8 May, 2018

Good to Great to Exceptional

Organisations should never under-estimate the value of leadership development. I have been fortunate enough to work with the entire team at the Vine Hotel in Madeira over the last few years. During this time, I was able to assist in the transformation of their business fortunes.

Vine Hotel

We were able to look at the core values of the company and the individual roles that every single team member has to play. This enable us to develop a grand vision of where the Vine Hotel is going to be in the future. Going from good to great and now to becoming exceptional and world class.

What often happens in organisations is that people lose sight of the goals and vision of a business as they get caught up in the day to day management of running challenging establishments like hotels.

Hotel great to exceptional

I commend the Vine Hotel for not only taking the time out to look at their value proposition to their customers who often come from all over the world, but also to look at the value proposition to all of the people that work in the business.The hotel now more than ever realises the importance of investing in their people and developing them both personally and professionally. This is leadership in its truest form where people are inspired to be better than their best every single day.


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