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How to be Successful in 2023

Majority of people customarily start the year with setting resolutions and goals but how many of them reach their target by year end? How many individuals start the new year right, only to become stuck or totally abandon their objectives after the first quarter?  Are you one of those who successfully turn their dreams into realities, or do you give up when it becomes challenging?

The past two years have been tremendously challenging for all of us. Conflicts erupted in different parts of the globe and the covid-19 pandemic occurred which severely disrupted the way we lived in ways we did not expect. Lives were lost, social interactions were limited, businesses closed, incomes greatly decreased.

Although health protocols have eased up, life continues to be a struggle and the future remains bleak as prices and inflation continue to rise. In fact, a World bank article in September 2022 stated that we may be heading toward a global recession this year.

Therefore, it is more necessary for us now to be resilient and reinvent ourselves to adapt to these uncertain times. We need to have a better vision of our future selves and not only set our goals and priorities right but more so do our very best to accomplish them.

This year is not the time to give up rather this is the moment we must persevere the most to shine and succeed. How do we then become successful in these very trying times?

Path to success in 2023

Success can be viewed differently by different persons as each one has distinct areas where they want to be successful in. Some equate success to happiness while for others it is having wealth or distinction.

The dictionary simply defines success as a satisfactory completion of something; it is the accomplishment of one’s goals. Hence, if you want to succeed, you must then have a clear view of your goals.

1. Your future self as your goal


Goals give our lives direction. They set us on the path toward achievement by setting new behaviors, keeping our focus, and sustaining our drive to act. If we lose sight of our aim, then we will achieve nothing and remain to live a stagnant or default life.

Most people are living a default future, one where nothing seems to change, and the results they obtain remain the same no matter how much time passes. They just live day to day and let life happen. No one wants that kind of life but people keep living it because they have no clear vision and relationship to their future self.

It is therefore important to identify with your future self.  Who is the future self?

The future self is the person you want to become, the person you will be in the future. That person is the goal you want to accomplish. Who do you see yourself becoming?

You have choices. Think of all the possibilities. Do not set limitations. Who would you be if you had better health, stronger relationships, and more wealth? Envision that person in your mind.

What does he look like? What is doing? Do you like what you see? If so, make that person, that future you your aim. Keep that image in your mind every single day. Always remind yourself of the person you want to be.

Goal setting does not only involve determining the big targets. You must also consider the underlying objectives of your main aim. Breaking down your big goals to small ones assures you of a higher success rate.

Mini goals keep you motivated to move further because you know you are getting some things done. You feel more empowered to overcome obstacles because you have developed confidence and resilience through these small achievements.

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Now that you have you set your goal. What must you do to successfully accomplish your objective and be the future you?

2. Have a relationship with your future self

Although having a goal leads to success, it is not an assurance that you will succeed. It is only the first step. The next important thing to consider is to have a relationship with your future self.

Let your future self guide you. Think of the consequences of your every action. How will it affect the person you want to become? Will your undertaking lead you closer to that person or are you moving farther away?

Think about what your future self will say every day. Write a letter to the future you. Talk to him. Get to know that person and treat him as another person. What does he want you to do to lessen the distance?

Meg Jay and Hal Hershfield pointed out, if we look at our future selves as another person and build a relationship with him then the empathy gap is lessened. When this happens, we will care more about the future and make choices to be the person we want to be.  

However, setting better goals and forming a relationship with the future is difficult to accomplish if you do not learn from your past. The next key step to success is therefore to reflect.

3. Learn from the past

Stop and take the time to think about your past. Write down your reflections. Where is your life right now? Do you like where you are?

What results have you obtained? What has prevented you from reaching your targets? Do you need to develop new goals? What do you need to stop or start doing? What do you need to improve on? What have you learned?

Taking note of this information will also help you reconcile with your past. Moving forward is difficult to do if you are always pulled back by past frustrations and failures. Forgive yourself and let go of your mistakes and negativities. What is important is that you have survived the trials and you still have the choice to be better.

Likewise knowing that there are aspects in your life you need to develop, or change means you have a chance to improve. Learning a new skill, widening your network, changing your mindset, all these contribute to a greater you.

4. Act and invest in yourself

Success is impossible if you do not act. As Tony Robbins puts it “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”

If you do not act towards the achievement of your goal or stop reaching for it after a few challenges, then chances are your goals will remain dreams and you will keep living the life you currently have.

Place your attention and energy where it matters most. Be determined to make your aspirations a reality. Change your mindset, invest in yourself, and change your habits.

Be open to different perspectives. Know that things happen for you and not to you. Struggles are opportunities for growth. They are your signals to things that you need to improve on, so be more positive and accepting of the challenges you encounter.

In addition, you can develop yourself if you learn to set time and invest in yourself. Look for new skills, talk to people who can support you, and most especially care for yourself more.

We often neglect ourselves as we traverse the difficult paths in our lives but doing so leads to poor health and low self-esteem. Be mindful of the magnificent 7 for good health. Cherish your alone time and use it to calm and clear your mind.

Another essential is to change habits. Stop those that you know are preventing you from success and start good ones. Habits like smoking, procrastinating, getting distracted increases the distance between your present self and your future self. Be mindful of what you do. Have the habit of revisiting your goals and plotting your actions alongside your mini goals.

Gratitude is a good practice you can start. It gives you inspiration to do more. It provides you with a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment. It also helps others feel good about themselves. Being thankful makes the world a better place by starting a chain of good deeds.

Changing habits can be difficult to do but the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app has been specifically to make things simpler for you. You can download (APPLE ANDRIOD)  it to increase your success rate. 

Success is ultimately a choice. You have the power within you to take control of your life and turn your vision into reality. Choose to be greater and BE THE FUTURE YOU NOW!

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