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If You Want to be a Monumental Winner, Stop Quitting

When was the last time you thought of quitting? Each one of us has quit on something at some point in our lives. We often give up when we feel our struggle is too much for us to manage, but have you thought about the impact quitting has had on your life? Has it improved the way you live, or have you regretted it?

When is quitting good?

Most people have always perceived quitting as a weakness. They think that quitters are incompetent individuals that no one can depend on particularly in tough times.

However, like everything else, there are also two sides to quitting. It has positive and negative points. It becomes good if you give up on things that are not serving you. For example, it is more beneficial to stop smoking, break off from bad relationships, avoid too much alcohol, and put an end to other bad habits.

If you are in a business and you feel that something is not right, or if someone has abandoned you, or if you are following someone else’s dreams instead of your own then it is acceptable to walk away. We must live life the way you were meant to do and express your uniqueness.

Furthermore, quitting can be best when you are in situations or jobs that do not allow you to grow or improve on yourself or when your happiness and self-worth starts to diminish. Life is growth. It is our task to continuously learn and develop ourselves to be better than we were before.

Think about it. What would your life be like if you remained stagnant? Would life be exciting? Would it be worth living? Change is the one thing that is constant in our world, so we must stop resisting it. We will change whether we like it or not. The question is are we changing for the better?

When should we not quit?

Unfortunately, most people give up when the challenges become too great for them, even if these were meant to accomplish their dreams. This is when quitting becomes unfavorable. What would happen if we gave up reaching our life goals?

Quitting on things that are important to us can make us live an unfulfilled, regretful, and unhappy life. Remember that struggles make us stronger, but how can we develop strength and resilience if we quit at the slightest trials of our lives?

How can we succeed if we easily surrender instead of working harder to accomplish our goals? We must never give up on the person we want to become much less on the path towards it no matter how difficult or long the road may be.

We must always aim to be better. We can reinvent ourselves multiple times as the need arises but that does not mean we are giving up on our future selves, we are just taking a different path towards it.

Imagine what your life would be like if you always quit when times became difficult. Do you like what you see? What if you persevered and faced the challenges head on and pursued what you really wanted? How would you be living your life right now? Which life would you prefer?

How not to quit in challenging times

Avoid wondering about the what ifs and instead start taking the steps towards the person you want to be and the life you want to live. How?

The very first thing to do is stop and look at what you are doing. You need to become aware of the things that are serving you and those that are not. Ask yourself what went well? What needs work? What are you going to do to get better?

Let go of the things that are limiting you from living the life you want and continue those that help you realise your dreams. Start new habits that can help you accomplish your goals.

Make it a habit to audit your actions and the results thereof without blaming yourself. Reflect on who you are going to become if you continue with exactly what you are doing right now?

Second is to know your future self and the result you want to have. Identify with the person you want to become and be guided by him every day so as not to lose sight of your goal. Seeing the result or having a vision of your future self motivates you to do better and to persevere.

People often quit because they favor pleasure or instant gratification over progress. They lose sight of their goals or aspirations. They can no longer see the result of what they are doing or where they are going.

Having empathy for your future self helps you remain strong, endure challenges, and seek the greatest rewards. It can make you strive to outperform your former or your current self and let you know whether you are growing or not.

Thirdly you must choose where you put your energy. Do not put your resources in separate places, if you do so, you can lose your focal point. Focusing on what is important prevents you from quitting. Prioritise what you want to achieve.

Fourth is to decide to play a different game. You will always fall victim to quitting unless you choose to act differently and become someone completely different from who you currently are. Ask yourself, are you being driven by pain or by your view of the future?

Putting your dream in motion and consciously acting towards your goals helps you accept challenges and overcome them. You know that discomfort or the struggle is only temporary and that it gets easier as you surpass each of them.

The fifth key step is to have a supportive group of people around you. Have individuals who will encourage you not to give up nor let you lose focus of your goal. They give you different perspectives and inspire you to be better.

Last is to rest but never quit. Life can be daunting at times especially during challenging circumstances. There can be times when you feel like you no longer have the strength to go on. It is at this moment that you must rest or take a break.

Taking a break is different from giving up. Resting gives your body and mind time to recuperate and gather more strength for you to continue. It prevents you from burning out during adversities. Having a clear mind and strong will after a good rest helps you refocus on your goal.

You always have the choice when to quit but do think about who you would be if you did not quit on the person you want to become. What kind of life would you have if you never gave up in trying times?

Consider the life you have ahead of you before deciding to quit on the things that serve you. Download the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app (APPLE, ANDRIOD) and be your own champion.

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