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How to Stop Being Addicted to a Life You Do Not Like

Have you thought about your life lately? Do you like the life you are living right now, or would you rather live a more fulfilling one? Why do you keep living a life you do not like?  Are you addicted to it? Can you live differently?

It is important to stop and reflect on these questions if you really want to have a fantastic and more fulfilling future. If you do not become aware of what you are doing with your life, what results you are producing, chances are you will be stuck in the loop of always doing what you have always done and getting what you always got as if you were addicted to it.

The dictionary defines addiction as a condition of being unable to stop using or doing something as a habit, especially something harmful. You form a psychological or physical dependence when addiction happens. If addiction is harmful, why do we do it? Why do we keep living the life we do not want?

Why do you live a life you do not want?

Most people today are living futures they do not even like or what we call the default future. You live based on what others say or on how they want you to live, who they want you to be rather than becoming the person you want to be. Why?

There are several reasons for this. For one, you are afraid to express your uniqueness and frightened to discover and show your true self, to be who you were put on this Earth to be because if you do, you can be ostracized from the community we live in.

The world basically tells us to conform to what society tells us. To live by the standards that others have set and that no one should disrupt the norm as it can create chaos.

As human beings our priority has always been to survive and throughout history man has lived in packs for better survival, so we think that when people reject us, we would be alone and we would either struggle harder to survive or may not even survive at all.

Another reason is that as we sense pleasure our brain produces dopamine. It is a chemical our brain produces to make us feel good. However, when there is addiction our brain adapts to the initial pleasure and becomes less receptive to it, requiring our mind to produce more by constantly doing or using something until.

Being easily distracted, scrolling through social media, eating sweets and chocolates, partying all night are some of the things you might be doing that are giving you pleasure and do not realise that you have become addicted to them. These activities prevent you from living the life you want but you give in to the pleasure.

With addictive habits comes familiarity and comfort. You have gotten so used to doing what you are doing, living in what you think is a safe and comfortable place that you avoid resistance and ignore the challenge for growth and a better life.

The last and probably the most important reason why you keep living a life a you do not want is because you cannot see a future beyond 6 months or a year or even five years. You likewise have no connection with the person you want to be.

Most people’s vision of the future does not go very far. They cannot see themselves beyond a few months or years. When this happens, they cannot view themselves as another person who has a better, healthier, happier life. They cannot identify with that person nor have empathy.

If you do not have empathy or care for the future you, then you will not act with intention. You will not do things that can draw you closer to meeting your better self. You will keep living the way you do because you are not driven by your view of the future.

When you are driven by pain, you might take a few steps forward, but once you have averted that pain, that challenge you immediately go back to how you lived before the crisis happened. You stay in that state until another struggle comes.

The cycle repeats itself because you cannot see a better version of yourself. You think who you are is who you are always going to be. That is why you keep saying to yourself “That is just the way I am.” and so your life manifests what you say and you remain stuck in the life that you do not really like.

How to stop living the life you do not even want.

Now that you have understood where your life is and why you have become addicted to living the same unfulfilling life over and over again, it is now paramount that you act to change how you live and become a better version of yourself.

 1.Know that you always have choices.

You have choices, this is the very first thing you must recognize. You do not have to be someone others want you to be nor conform to what society tells you. Think how the world would be if everyone just followed everyone else?

If there was no one willing to follow their dreams or turn their ideas into realities would we have the technologies we have today? Would there be medical breakthroughs if there were no one courageous enough to stand up and be different.

Neither do you have to be the person you are today. Each one of us evolves into someone different. You are not the same person you were a year ago or even 5 years past. You have changed. You have physically grown older. You might have also matured emotionally.

We all change, the question is whether you like who you are changing into and if you are intentionally evolving into the person you want to become.  You must be courageous enough to express your uniqueness. Understand that you deserve better and that you can do greater things.

You can be anyone you want to be.

2.Envision your future.

To transform into your future self, you first need to know who you want to be. Picture him in your mind. The mind is an immensely powerful tool. It has the capacity to let you see the future. It is our life simulator that allows you to see yourself existing in the life that you dream of.

Move past the period of six months. Who are you going to be 1 year or three, five or even 10 years from now? How is that person living his life? Is he healthier? Is he better off financially? Is he happier because he has better relationships with the people around him? Is he enjoying the fruits of his endeavors?

Do you want to be a composer? A writer? The CEO of a company? A philanthropist? A speaker? Or someone who stands up for others?

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Now once you have determined you want to be, form a connection with that person. Talk to him every day and think how your actions will affect him. Will your behaviors bring you closer to him? Always be guided by your future self.

Remember that when you treat your future self as another person and connect with him, you build empathy for him. You begin to care for that person and you try your best to do things for him to be better.

If you have a compelling relationship with your future self then you will take the path to turn him into reality and you will stay on that path no matter how challenging that may be.

3. Live with intent

Living with intentions means every act you do is for the benefit of your future self. You can change your habits. Stop those that have been detrimental to your growth and start new ones that can propel you to be someone better.

Every endeavor you do today is an act towards your future self.  Habits no matter how simple can compound over time. Changing habits can be difficult at the start. It needs consistency and commitment.

However, through the Stop One Start One app, habit forming becomes simpler. This app provides you all the things you need to live with intent toward the fantastic future you dream of. You can download the app by clicking the applicable link (APPLE ANDRIOD).

4. Spread love and kindness.

Love is a very compelling force that can resonate positivity. However, before you can share love to others you must learn to love yourself first.

You need to form a strong attraction for the person you are becoming. Practice gratitude every single day. Be grateful for the things that you have and the struggles that you have gone through because they have made you stronger.

Love makes you hopeful and live positively. Sharing it by doing random acts of kindness, helps others with their own journey. You can impact the lives of others just by asking how they are doing, or by simply smiling. These simple ways let people know that you care about them.

Be a positive impact and inspire others to be who they were meant to be. Help make the world a better place for everyone by living a great and impactful life.

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