How to thrive in challenging times – Your Immune System Needs You!

28 Apr, 2020

How to thrive in challenging times – Your Immune System Needs You!

Your Immune System Needs You!


It seems to be the only route to control the spread of COVID-19 – this new virus that is sweeping the world. But, are these drastic measures something that could have been avoided?

When you look at the statistics of those who have lost their lives to Coronavirus something becomes very clear. The vast majority of deaths have been of people who had an underlying health condition. They were already sick so they were more vulnerable to catching the virus and then less able to survive it.

Did you know that only a tiny proportion of medical conditions are outside our control? There are a few which we are born with – type 1 diabetes, sickle-cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis for example – and the rest come from our lifestyle.

And the top five causes of death in the UK. Well, it will come as no surprise that not a single one of them is inherited. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, liver disease and lung disease are all caused by the choices we make.

Are you creating the right conditions?

Of course, it isn’t as simple as Eat an ice-cream: catch cancer because the human body is complex and subject to many different factors. And for a something like cancer to get a foothold, the conditions need to be right for it to spread. In fact, there are over 30 different conditions that would need to be met for cancer to develop.

The only problem is, the vast majority of people in the western world are meeting an awful lot of those conditions. We eat processed foods which are low on essential nutrients, we work indoors in artificially lit and ventilated buildings, we fill the world with exhaust fumes and chemicals and we move as little as possible.

That is the life we have chosen to live – and everything in modern society is designed around that. Order on line, have everything delivered to the door, shopping centres outside town with great big car parks, convenience foods….

This article isn’t intended to be a polemic on modern society. We are where we are. But I do want to help you to understand something really important.

All these features of the way we live make us feel that we are in control. The truth is, we aren’t. We can’t really control what happens with society and finances and politics.

But we can control our immunity.

What is the state of your welfare?

Once a week, people go outside and clap for the National Health Service. It is humbling to see and great to know how much are welfare state is appreciated.

But there is something else you can do for the NHS – you can take action so you don’t need it!

Take a brief inventory of your body. What state are you in right now? How does your body look? How well does your brain function? How much energy do you have at your command? How depenedant are you on pills and potions and chemicals?

Those stark facts about our health are all placing a burden on the NHS and stretching it to breaking point. They should be the last resort and yet only 1% of the population are taking the action needed to not need the NHS.

What does it take to be healthy?

If you place a bowl of salad leaves and a pizza in front of someone and ask Which of these is better for you? Pretty much everyone gives the same answer. It’s the salad.

We KNOW what it takes to be healthy. It’s just that we don’t make those choices.

Yes, of course, sometimes we go on a healthy eating kick, hitting the gym, dieting, quitting alcohol… but most people then get comfortable with the results and go back to where they were before. And the weight, stiff joints and pain all return.

We think of a short-term result rather than really focussing on the outcome that will make the difference: a strong, resilient immune system

When your immune system is working well, it operates to prevent any outside invaders (viruses, infections, inflammation etc) from doing any damage to your precious body. It draws on your system to keep you healthy. If a virus comes calling, it increases the body’s core temperature to fight it off. But, the more work it has to do with less resources (the less healthy you are and the worse you treat your body, in other words) the less it can do for you. And the worse you will feel.

Think of illness and disease as the enemy – and your immunity is the army. If you don’t give your soldiers what they need, they are going to lose the battle.

It isn’t hard.

If you want to cultivate a strong immune system, you don’t need to become a vegan or live your life in a tent in the middle of nowhere. You don’t have to do anything drastic. All you need is the courage to put your immunity first and immediate impulses second.

Even small adjustments in the seven areas for fundamental health – which I call the Magnificent Seven – will give your immunity what it needs:

  • Eat Right
  • Drink Right
  • Think Right
  • Move Right
  • Talk Right
  • Sleep Right
  • Poo Right

This system was developed Dr Bob Rakaowsi <<hyperlink to >> and I advocate it with everyone in my coaching programmes.

It’s easy and simple and it is just what your immune system needs.

If you want to learn more about the Magnificent Seven and how to boost your immunity, join our free group and see how you can create an amazingly healthy life.




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