“Pete’s ability to help people is amazing”
TV Personality & Behavioural Expert, Captivating Audiences On TV, Radio and Online.

Pete is not only one of the top names in the personal development , coaching and keynote speaking world but is also a well-known personality on TV and radio. 

He was the life coach and motivation specialist for ITV’s Good Morning Britian and GMTV for many years. He also presented on shows such as BBC’s Confidence Lab and This Morning as well as hosting his own series The Coach, with Andrea McClean.  With his enthusiasm, sense of humour and compassion he brilliantly communicates with his clients and  also through the camera, appealing to a widespread audience. His appearances in person, on the radio and on television have set the public alight, seeing him invited to appear in all around the world. 

Pete was internationally recognised for his work to define the formula for Happiness, instrumental in the  success of the Happiness Campaign, run by Thomson Holidays.

Pete regularly contributes to the UK national press and wrote a series of feature articles in The Daily Telegraph offering advice and coaching to a number of their readers.

The People's Coach in Print. Pete Cohen In The Daily Telegraph


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“The measure of success as a keynote speaker and coach is not just relevance but impact. And not just the immediate impact on the day, but the lasting impact of the days, weeks and even years afterwards. It’s all about leaving an imprint and resonating with your entire audience. You create a buzz, people have had fun, they’re inspired by fresh insights and new interactions and they can’t wait to try them out for themselves.” 

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