening to our podcasts from Macedonia, obviously to the UK to Australia, to Denmark to Tim back to that right now. You're probably listening to this with some headphones on maybe you're moving around or maybe you've got a pen and paper in hand and you're ready to go. The great thing is you can revisit this anytime you want. And I wouldn't make this just an annual event where you do your goals once a year and then you forget about it. No, you connect to what we're about to say. And then you reconnect to it every single day and you do the greatest work of your life. So I can see that you're ready because I'm can hallucinate you, wherever you are in the world right now, and it's time for us. To start you might want to take some notes all the way through. But let's do this. Best thing to do is just literally just write down whatever comes to mind. And if you're not writing this down, just maybe make some notes on your phone. Whatever you need to do, but this is it. Are you ready? Let's go. So, one word. How do you feel right now? You don't have to judge it or criticize it just one word or it could be a few words. For me the word I wrote down is ready. I'm ready. What do you want to achieve in the next 365 days? Again, we'll go through these questions quite quickly. But what comes to mind? What do you want to achieve in the next 365 days? Maybe it's something with your health. Maybe it's something with your relationships with others with yourself. Maybe it's with your wealth, your work, your service, maybe it's monetizing something. That you already have. Maybe it's to be more whatever comes to mind, write it down. See what starts to flow. What do you want to achieve in the next 365 days? If I could take you into the future and take you 365 days down the line? Where would you like to be? What would you like to have achieved? Maybe you've written a book, maybe you've traveled somewhere? Maybe you've created something from scratch. What do you want to achieve in the next 365 days? Here's the next question in your life right now. What is wildly important to you? What is wildly important to you right now. For me, I don't mind telling you what's wildly important to me is definitely giving people an opportunity to look at their future in a way where they're waking up everyday with some form of hope and optimism. They want to create. They're enthusiastic about what they can do with who they are. That's what's wildly important to me. And for people to love what they're doing, even if sometimes it's hard to do. What about you what's wildly important to you in your in your life, right now? Is it an element of your health? Is it an element of your relationships? What is it and if you don't know it's okay, if you don't know the answer to these questions, don't look for answers that are not there. You can always come back to them. It's all good. It now when you think about what you want, if I were placing a best bet on you or I want to lose 50 pounds, okay, well, if I'm putting a bet on you what odds again, what odds would a bookmaker give you? Now of course, one of the challenges with this is a bookmaker would lower need to look at your past form and need to kind of look at what you've done in the past. Right that's important because history has a pattern of repeating itself and that's why we need to go back. That's why we need to go back and just revisit last year. But again, don't judge don't criticize, don't blame, don't shame. It's just that this is how it's been but it doesn't mean that's how it's going to be. Next question. What inspires me? What inspires you about the future ahead? What inspires you about the year ahead? I don't know if I'm the only one but for this year, I'm definitely probably more inspired and I'm not probably I am more inspired than I've ever been in my entire life, especially after what I went through last year, but we'll come to that. Right now. What inspires you about the year ahead? When you look ahead, what is it that you're excited about? And it's using mastic about doing creating building moving on from it's really up to you one of the quotes I've been saying a lot. So far this year is pain pushes, until vision pulls that, you know, maybe you're inspired about having a vision and being pulled by that vision every single day. And if you do have the notes in front of you, you'll see on page three, that there is an opportunity just to make some notes about this process or maybe draw something. So let's go back Shall we should we go back and look at last year we won't spend too long on this but I think it's important to stop. That's why we created the stock one stock one app, because not only do we want to help people to advance but we know the power of of stopping to pause last year what did you fail out? What didn't work out? You know what, what did you start not finish? Did you buy and not complete? What did you say you do? And you didn't do? Again? It's really important not to judge. This is just information. Remember, human beings aren't particularly good at learning from experience. It's when we reflect that's when we stop reflect. Just ah this is curious, just like an accountant or an auditor or a scientist. It's just looking at the results that you've been producing. And often the results we've been producing are a direct result of our commitment. What did you What did you say you would do and didn't do? What did you say you would do and you didn't do it? This is? Again a huge goal for me this year is just to be much more consistent with doing what I say I'm going to do more than ever. What about you? Promises did you not keep?


Now I've got nothing there? Because I can't remember but I'm sure there have been things I did. I can't say I do something and I didn't do it. Again if there's no answer coming don't worry about it. It doesn't matter it's not the it's not the most important thing in the world. What did you stop and not finish? What did you start and not finish? What didn't work? What you think I you know I really didn't work. Okay, let's move on. So what can you learn from this? So when you look back, reflect on what you needed, what you need to do what you need to do different in the next 365 days so you're able to succeed with your goals that you set today. So for me personally, as I look back, I can learn from this I need to make sleep Piper a priority which for the last couple of weeks. I've really made it a priority. In fact, last night I use something called Aura, which just measures my sleep at a good score last night was at the night before it was really poor. I had I had a deep night's sleep until the cat woke up and then when the cat woke up and started making a noise. I just find it really hard to go back to sleep. But I'm seeing this information and I want to improve it I want to be more flexible. I realized that I made a commitment to be more flexible, as in my having better mobility. What can I learn from this I can also learn that I need to have a stronger relationship with my future self. Can I learn from this? I can I can offer more value to people. I can stay more focused. I can be less distracted about you. Can you learn from last year? Let's move on what was awesome about last year when you look back I think it's really great that we can celebrate I celebrate my podcast. It's seven years old, seven years old, and massively celebrate that but of course for me the biggest celebration, and I have to thank all of you that have been listening to the podcast. And many of you know the story is my wife's recovery. I mean it was the hardest thing I've probably ever been through in my life. And yet, we got through something and we're on the other side and I'm sure we'll face other battles down the line because that seems to be what life is all about. But that's one of the reasons I want you to look at life differently so that you can get stronger mentally, physically, emotionally, so you're more able to deal with what's coming but what were for you was awesome about last year. What did you see develop? What happened? How did you get better? What did you do? Where did you go what that last year was awesome was fantastic. For me, once again it was progress that I made I made progress on, you know, a ridiculous amount of days of doing things of being hugely consistent with things like cold showers and breathing and learning getting up every single day. What was awesome about last year now, if you find this hard to do, that might be because well you didn't achieve very much but it's probably more to do with where your attention is for most people their attention on what they didn't do what was wrong, what was missing. I want to help you look back so you could look back through this coming year. You look at all the things that you did. What did you achieve? What did you achieve last year? Maybe you were there for someone who was in a very difficult situation. What did you achieve? What What connections? Maybe a book that you wrote, maybe something you started? What did you achieve? What are you most proud of? As you look back? What are you most proud of? I'm definitely so super proud of the community that I work with on clubhouse some of the friends that I have been working with some of the some of the success that we've had with people that have made huge breakthroughs, but the relationship I have with some of my family members how that's got much stronger. Once again, the thing I'm most proud of is the fact that my wife is alive after having been given six months to live and I'm sure you can understand why that is fueled my desire like never before. I'm more like wow, look if that can happen. What else can we do? To really to go through a time where I didn't see a future. I saw a future but it was a future I didn't want to now see something different think Well, how else could I see a future that I want to go out and create but help as many people be optimistic about their life? So what are you most proud of? Okay, let's move on. So let's talk about thoughts. So the thoughts of the last 365 days you know when you look back, when you look back? One of the most common thoughts you had in the last 365 days. Personally for me there was a lot of fear. You know, obviously when you can imagine when your wife is in the situation that she's in huge amounts of fear had to pretty much stop work for about seven eight months. So there was fear about money. There was doubt there was anxiety, there was sadness, huge sadness, there was depression, there was loneliness. There was anger. I mean, but there was a lot of love as well, for the most common thoughts that you had last year. I was at the thoughts of Come on, let's go we've got to push through this. We got to find a way. There were points where I felt like giving up but there were people around me that just wouldn't let that happen. What thoughts were most dominating now for me it was definitely fear and love. Which is kind of interesting. Again, please no judging, no criticizing no blaming. No shaming, just look at it back. Remember, we don't learn from experience we learned from reflecting on experiences. So when you look back which thoughts served you best do you think? Some people this is a challenge to think well, I don't know. I don't know what I'm thinking. If you don't know what you're thinking, you probably never really change your thinking. Because thinking is what we do. We think we create emotions through thinking and we create feelings and our feelings can paralyze us. That's my goal. I want to help as many of you think greater than you feel. So what thoughts thoughts serves you best which thoughts do you want to manifest in the next 365 days? I want to create the thoughts of who I'm becoming and as we go through this process, I did it live on LinkedIn and I on Facebook, and I'm sure you can find that if you want to go through it again. But you know, we had some issues we had a we had a power QA and I was in a very powerful state because I was thinking about this, you know, man at what I want to manifest in the next 365 days. I was seeing me in 365 days with my relationships and seeing me being more loving more kind just just being just better. And I kind of wave my fingers. I imagined this person in the future with this power that I have in my body. And I think it's one of the most powerful states where you see something in front of you that you want to do and create and have and a lot of people sacrifice that ability to seeing what's in front of them like watching something on Netflix or drinking a bottle of wine or smoking. What something that gives them something that's a powerful force, the wanting, you know, we are wanting creatures. We are goal orientated creatures, but those things in many cases, they don't serve us. They don't serve our future self but it was like seeing who I was going to be in waving my finger and all of a sudden was like lightning struck. But it wasn't lightning. It was a power cut, and everything turned off. And it was funny because you can see this people were just waiting for me to come back and thankfully I found a way of coming back. But what I'm trying to say here is which thoughts do you want to manifest in the next 365 days? Because you can choose what you think your thoughts might be my thoughts of the thoughts of who I'm going to become and getting excited about that. Thoughts of how can I add value here? So that again, is really dominating for me and it's a practice every damn thing. How can I add value to you listening to this right now and how can I add value to the people I meet today? So let's move on. So let's start to look ahead, hopefully, you know, just going through that, you know, you thinking well, you know, last year was there was some good stuff. There's some stuff I want to focus on. So let's let's break this up. This is what I want you to do for me right now. I want you to see yourself. Because ultimately, you're here how do you know you're here? I mean, maybe you're asleep. But if you pinch yourself, you know the pinch yourself not too hard. Just so you know I'm here or just little slap on your own face. You're here. Right? So you're here today and I appreciate you and as you look to the future, I want you to think about who you could be by doing something this could be the greatest goal. What will be the greatest goal in the next 365 days? If your answer to this is my greatest goal, my greatest achievement will be the person I become. If that's your answer, we're coming from a really good place. Coming from a place of coming you might say well, I want to write a book. Well, who would you need to become in order to write that book? I want to lose 50 pounds, right? Well, how would you know that you had you have to start to see that person. If we start to think about who who is that person? And when we think about who then the great question is well why why why would you want to do that? Not why do I want to achieve what I want? No Who is the person that's achieved what you wanted? And why do they want it to be connected to that? That to me is everything without doing that? I think that's where so many people who work in the field of personal development and coaching you're just missing a massive trick. Does your past exist? did you do yesterday? What did you do five years ago? You know like when you remember something and you smell something and it takes you back? Or you hear a piece of music and it reminds you of something? How about if you were being reminded every single day of who you becoming does your future self exist?


So you know, your fantastic future self understand that the word Fantastic. All it means is your ability to create an idea inside your head. And then to intentionally that's why our business is called my 3651 of the reasons my intentions now delivered my 365 I imagine for 365 days you did your best, being intentional. It's one of the greatest forms of self love self expression, to do what you say you are going to do and I want you to think about who you could become in what we call the Big Three the Big Three life domains. Life domain, Tony, Tony Robbins talks about roles and goals categories of improvement. For me there can be just too many. Right Sigmund Freud talked about love and work. Again, they're two very important aspects. What about health and energy for us health and energy always comes first. It might not to you, which is fine. But for most of you know, if you're not healthy and you don't have energy, it's hard. health and energy first then relationships. Think of it like a triangle relationships with others with yourself. And with your wealth, work and service again, you could probably break those up as well but let's just look at it as the big three. Who is you? That's a 365 days with your health and energy. Imagine what that person might look like. Imagine what you would look like with your relationships. Imagine what you would look like with your wealth, work and service. Just play this game with me. But let's start off with your health and energy and let's go through a few questions. So with your health and your energy, your fitness, your mental, your spiritual, any area of your health and energy. What do you want? Right What comes to mind, maybe you want to be faster, more flexible. I don't know what it is. For you want to have more energy. And then I want you to think when you when you think about what you want. Well who's that person? Imagine that person already exists? Many of you listen to the podcast you've heard me say before 1989 I became a fitness instructor and people would join a gym and I didn't know that they did not know what they wanted. They just most of them knew what they didn't want. They didn't have a relationship to their future self. If I knew then what I know now God I would just be I would have got incredible results but I didn't know that to go through a lot to learn this information and this awareness and this bloody obvious really, that someone would then join a gym and then you design them a program and they go in the gym. They don't know the person that's going to have the results that they want. They know who they are now. And once they're out of pain pain pushes once said that once they either feel too much pain that they want to stop coming because they feel so uncomfortable in the gym. They don't identify with someone who has the results they want. Or they just get bored. They'd rather go and get some pleasure from something else. So what I want you to think about well who is the person that is fitter and healthier? What can they do? How will they make a difference? What part do they play? Who is that person from personally for me, they have more energy. They're a radiant exemplar. This is what I've written down. They can row I have a rowing machine, they can row for an hour, no problem. Moment. I can do about 20 minutes with this program. I use like a peloton for rowing. A car, they're flexible. They set the tone for everything. They're just an abundance of energy. That's what I want. What about you? Who is that person? What can they do? How do they make a difference? What role do they play? And then this is the big question. What is the difference between you right now and that version of you? You know, what are they doing that maybe you're not doing that if you've seen that person is separate to you. We're in a good place. They're not you. Because if it was you, you wouldn't be listening to this. The goal was I'm becoming that person of course we have to work out what's the process? What do I need to do every single day in order to become that person? I mean, that's pretty obvious, right? Because otherwise it's just a pipe dream. What virtues does that you embrace? Now when I say virtues I'm talking about they're strong, they're courageous, they're powerful. They make things a priority. They they're very, very good at practicing self control. Again, you might just want to think about who is that person? I'm picturing that person right now as I'm speaking to you. And then what name or description do you give that person if you were gonna label that person like whoa, I remember when I was a kid watching Mr. motivator on television, who was someone who was teaching aerobics, Mr. motivator, that's a great name right? For me as I looked at myself in the future, and that was one of the reasons I became an aerobics instructor myself because I saw someone doing something and I thought I could do that. That was an idea. And then I went out and made it happen. For me, the description I would give that person is Mister world class athlete. This doesn't have to be what you call yourself. But that's what it That's Miss. It could be Mr. or Mrs. energized. What is it for you? Feel free to let me know because I would love to know. Now the reason is world class. I want to be world class every day. And to me life is a competitive event. I'm competing against my former self. I'm actually competing against other people, but not in a way where I want to beat them in a way where I see people doing great work, and they inspire me to be better about you. Is that world class athlete and for me, life is life is a very it's an arena all these arenas that I'm battling and it's a war because there's a part of me that wants me to not do these things. How many times do you ever feel I don't feel like exercising so you don't do it. But when you're a world class athlete, you don't let those feelings dominate. What does that you what is the future you with your health and fitness? What did what did they use every area of your health and your energy? What what does that future do you do every single day? What do they do every day? Maybe they celebrate their growth? Maybe they meditate they breathe, they drink water sleep as a priority. They just do the best they did the best that they can, knowing they can always do better. What does the future you do every day? What do they say? Yes to? Do they say yes to that. Maybe you're saying no to what obstacles will get in the way of you becoming that person? But think about it, what obstacles will get in the way and I can tell you if you want the biggest obstacle is you don't feel like it. The biggest obstacle will be you'll do something for a bit and you'll stop. But that's where you have to be careful. 20 years ago, I wrote a book published all around the world habit busting. I was one of the first people you know to write a book on that subject and great books but I had to go first just like Pele who just passed away. They said that he went first with so many things. I'm sure he didn't I'm sure he'd watched other people. I want you to watch your future self like never before be guided by that person as you create a new narrative What is your future self your fitter self saying and healthier self saying your energized self saying yesterday. What are the obstacles? What are the obstacles write that down? What is the plan to overcome the obstacles? One might be that you connect to your future self every day you make certain things a priority you get up every day at a certain time you record this is again why we created the stock one stock one app if you haven't seen it go to S one S one.me. That's the number one S one S one.me. And there's a video on there that's 14 minutes and 24 seconds that's 1% of your day 1% and just understand the power of stopping and starting behaviors. That's where the magic is. What obstacles in for me how I overcome many of the obstacles is to just record what I'm doing. What do you need to stop doing right now? What is one thing that if you stopped doing just one thing that would make your future fitter, healthier, you come to life more energized you one thing if you stopped doing it? Maybe it stopped making excuses? Maybe stop saying I don't feel like it. Stop procrastinating about it. What would it be one thing if you stopped doing it consistently, that you would bring that person to life? Give it like you're inflating that person every day by the actions that you do every day. I mean, it's obvious right? What do you need to start doing to become that future you? Okay, so hopefully now you can see your healthier future self and you have the power to bring that person to the table. So let's move on. Let's talk talk about the Second Life domain relationships. This includes your family, your friends, other connections, as well as your relationships with yourself over the next 365 days. So what do you want? What do you want? Tell me what you want what you really, really want. Do you want to be more loving? This is what I've written down to be more loving to the people around me. Once again to be a radiant exemplar of love. But the love I want to practice more than anything else is self love. Want to love myself like never before? By loving what I do. Loving the person I'm becoming my commitment to my future self. Who is that person so if you see your future self with your relationships, who is that person? For me, they've got a bigger heart because the heart to me is like a muscle. So if I want a bigger bicep, obviously I've got to lift up a weight. If I want to have a bigger heart for me, yes, there's the fitness side of a heart but there's also the loving side of a heart by saying I love you and just listening to people. What about you? Who is that person? What can they do? For me what they can do is they can be with my wife and not allow my emotions to get the better of me. They can be with my wife and just be totally present.


About you. What can what can your future self do with your relationships? How will they make a difference? What part will they play? What's the difference between you that future self what would your future self say to you right now? Your relationships? Now we're looking at these three separate entities and we'll bring them all together. What virtues do they embody? What name or description would you give that person for me? Is Mr. Lover lover? Me missed a lot of man. I don't know how many of you remember that song by Shabba ranks called Mr. Lover man, but that's what that person is to me. Maybe it's Mrs. Lover man. I don't know it's this the opportunity


being a champion lover


that's who I aspire to be. You know, I think if you don't aspire to be something better than you're just be who you are. And if you're happy with who you are and everything's working well, then there's an element of just being stagnant rather than aspiring to something. What does your future do with your future self in your relationships do every single day and your relationships to yourself? What did they say yes to? Do they say no to obstacles will get in the way of you becoming that future you with your relationships? Maybe it's the old view. Maybe it's the old narrative. Maybe it's getting out of certain habits? What is the plan to overcome these obstacles? Maybe it's just to stop and to take a moment and to breathe in and to feel love and to write down. Who do you love who loves you? And what can you do right now that is loving. It's telling someone maybe it's practicing something where you feel love. It's up to you. Because this is the irony of all of this. It all comes down to one word, that word is choice. You need to stop doing become that future you What do you need to start doing to become that future you? You can hear my paper rustling in front of me as I have my you know the fact that I've been through this now three times already. This year. Let's move on for the last part of this. So I want you to now think about you from a professional point of view your wealth, your work your service in 365 days. What do you want? What do you want? Now some of these I don't want to share because some of this is private to me at this moment in time. We don't want to reveal all of this at this moment. But I've revealed it to a few people because part of the I want all of you wherever you are in the world. People listen to our podcasts everywhere. Right and it continues to perform well which is amazing. We have more listeners than we've had ever before. And I want to know from you wherever you are in the world. I want to know from you what do you want this day you to tell me you know contact us through my website. Contact us through Instagram, Facebook Messenger we have people LinkedIn messengers. Don't be passive with any of this stuff. Because knowing this stuff is amazing. Become aware of the possibilities that exist is so powerful, but then not to act upon them. Destroying that destroy so many people. Stephen Covey said to know and to not do is to not know. That's why self development is a dangerous thing if you're not actively going to get involved in this. So in 365 days, what do you want? With your wealth and your work and service? Maybe it's a particular amount of money that you want to be making every month. Maybe it's a book you want to write? What is it? What is it for you building a community and then when you think about your future self in that domain of your life, who is that person? I don't know. How many of you do this, but when I do this and I see my future self in that domain. That version of me is always bigger than me. It's always more pumped up than me it's like because that person has become better. That's how I see it. Who is that person? What can they do? How are they making a difference? What part are they playing? What's the difference between you and that future self and remember that the concept here around this is if you don't see that person, someone who isn't you they resemble you like you but they're not you that's what you could do. That's who you could become and if you were already that person you probably wouldn't be listening to this greatest thing that you'll probably do in the next 365 days is to achieve that. The other day I went to watch a premiership football match Brighton versus arsenal. And imagine if I'd gone to that game and I'd sat down all the fans were going crazy in the game started and there were no goals would have watched that game. We're just kicking the ball about what's the point of the game is to put the ball in the net. What's the point of your game? Is it not the person that you could become? Is that not the point of the game? No that person most of us have never been taught about this. I saw Simon Pegg having a massive rant on Facebook or Instagram about our prime minister saying that children should be doing maths until they're 18. And he was just saying that's ridiculous. I hate math. I hate math as well. I don't even have the basic maths GCSE you do when you're 16. He said Why aren't we teaching compassion? Why aren't we teaching people to be creative? Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox with you. What is the difference between you and your future self? In terms of your wealth, work and service what virtues do they embody and what name or description do you give that future you for me? It's still the same as last year it could change this year but at the moment is Mr. inspirator it could be Mr. future self. But at the moment is Mr. In I'd rather to be Mr. inspirator my colleague and I Kate Carruth we wrote a book called inspirations which is about people who are inspired about the future people who see life as the hero's journey, you know, you're going on an adventure, and that's why I want you to think about you've invested so is six. There is seven minutes of your time listening to this process. I want you to see this like well, this is a journey I'm going on. I'm calling you. I'm like Yoda I'm like Gandalf. I'm like Dumbledore. I'm like the wick the White Witch in The Wizard of Oz, but there's also the other witches Well, that's where we're going to take you try and take you in a different direction. I want to guide you every story has a guide as a hero has a villain has a victim. I'm looking at you like a hero. Let's do something heroic, which is the person that you could actually become. Does that future you do every single day? Now I know that the future me with my wealth, work and service. They are learning they're teaching. They're growing. They're just inspiring a lot more people than I am. What do they say yes to that you're saying no to? What are the obstacles that will get in the way of me of you becoming that future you? For them? For me? It's definitely distraction. One of them for me is saying yes to too many things. And I'm very aware of that. Like luckily my wife is pretty good at keeping me in check with that holding me accountable, which isn't easy. Because I'm often charge and it's like, well hang on. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. One of the things I learned from last year is I just slow down a little bit. Focus your energy what's the plan to overcome these obstacles? So personally, for me, it's to see the future of what I'm creating is much, much bigger than what I used to see it because in seeing it much, much bigger. It brings into much more clarity of what I'm doing every single day. What do I need to stop doing to become that future me? About for me, it's definitely doubting getting distracted wasting time someone said to me the other day said, Do people who achieve things endlessly scroll on their phone? You know, when they've got nothing to do? And I went No. And he said, Well, you do I said sometimes it was just an interesting conversation. He also said, do high achievers scroll or people who want to achieve people who want to get better. Did they scroll on their phone before they go to bed at night? And maybe this is therapeutic for some people, you know so because there's only one way and it's yours find that way that works for you. But he just said something which made me think and I knew this but I needed to be reminded of this, that when you go to sleep, it's when you do your deepest learning. So be careful what you take into your sleep. Maybe that's why it's important to tell don't go to sleep on an argument. You know, tell your wife or your husband or whoever your kids that you love them. Hey, I love you. Maybe you write something down you journal. That's why we have a journal. We've woohoo people have been using our journals for years as a way of recording this journey. And by the way, the journal you can get it from us, but you can use it as part of our app. There's a free version of our app. Our app is free for two weeks anyway. But it's not the answer that you're looking for. It's just a vehicle, but you're the one who's driving this bloody thing.


Unknown Speaker  40:00

And the greatest work of your life will be what you do today.


Pete Cohen  40:06

Bring that future self to life. What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing? So let's wrap this up with everything we've got. We've gone big, right? We've gone big, but what is the theme for the next 365 days? The theme? This was a movie, right? What is the theme of this movie? Or this of this year? What is it for you? For me? There's a few themes. It doesn't have to be one


mine is definitely growth. monetization. Love NRG What about you? By the way, for those of you that don't know this is the theme tune to Star Wars. And as I look to my right, I can see a plastic figurine of Yoda but I can see a stormtrooper and also Darth Vader. Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas. How can you know what I'm getting for Christmas? Was I felt your presence I'll be back at next Christmas. You know for you What is the theme of the next 365 days? What mantra will you say to yourself every single day a mantra is just again, it's a tool. It's a tool of something you could tell yourself. I've got a few. And this is one of my I remember there was a boxer called Marvin Hagler, who used to skip and all he used to say is mean getting meaner, mean getting meaner, because if you're a boxer you want to be a bit mean. That obviously worked for him. One of my mantras I've got to hear at the moment pain pushes vision pulls, pain pushes vision pulls, vision pulls. I want to be pulled by the vision of who I'm becoming. And then the other is the serenity prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. These are mantras for me. What about you? Again, let me know reach out to me make this the year where you reach out to me and you tell me because you know being passive with this stuff. I think it's dangerous. Just take some action. Take a 1% step into your own improvement. So how will others benefit from you achieving this is an important question how will others achieve and will others benefit from me achieving my goals? As I become more loving, want the wife to benefit from now on all the people around me to benefit from me becoming more loving? What about you and it's not just that it's you know a new developing your business or develop how are other people going to benefit? I'll tell you who's going to really benefit your future self because I'm like a lawyer who's come from your future future selves saying stop listening to the old narrative. Stop telling yourself you don't feel like you don't want to do this. Stop letting the resistance take over. You start using the reason that's one of my goals for this year is when I feel resistance is to move through it because nothing grows without resistance. About you. I didn't mention that. But that's something that was also really important. So when I look ahead over the next 365 days, what does it look like if I've done nothing? Oh, I don't want to think about that. For a wonderful film at Christmas called spirited. It's like a play on Ebenezer Scrooge. My father in law hated it. My wife liked it, but didn't like the musical element of it. I just love the story of people can change. I absolutely loved it. Absolutely. The point here is to think about what what if you did nothing. This was just another year where you made you look, you're gonna make some advancements, there's no way you would have been listening to this for 44 minutes and not be the sort of person that's going to make some positive changes this year. You know that I know that. But it's like, what would it look like if you just did it half heartedly. And when you look ahead over the next 365 days, what does it look like? When you achieve all of your goals or you've just moved ever so much closer? What do you what? What would you say to yourself? How proud would you be? Well, if you become it's the WHO for me, it's all about the Who who are you and who are you becoming? Who am I committed to becoming as we wrap this up with the last few questions, who are you committed to becoming? What is the first thing you plan to stop to achieve your goals? Maybe it's just wasting time endlessly scrolling on something. I don't know what it is, but what's the first thing that you plan to stop to achieve your goals? And please use the app that we created S one S one.me. It's not the answer. It's just a it's a tool. It's a commitment device that you can start to identify with future self which is the goal identify with those three different people that you could become? integrate them right now in your mind's eye. See, see those three people coming together and see that person Imagine if we taught children how to do this? I think they know how to do it naturally. They just need some they need some encouragement to do it. The first thing is plan to stop doing what's the first thing you plan to start start doing and with our app Stop One Start One. It's free for two weeks. We're not asking you to enter in any details in terms of payment after two weeks will contact you. And if you want to continue it great. If you don't, there's a free version, or you can just leave it. There's a journal on there. You can actually email or you can write a letter to your future self that you can email to yourself. You can join other people's starts and stops. But for me, it's about identifying my future self and then doing the things everything single day that starts and stops, which are building what we call identity capital, the boring mundane stuff that over time leads to the greatest power of all is love, loving what you do and then compounding that over time. How do you want to feel in the next 365 days? Who will support you who will support you? Maybe if you tell some other people someone will say you're crazy, but maybe you might find some people that also go you know what I want to help you I want to support you. And when will you listen? Or when will you watch this? Again, this is a process that I've done many times you could Google it you could Google Pete Cohen's goal setting masterclass. 2022 2021 2020. I don't know how far back you would go. But you don't need to necessarily go back and listen to this one because this is the best one. Why? Because I'm better. I've refined the process. When would you go about this through this again, but I appreciate you after seven years of podcasting. I feel like I've only just got started I want to thank everybody that supported me on this epic adventure. Because for me, life is an adventure. That's what it is. And everything you do, you can add to the venture of your life as you invest in a life that you could look back one day and say, you know, that was a good life. That was interesting. That was fun. That was challenging. Look, I'm looking at the people who I inspired. And maybe this is the year where you can identify your future self and you can be committed to run to your future self.


So what was your biggest takeaway? And like I say, Look, don't be shy. Don't be passive. All I want you to do I really encourage you to do is to reach out to us however you want to do it. We're not going to try and manipulate you or sell you anything. We just want to know we want to help you run you want to feel the touch of your future self.


Thank you for listening to the podcast. Let's make 2023 the best year that we have ever had in our entire lives and we will see you next time your future is unwritten. And you have the power to change.


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