21 Mar, 2023

How To Think Like Elon Musk


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“Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity.” – Mac Anderson

Do you feel like you are stuck in life? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the richest people? Do you want to be as successful or even as rich as Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is the wealthiest man in the world today. He was born in 1972 in South Africa. He possessed certain qualities that led him to a great life. If you want to be inspired by him and have a better life, then listen in.

Start investing 1% of your day now and gather insights that your future self can gain from. Open yourself to a world of possibilities and be greater than who you currently are.


⚡️ Most people have a fixed mindset and are not focused on the person they want to become.

⚡️ There is more doubt, depression, and anxiety in the world because people just exist.

⚡️ We need to have a deeper love for getting better and for the possibilities that persist.

⚡️ We need to have an open mind and think of possible answers to the world’s problems.

🔥 To think like Elon Musk, you must:

·         think of possibilities

·         tell people

·         surround yourself with people that support your ideas

·         get the work done

Important stories:

🎯 3:36 Elon Musk explains why he wants to die on Mars

🎯 8:50 Jack Ma talks about setting goals and future self

🎯 10:45 My assets during moments of vulnerability

🎯 22:50 Reasons why Elon Musk wants humanity to be with the stars

🎯 24:38 My happiness and what I want to be a part of

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Pete Cohen  0:00

Happy beautiful, amazing, fantastic day. It is of the Future Self Podcast me Pete Cohen. Today's podcast is called How To Think Like Elon Musk. I'll see you after this in theme tune. Happy beautiful day. Right here. Right now. Elon Musk so what is the time to change your life? When's the best time to plant a tree? I think it was 20 years ago. Right? When is the next best time? Is it right here? Is it right now? I don't know you can decide. Thank you so much. It's the Future Self Podcast. We're having a party. Mine off. This podcast is 87 years old. And today we're talking all about Elon Musk. Who is Elon Musk well, he is he's a richest man in the world. But I think he's rich in more ways than just cash. So he was born in 1972 in South Africa, and how did someone like him become the person that he is today? So the goal of this podcast today is definitely to give you some different perspectives. Definitely to help you to start thinking bigger than you currently do because there's no question about it. Elon Musk is a big thinker. And one of the things I do before I come into the place I work which I don't promote very far just have to walk outside the kitchen and walk down the path and come into the room the home that I work in that I'm in right now. Right here right now, one of the things I do is I always look up in the morning because I'm just hoping that every morning that there's going to be clouds in the sky, and the light here is it's not too late to be able to see lots of the stars and I'm sure I am not the only one who looks up at the stars and literally of the next go wow, look at all of that space and look at all of those stars and often I see shooting shooting stars and I can see what often seems to shine the brightest is marks which is quite fascinating because we're talking about Elon Musk. And what does Elon Musk wants to do? Well you might not know this, but Elon Musk actually wants to die on Mars. How do I know this? Well have a listen. To this


Hello, loved what he said there because it's not about dying on Mars per se. But really it's about having that possibility thinking and that's what I see when I look up to the stars. I just see possibility all I see his face and personally I think that's the only thing that exists in our universe. I really do. I think most of the problems we experience in our head many of those problems that are their illusions, their fantasies, and our minds play tricks on us. And unless we as human beings kind of stop and step back and realize what we're doing. Well, it's pretty obvious what's going to happen. I don't know how many of you have seen that film called Why I often talk about it on on this podcast, and it's cotton. But there's a lot of interesting stuff. We'll be seeing cartoons that run parallel to life. And when he see what happens, it's called human beings basically to destroy the Earth by how they live and they have to leave because they live on spaceships. And they basically become very comfortable and they stop moving and they forget how to move their legs. But I think most people have actually forgotten today I've forgotten how to move their legs in such a way that really enhances their life. Because we're designed to move we're designed to grow with designed to evolve. We're actually designed I believe to survive. That's how we did this. The human race has evolved because we found a way to live in our environment and then we found a way to thrive in our environment. When humans became very creative. That's when human beings became like we started making songs and making music and art and building and creating. We saw a different side of human beings. But what I find really fascinating is how a lot of people have still had the survival mentality. And I'm not here to say I'm right, and anyone's wrong. I'm just saying hey, we all have a choice of how we most of us have a choice. Most of us are fortunate enough to have the dignity of choice. How to think like Elon Musk, in my mind is to think massively big and to think about the possibilities that exist for all of us. So for all of you that listen to the Future Self Podcast, here's a question. What possibilities exist for you? Literally, what possibilities exist for you that my mind has been blown recently, like literally just blown out of? I feel like I didn't even give it another chance at life is that is that experience anyone's ever had before? Have you ever felt like you've been given another chance? Whether that was because you were in a business and the business failed or you had a job you lost a job or a near death experience or something happened and all of a sudden you felt like right now I've got another chance now I've got another go, which is kind of like what happens with computer games. By the way I don't want you to miss says about computer games, or 40 years ago, we were playing pong games. Those of you are old enough to the lines on the screen at the board and the idea was this like tennis really, but just with lines, and then there was Atari and then there was Sonic spectrum and you just think about how far we've actually come now that you can play computer games in this augmented reality, this virtual reality. I mean, it's incredible how much things have advanced, but in terms of us and how much our thinking is a box for the common person all over the world. It hasn't so much I think most people today still have a very fixed mindset. And they're not focused on the most important thing that they will have to do, which is the person that they will become and that's what the future stuff podcast is all about when I talk about this I know some people give up the idea but you know really this not for me. You know, I don't I don't really see where you're going with this. And I'm not here to tell people once again right and wrong. You I'm right and you're wrong. It's like seriously, who are you committed to becoming? Who is that person? Someone actually sent me this this morning? Have a guess if you can work out who's saying this? Just give me one second. Who is this speaking? I was born in a very poor education technology. 10 years later, listening is what happened because I know he might compete next month. This is how my message it's it's a challenge. But it's someone else Jack Ma who's an entrepreneur, someone who decided a long time ago to stop being interviewed yourself and stop playing the game with his mind when he sees the person that he's committed to becoming. And I'm pretty sure that's what you on musk. That's and there's countless examples that we've given on this podcast and that play the game of life where the person that you're competing with is with your future self this is who you are committed to be coming. Because if you're not committed to becoming something more than one today, then what most people do is just keep recreating, who they think they are. And this whole concept of how to think like Elon Musk, I would say is to think big. But think in terms of


what actually is possible. That might just be blown recently at what proportion and the reason for that and I've spoken about on this podcast before and that's because of what happened to my wife that literally when my mind was working just a few months ago was she's gonna die and we're moving house and I was thinking she might not even get to this house. And in my mind because I was just seeing things breaking down so quickly. I would see her having seizures. I was seeing a right side failing, not being able to use a knife, just literally going off into stairs. Just literally it was like the beginning of the end and I honestly felt like giving up I honestly felt like giving up but there was nothing we could do. We couldn't go to America where we went five years ago which had treatment it saved my life. That was not possible. It was not the cause it was nothing we could do but to have that treatment again. So I almost get a few people around me who basically really challenged me and was like pecan. You've got to keep going for this. And then at some point I just realized I've got to do something and I really realized that the most valuable asset I have is my thinking but it's the people around me and five people having five people around me that basically people say no to some of the five people why don't get the some of the 100 people around. You want to build a network of people around you who support you and they know what it is that you want to do. Because to think like Elon Musk is to tell people. Can you imagine what difference that makes it the people that work with Elon Musk? If he's saying, listen, I'd like to die on Mars that makes people start to think a lot bigger about what they're working towards. Some of you have heard that story, I think was one of the Presidents for America when he was specifically was at NASA. It's always sweeping the floor. He asked what you're doing. And he said, I'm putting a man on the moon. He realized in the small part of the plane. It was something really big. Let me think about in 1900 If you said to people that in a few years, we're gonna be flying. And in 66 more years from that we're going to be on the moon, people would have thought possible if you told people about the internet years ago, that's not possible. But if some people would say it was possible possible. Nikola Tesla who obviously massively inspired Elon Musk. He said that he was vilified for what he said. And he went into war with Edison. I mean, you look into this stuff, you can find out some pretty amazing things. But Tesla basically said that one day, we will have devices in our hand and we'll be able to see people's faces, right? Which is kind of kind of what happening right now. Because what you're listening to me on a device I would imagine you've got your phone and you've got headphones on and you're listening. I mean, that's magical. What How did that happen when it happened? Because people decided to think big, but you know what, I actually think people are scared to talk out loud about what they're going to do or who they're going to become more or what they're going to create. Because we we are I think the most closely resembling Apple to us. Some people say it's chimpanzees. Some people say it's pigs. I mean, pigs is a big one because we could do transplant with the bowels of pigs hearts, the red blood cells and pigs are quite similar, very similar to ours. But what about sheep? I think the most closely resembling animal on one level is sheep. Why? Because sheep follow sheep. I remember living in a house many years ago, and literally I had a stampede and I opened my door and there was probably 200 sheep running past my front door going into my garden. What is going on here? They're all following each other. And then a dog comes along a sheep dog. And we know that we've got what did that just happen with that dream. And it's very easy to follow the herd. It's very easy to fit in because we are creatures that have lived and survived in groups and we often go into groups. This is my group. This is who I am. I don't know how many of you have had an experience where you're part of a group and you decide to change it. We're going to do it. I'm going to use it go out and drink with certain people and still go out with them. And they said what? glass of water and then they wouldn't do it. Come on. That's not what we do. What do you mean what we do is if that's what we did, and that's what we're always going to do if you always do what we've always done, you're always gonna get we've always got and what I'm genuinely looking for is people who want to change the world. But maybe just in a small way, but who prepared even if they don't necessarily know exactly what they want to do. They're still prepared to do the work because this is one of the main points I wanted to make. Look how to think like Elon Musk is to think big. Think in terms of possibilities. Think in terms of what you could do. As Maslow said what you can be you must be because we are here today because of what others have done. For us along the way. They created this life for you. You're here. How's it going for you? What's working? How do you feel about where you are? Because most of us now we're not living in caves. We're not in survival mode. We might feel most people are feeling in survival mode, right? We're being threatened at every turn. We've been this mess in life is becoming increasingly more difficult, but a lot of people have this survival kind of living in fear mentality, which makes people behave in a way where they want to get out of fear and just get out of it. Most people get out of fear by switching off or eating or drinking certain ways that alleviates the discomfort of where they are. And of course this doesn't apply to everyone but I personally believe that the majority of discomfort in the world today is worry fear doubt depression is people are just allowing themselves to exist. The word mediocrity it comes from two Latin words. It basically means being caught in the middle of a rugged mountain. Most people are just caught, they're stuck. They feel alone, and they're not advancing. And I think the point of life is the point you give it the meaning of life. It's the meaning you give it. What is the meaning you're giving your life if the meaning you're giving is just to survive. I just want to be comfortable what how comfortable you want to be literally how comfortable you want to be. I don't want to pay for it. I don't want to go. Most people because I've asked this question. Well, most people would say 1234 beats would be great. Next up, we're going to the rest of my life. I'll put you on a beach. And I'll give you as many pina coladas as much food as you can eat. But that's what you can do each day every day at what point would you go hang on a second?


Hang on? There's got to be more to life than this. At what point would you do that? Eg feet? I've got to do something. What have you got to do? Literally, what do you feel compelled to do? Now some people call that the meaning of your life or your purpose or your by and I just think it's nice. It's a bit of fluff. I personally think it's not the question of what is the question? Who do you actually get to be? Who could you become, rather than buying into the bullshit that most of us have bought into? That life is about comfort. Life is about having life. It's about wanting. It's a dangerous game to play. I don't know what point humans kind of got to a point and some of us a lot more privileged than others, where we could go beyond surviving. And then we found the opportunity to have time on our side. And then the time on our side. We we found ways to stimulate our senses because human beings love stimulation. That's why we have senses but a lot of people get central stimulation in ways that is really unfulfilling long term. It might be filling in fulfilling in that moment, but long term, most people are putting their real big goals on hold. They don't lose sight of them. They just get nearsighted. They get distracted. They give into temptation, Lord, lead us not into temptation. There is temptation everywhere and we live in a world where people want you to go where they want you to go. So they can get you to do what they want you to do. In most cases most of the time. Where do you want to go and who do you want to become? And the reason I'm so fired up about this is not just because I've spent my life looking for answers for people with all the books I've written all this stuff I've done it so that what is possible what is possible. But when we have a problem solving mentality, it's not enough. It's a possibility mentality, what is possible. And we will have this app and stuff on stuff but I'm extremely passionate about that because I see people are starting to track a future that they want. I'm seeing people start to pursue a future that they want. I'm seeing people waking up to the fact that there are behaviors that are not serving them that their future self is saying no to yesterday that remind them that I've had some amazing work done in here and some of you have seen on social media and stuff you've seen the place I'm working in and I had two amazing builders and I had another friend helped me design this space because this is the space I spent most of my time in. And they came back yesterday. The builders just just wanted to show him I wanted to say look, thank you. I want to thank you for the space that you create for me to work in because I've got some big goals big dream. This is where it's happening right now. And maybe one of you is listening to this podcast somewhere in the world. We'll go exactly what I need to hit right here right now. What do I need to do? What do I need to practice because it is about practice for me. It's about practice a daily practice of daily operation, put your best self forward as you can every single day. And he said to me, the building he came up said I've got something for you. operate. He was two days ago. He came around here. And then he came back and I'm looking at the thing that you want me back. It's about a two foot figurine of Darth Vader. I'm looking at him now. And I frickin love it. I actually find the greatest things anyone's ever given me. Why? Maybe because I watched Star Wars in 1977 and my mouth was wide open in the cinema because I couldn't believe what I was watching. As I look to my right I see something I've won a charity shop yet. So little green Yoda and Yoda is one of the other kind of giants. So Luke Skywalker, who is the hero in in Star Wars, all of you that listen to this your heroes, and you need guides, everyone needs guides that Luke could have been guided by Darth Vader, who is his father, for those of you that don't know the story, and it's not real, but it could have been guided by the dark side, and he could have gone down that road. But he chose a different path. I think he chose perhaps a more challenging path, the path that's kind of refacing itself and moving to the light. And I think most people were being guided by their darkness or being guided by their former self or being guided by their even present self and your future self doesn't have a lawyer present and I'm the lawyer from your future self is saying hey, come on. You don't have to be who you are. Maybe there are things that you need to address maybe the things you need to talk through maybe need to sit down with a coach counselor or psychotherapist. Wake up to the reality of being you but what you are is what you have to be you can create a new identity. You can see in the world of possibility and when if you listen to Elon Musk, you really hear what he has to say you realize that he says life is just one big adventure Take a listen to what he says here.


Recycling just wondering. First one out there incredibly exciting and inspiring. So how am I inspired by him? I think the future will see two types of people will see just people who have just literally totally into consumerism, just like that and why they're not moving. They're just existing. They've got their virtual glasses or they're in another world and I think they're existing they're not going to be happy and really fulfilled and feel that they're advancing because we can thrive and thriving to me isn't sitting on my backside, collecting bowls, representing what we call eating to its excess and just drinking that to me. It's not happiness. Happiness for me is just being happy with the progress that I'm making as I strive towards a future self that who I determined to be and I see a future where people wake up every single day that living with intentions. And they have what we call commitment devices. They're identifying the person they want to be and they're investing in their future self. We call that identity capital. Whatever you do today, it's already seen before I started record this year I had a cold shower. Yes, I meditate. Yes, I did some breathing. Yes, I did some exercise. Yes, I did some learning. Why? Because it's the most exciting thing I can do right now in my life. That gives me a sense of fulfillment and growth and just the fact that I can look back on my app and see what other people were doing as well. That's inspiring to me. I'm inspired by that even more so than ever because of what my wife reads to me. And I've been so fortunate to have been productive. And I know lots of amazing people. I met a guy on a train seven years ago, I was talking about my wife what happened to her. So I never used to look at the future and weigh in on us. I'm trying to run away from my past. I literally was trying to prove myself prove I was somebody and it didn't matter how many times people told me I was great all this stuff. All the books I wrote in the TV programs, I've done all the recognition I was getting, it didn't really make any difference. It was artificial. Me What made the difference when I started to look at myself differently and the biggest life event which was my greatest test, which has become my greatest testimonial was what happened to my wife and telling the story of my Coach Tony asking me to find people that were still alive to find the solution to my life, very cancer, and then asking me what Oscar was going to do what you get better. Of course, I didn't ask that question. For three years. I didn't think it was important. By the way, if you ever meet someone who's been given a diagnosis, ask them what are you going to do when you get better? That's the thing in terms of possibility. How many people have defied the odds? Come on, let's be honest. How many of us in our life have defied the odds? We've all defied the odds. It's called being born. We've all defied the odds. But most of us aren't redefining the odds or redefining the game, or we think you're reevaluating. We don't have to you can do what you want. That's the great thing in life. You've got a choice, but what is the best choice that you can make? So that was my greatest train talking about seven years ago? Because I've told that story a lot. And I got off the train and men come up to me and said, Do you know much about cancer? And I said, Well, kind of a bit. Because my experience I didn't know that cancer was like a tornado or a whirlwind. How do those things start? Well, they start because the conditions are right. The conditions are right. That's why they start, how does cancer stop? The conditions are right for it to happen. How do you change the conditions? Well, there's many ways right surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But what about the way you think? What about the way you move or what you eat? I mean, if you start thinking about possibilities, but I wasn't thinking about possibility, I just didn't want it to die. So it was about surviving. And of course now life is completely different. And I became friends with this doctor. We've been friends ever since he doesn't live too far away from it. And then in November last year, she got sick again. I remember where it was. I was staying in Liverpool and Phil was working at Liverpool Football Club and I've gone to sleep earlier. It's bang on the door that someone who I thought my wife had died and that's what the that's what that's what this person was telling me. I've always had a panic attack and he was basically saying a massive seizure in the ambulance has come. And it was the middle of the night. I couldn't actually go home had to wait another week home and then we started this journey because everything was doom and gloom again. But I contacted this person that I met on the train. And I said what am I going to do this time? We found the treatment. And the reason I'm telling you this is the doctors that we've been we've been working with. They're pioneers. They're prepared to do what other people are prepared to do that they are prepared. And that's why I love these doctors. There's a group of them that work together. My wife's case has now been presented to 200 German doctors this week. It's actually presented here in the UK on the 16th of December. And what these doctors did is they put viruses into the body to change the environment, but they didn't put it in the body in the brain. And most people wouldn't do that. And I don't know what they want to do. I know they want to bring they want to Cure Brain Cancer. And to me, that is something where I can only say how can I help you and I am helping them? How can I help you? Some people say it's impossible. People here know about what's happened to my wife. But this is like they don't have time to stop looking at the problems. They don't have time to step away to maybe be ostracized because this to them is still anecdotal even though there's a number of cases and doesn't necessarily work for everybody.


But even before my wife started taking this treatment, even we put these two viruses in her brain that's triggering an immune response and the pictures don't lie. The German doctor who lives near me who I met on a train, he contacted me he called me that day and said you wouldn't believe because he was at this presentation at Barton Barton in Germany and he said You should have seen the doctors tried to be skeptical about what was being presented to them, but the pictures could imply that they saw these MRIs and they could quite clearly see that this cancer that was there has disappeared. And that's the power obviously of picture like Elon Musk to think big to dare to go. I'm not saying you have to think as big as me, but I want to be a part of a cure for brain cancer. Do you know me people have met along over the years, because I made a documentary about what happened to my wife. How many people have been contacted, how many people have become friends like the introverts who passed away? He would want nothing more than for me to keep looking and keep finding a way because where there's a will. Is there a way? That's what my mom told me? He's not here anymore. There's an answer to everything. And even before my wife started the treatment, it was a six week period where she quadrupled the amount of medicinal mushroom Ganoderma or Reishi quadruple the amount. I mean, she was pin pills is lucky because we've been studying this for however many years distributing products containing this mushroom, she can literally just went you know, you can't overdose on this stuff. So she went crazy with it. And even before she started training, there was a six week period where the doctors called us and said, well, they looked at two MRIs and a six week period and said, what, what you've been doing, what treatment is up, and apart from meditating and apart from a lot of people around the world praying for her, which I still I believe also makes a difference. And her having a will and a whole group of people that just got behind us. That was the thing that she did. And you can go on PubMed. And you can see there's over 3000 medical studies on this mushroom that even when I tell that to people, very few people have come forward to me and said I want to know more about that. Because I have bad data and stories or case studies because they're just things out but the answers are out there. But I think it's whether we decide to open up to the answers and the solutions that are there. What's the answer to the problems in the world? Well, there's probably a few but one of them is for us to start thinking about what is possible. And then when we start to think about what is possible. This is why I love Elon Musk is that he's prepared to play that game. Play the play the game of building a creative but knowing there's always a fine line. It might not always work out the way you anticipated it but with the will and the desire to keep going what actually is possible. So as this podcast is nearly seven years old, if you listened to the first episode and you listen to this episode, you'll probably realize Pete Cohen has come a long way. He's not really wasn't Of course I'm not I'm better than ever. What about you, but a way to get better than it is to be like Elon Musk. Think in terms of possibility. Surround yourself with people that support those ideas and then get to work on doing what in most cases is mundane. And we're looking for people who want to make 1% investments 1% What's 1% What percentage of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds? Do you have 14 minutes and 24 seconds every day to invest in your future self? Yes, will you? Who knows when people get in motion and that's why we created Stop One Start One. Anyone can download it. It's absolutely free. For two weeks there's a free version. That is an opportunity to go out and start tracking. That's the opportunity even if you don't know exactly what you want to do. It's the opportunity to start really thriving. And that's what I'd like to leave you with today with this podcast. I'd really like you to think about what does thriving actually mean? Is it money in the bank is having a big house what does it mean? For me thriving is just getting better. And having a love for getting better. Having a really deep love. So thank you Elon Musk for being who you are. And giving me a deeper love for the possibilities that exist and it gets deeper every single day. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. Download the app. Go start hunting creative being guided by your future self. And we will see you next time for another Future Self Podcast.


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